English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 2 Part C Phrasal Verbs Test 1 - Test 4

English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 2 Part C Phrasal Verbs Test 1 - Test 4



1. While they were on holiday their house was broken ______ and some valuable paintings were stolen. A) down B) into C) about D) away
2. By the way, I’ve just heard that Sally and Chris  have ______ their engagement. A) broken into B) broken downC) broken away D) broken up
3. After a bitter discussion they went ______ each other. A) to B) at C) off D) over
4. A: The new boss looks a bit serious, doesn’t he? I don’t think I’m going to like him. B: Oh, come on, Joyce, you can’t go ______ appearances. He’s probably very nice. A) after B) by C) out D) over
5. No one really believed it when the news came that Titanic had ______. A) gone away B) gone down C) gone out D) gone by
6. I’ve been afraid of dogs ever since a large Canine ______ me when I was a child. A) went for B) went after C) went to D) went over
7. By the way, Bill, how much did that Regency desk go ______ in the auction on Saturday? A) away B) for C) in D) off
8. The dog went ______ the beggar and he shouted “ help!”. A) over B) off C) for D) down
9. A: And another thing I’d like to say is that... B:  Sorry to ______, Mr. Green, but you’re wanted on the phone. It’s your wife. A) butt in B) get throuh C) stop over D) go over
10. I’m afraid Mr Brown’s been ______  (asked to go somewhere else) on business. A) put on B) called away C) got in D) called for
11. By the way, Clive ______  (paid a short visit) but you were out. So I told him to come and see you tomorrow. A) fall for B) called by C) get by D) cut down in
12. Shall I ______ (collect) you on my way to work? A) call off B) bring down C) call for D) call away
13. I was just getting out of the bath when the lights ______. A) went up B) went off C) went away D) went down
14. A bomb ______ (exploded) in the town center, killing three people and injuring twenty-five others. A) went on B) went off C) set on D) set off
15. Don’t eat that cheese - it’s ______! A) gone away B) gone out C) gone off D) gone down
16. It’s difficult to see through this windscreen - I can’t even make ______ where the road is. A) up B) out C) into D) over
17. He had such a strong accent that it was very difficult to ______ what he was saying. A) make up B) make out C) make over D) make for
18. A sudden draught caused the candle to ______ (stop burning). A) put off B) cut off C) go off D) go out
19. When the meeting had finished, they went ______ the plan once again. A) up B) on C) over D) down
20. Have a piece of cake, everyone. There should be enough to ______. A) go down B) go along C) go round D) go over
21. Lucille is ______ a difficult period at work right now. A) going into B) going over C) going out of D) going through
22. I know you’ve got it - so come on, ______! A) hand it on B) hand it out C) hand it over D) hand it in
23. Could you hand ______ a minute? I’ll be right back. A) on B) in C) up C) on to
24. I’ll have to ______ now, I’m afraid; there is someone at the door. A) hang on B) hang up C) hang out D) hang back
25. Now, James, are you quite sure that I’m not putting you ______ (putting you to any trouble)? A) after B) by C) out D) over
26. When a fire ______ at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed. A) broke out B) broke off C) broke down D) broke through
27. The tree prisoners who ______ jail last weekend have finally been recaptured. A) broke away from B) broke out in C) broke out of D) broke up into
28. I took the doctor’s prescription to the chemist’s to be ______. A) made out B) made up C) made over D) made into
29. My boss has ______ playing golf three afternoons a week. A) taken over B) taken to C) taken for D) taken out
30. Children usually ______ after an illness much more quickly than adults. A) pick up B) pick over C) pick on D) pick out
31. The police are still looking for the three prisoners who ______ (escaped from) jail at the weekend. A) broke out of B) set off C) take up D) cross out
32. I’m not surprised that Tom and Julie have ______. They were never really suited. A) broken down B) broken off C) broken up D) broken away
33. By the way, Sally, I’m ______ one or two friends ______ on Saturday and I was wondering if you and Peter would like to come too? A) having / in B) having / on C) having / round D) having / up
34. Are you sure you aren’t holding your stomach ______, Charles? Your waist was two inches more than this the last time I measured it. A) away B) for C) in D) off
35. Would you ______ a minute please, I’ll try to connect you. A) keep on B) stay on C) hold on D) stop on
36. It’s really windy today, so ______ your hat! A) hold on to B) hold down to C) hold by D) hold for
37. I hope help comes soon, Julie. I don’t think we can ______ much longer. A) hold back B) hold over C) hold in D) hold out
38. I’m sorry I’m late. I was ______ in the traffic. A) held back B) held down C) held over D) held up
39. John won’t be arriving until later, I’m afraid. His train’s been ______. A) held up B) held off C) held back D) held in
