English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Test 9 Type 3

  English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Test 9 Type 3



1. The boy ___ at home an hour before, if he ___ his school at one o’clock last Monday. A) would be / had left B) was / would leave C) had been / had left D) has been / left E) would have been / had left
2. ___ he would have signed his name in the corner. A) If he would have painted the picture B) If he paints the picture C) If he painted the picture D) If he shall paint the picture E) If he had painted the picture
3. If you ___ him yesterday he ___ you everything. A) asked / told B) has asked / will tell C) asked / would tell D) had asked / would have told E) would ask / would have told
4. If you had worked more, you ___ to translate this article yesterday. A) are able B) was able C) were able D) would have been able E) has been able
5. If you ___ to me yesterday, we ___ this article. A) came / shall translate B) would come / should translate C) had come / should have translated D) come / having translated E) were coming / should be translating
6. If you ___ in time yesterday we ___ this work. A) had come / would have done B) came / would have done C) come / shall go D) will come / shall go E) come / would go
7. She ___ if she ___ that she was ill. A) won’t go out / knows B) didn’t go out / knew C) hasn’t gone out / has known D) wouldn’t have gone out / had known E) doesn’t go out / knows
8. -He failed his exam and he has to take it again in summer. -If he ___ so many lessons he ___ it. But he didn’t follow the teacher’s advice. A) didn’t miss / would pass B) hadn’t missed / would have passed C) doesn’t miss / won’t pass D) has missed / will pass E) will miss / doesn’t pass
9. “I ___ my work if you___ me then. Thank you.” A) shan’t finish / don’t help. B) haven’t finished / don’t help. C) shouldn’t have finished / hadn’t helped. D) don’t finish / won’t help. E) didn’t finish / helped.
10. - Why didn’t you do the task? - If he ___ everything from the start we ___ it earlier. A) hadn’t spoilt / would have done B) didn’t spoil / would have done C) doesn’t spoil / will do D) wouldn’t spoil / did E) spoils / shall have done
11. The children ___ in the open air if the weather ___ better last Sunday. A) had played / was B) played / was C) would have played / had been D) will play / is E) would play / were
12. If we ___ a letter at 8 o’clock yesterday, we ___ on the same day. A) got / started B) had got / had started C) would get / had started D) had got / should have started E) should have got / had started
13. If you ___ so many lessons you ___ all the exams. A) didn’t miss / passed B) hadn’t missed / would have passed C) haven’t missed / would pass D) missed / will pass E) had missed / would have passed
14. I would have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday if I ___ your address. A) had B) was having C) had had D) will have E) would have
15. If the driver ___ the accident wouldn’t have happened. A) didn’t B) doesn’t stop C) won’t stop D) hadn’t stopped E) hasn’t stopped
16. If he ___ all right, he ___ with us yesterday. A) was / was B) had been / would have been C) were / would be D) had been / would be E) would be / would have been
17. If she ___ a new dress, I ___ her then. A) hadn’t been wearing / might have recognized B) didn’t wear / might recognize C) wasn’t wearing / might recognize D) wouldn’t wear / would recognize E) hadn’t been wearing / might recognize
18. They ___ for the examination better if they ___ about it earlier. A) would prepare / knew B) prepare / know C) prepared / knew D) would have prepared / had known E) will prepare / know

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