40. In some parks visitors are requested to keep ______ the grass. A) off B) aside C) out D) away
41. Keep ______ alcohol and don’t smoke. A) at B) with in C) away D) off
42. He kept ______ trying to annoy me and in the end I just hit him. A) in B) on C) at D) with
43. If you want to make a good impression ,it’s important to ______ your colleagues. A) keep away from B) keep in with C) keep out of D) keep on at
44. This nuclear power station let ______ a cloud of dangerous gases. A) down B) in C) off D) out
45. Instead of being sent to prison, The shoplifter was ______ with a fine. A) let away B) let off C) let loose D) let out
46. The children had great fun ______ fireworks. A) letting out B) letting in C) letting down D) letting off
47. I’ve just heard that John Parker - you remember who robbed a house a few years ago- is being ______ this weekend. A) let down B) let out C) let through D) let off
48. The dog let ______ a yowl of pain when accidentally stepped on its tail. A) out B) off C) up D) through
49. As the doctor arrived to attend to the girl who had fainted, the crowd moved to one side to ______. A) let him off B) let him through C) let him down D) let him out
50. If you don’t know what the word means, you’d better ______ in the dictionary. A) look it over B) look for it C) look it up D) look into it
51. Our living room looks ______ the mountains. A) up to B) at C) to D) on to
52. ______ ! (Be careful) There is a car coming! A) look at B) look out C) hold up D) keep up
53. I’d like to ______ the house before I decide to rent it. A) look over B) look into C) look out D) look up
54. I ______ the paper for news of the proposed strike, but didn’t find anything. A) looked over B) looked into C) looked on D) looked through
55. Was that true or did you ______? A) make it up B) make it out C) make it off D) make it over
56. I was ______ (moving towards) the post office when it suddenly started to rain. A) running down B) taking up C) get through D) making for
57. I must get a new pair of boots. I’ve ______ my old ones. A) worn off B) worn down C) worn out D) worn away
58. After working all day in the garden Homer was ______. A) worn out B) worn down C) worn off D) worn away
59. Looking carefully, we made ______ a tall figure in the darkness. A) out B) over C) up D) off
60. We must ______ our minds about where to go for our holidays this year. A) make out B) make off C) make up D) make for
61. Can you make ______ this prescription, please? A) up B) over C) for D) off
62. Some working parents ______ being absent all day by giving their children lots of presents. A) make out B) make out of C) make up D) make up for
63. Heidi and John had a big quarrel but later ______. A) made over B) made off C) made up D) made out
64. I don’t believe a word you’re saying. I think you’ve made the whole thing ______. A) for B) up C) out D) down
65. The other day I came ______ an advert for a job you might be interested in. A) through B) over C) across D) around
66. How did you come ______ that cut on your chin? A) by B) down C) in for D) across
67. How is the new book coming ______, (progressing) Simon? A) along B) down C) in D) up
68. The policeman told the people to ______ when they stopped to watch the accident. A) hurry up B) get away C) go off D) move along
69. Although she was only sixteen she looked a lot older. In fact, she could easily pass ______ twenty-one. A) away B) for C) in D) off
70. We ______ from the hotel early the following morning. A) called off B) passed out C) set off D) turned off
71. Before we start the meeting today I’d like to ______ (distribute) some notes I’ve made about the forthcoming advertising campaign. A) let down B) send out C) pass out D) give on
72. He stole one of the officers’ uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ______ as a guard. A) by B) out C) through D) off
73. All my hard work paid ______ in the end - I came top of the class in the exam. A) up B) off C) out D) in
74. He put six rings on the table and told her to ______ the one she liked best. A) pick off B) pick out C) pick at D) pick on
75. Excuse me, sir, but may I ask how you came ______ (obtained) these goods? A) after B) by C) out D) over
76. Laughing Boy (horse) ______ second in the 2.15 race at Ascot. A) came in B) came by C) came over D) came out
77. He ______ quite a lot of money when his parents died. A) came over B) came down C) came into D) came on
78. There were so many people leaving the hotel that it took nearly an hour to ______. A) check up B) check out C) check in D) check over
79. The police will check ______ your story, so tell the truth. A) in to B) out of C) over D) up on
80. Rosemary ______ a beautiful necktie for her husband’s birthday. A) picked over B) picked on C) picked out D) picked off
81. Do you ever pick ______ hitch-hikers? A) along B) down C) in D) up 82. A: He still sucks his thumb, darling. B: Yes, I know. It’s strange. I thought he’d have ______ it by now. A) stop off at B) get out of C) grown out of D) turn away from

83. He ran for the bus but it pulled ______ from the stop just as he got there. A) up B) over C) back D) away
84. I try to keep ______ the latest fashions by going lots of shows in London. A) up with B) along with C) up to D) next to
85 Manchester United’s chances of going to the final of the F.A. Cup were ended when they were knocked ______ by Liverpool in the semi-final. A) back B) up C) out D) away
86. Sales  were down so they had to ______ some of their staff. A) put out B) get out C) lay off D) turn down
87. It took the soldier a long time to ______ the death of his comrade. A) get round B) get over C) get across D) get through
88. The fact is, doctor, I just can’t ______ this dreadful cough. A) get out of B) get rid of C) get down to D) get round to
89. It’s an excellent story, and in the end it turns ______ that everyone had a part in the murder. A) out B) up C) in D) away
90. The car ______ after the crash but fortunately no one was killed. A) turned down B) turned back C) turned over D) turned away
91. In court, she was so upset that she broke ______. A) out B) in C) up D) down
92. I think I’ll have to sell my car. It keeps ______. A) breaking off B) breaking up C) breaking down D) breaking in
93. I think she’s coming ______! Thank God for that! I thought she was dead! A) up B) away C) back D) round
94. It took him a long time to come ______ our way of thinking. A) across to B) round to C) down to D) in at
95. Birthdays seem to ______ much quicker nowadays than when I was a child. A) come up B) come over C) come out D) come round
96. Sorry I’m late but I was ______ by traffic. A) held up B) held in C) held over D) held out
97. A: I thought you said you weren’t going to let Sally go to that pop concert in Brighton. B: Yes, but you know Sally - she always finds a way to get ______ me in the end. A) after B) by C) out D) round
98. He was going to reply her letter, but for various reasons he never got ______ it. A) up to B) round to C) over D) out of
99. It was a very difficult problem - one which no one could see a way of ______. A) getting through B) getting out C) getting over D) geting round
100. You look very unhappy, Dorris. What’s the matter? Is something getting you ______? A) along B) down C) in D) up


1. I’ll ______ in my car on the way to work. A) take you out B) bring you up C) let you off D) pick you up
2. They ______ us just because we’re poor. A) look down at B) look down for C) look down on D) look down over
3. We look ______ to receiving a prompt reply to our letter. A) round B) through C) after D) forward
4. My wife ______ a squirrel on her way to work this morning. A) ran over B) ran up C) ran out of D) ran off
5. I can hardly hear that radio. Could you ______ (increase/raise) the volume please. A) put up B) switch on C) give out D) turn up
6. I’d ask you to marry me but I’m sure you’d turn me ______. A) around B) down C) off D) over
7. I’m pretty tired so if you don’t mind, I’ll ______ for the night. A) hold on B) work on C) work out D) turn in
8. Before you go to bed don’t forget to ______ all the lights. A) turn over B) turn away C) turn out D) turn in
9. Before we start the lesson, I’d like to ______ what we did yesterday. A) run up B) run through C) run along D) run into
10. We shall have to ______ if we want to go to Florida this summer. A) save up B) put away C) put aside D) lay up
11. I went to the Train Station to see my uncle ______ to Dublin. A) off B) across C) home D) through
12. The children were playing the new teacher ______. A) along B) down C) in D) up
13. James is threatening to resign, but I don’t think he will ______ it really. A) go on with B) go in for C) go along with D) go through with
14. What a lovely tie! And it ______ (matches) your jacket too! A) goes off B) goes with C) makes out D) gets over
15. I had to put ______ having the party because I was ill. A) up B) through C) off D) on
16. We’ll have to sell the piano, darling. It ______ (occupies) too much room. A) makes out B) takes up C) takes away D) fills in
17. I was ______ with Alvin for arguing with the waiter about our bill. A) put out B) put off C) put down D) put  on
18. Most schools in England ______ at the end of July. A) break up B) break  down C) break off D) break with
19. It’s a great shame that you ______ with each other as you used to be such good friends. A) came out B) fell out C) set out D) turned out
20. Our plan to increase the productivity fell ______. A) off B) through C) in D) back
21. Janet and Peter broke ______ a few months ago and are living apart. A) into B) out C) up D) away
22. Several students fainted during the display but they were soon brought ______ . A) round B) at C) under D) up
23. We live in a friendly community and everyone ______ each other very well. A) gets on with B) gets up to C) gets out of D) gets down to
24. How are you ______ your studies? Do you feel that you are making headway? A) getting down to B) getting ahead of C) getting on with D) get up to
25. How’s Pauline ______ in her new job? A) getting by B) getting through C) getting on D) getting along with
26. I ______ (visited) for a chat on my way home from work. A) called in B) got in C) turned back D) fell in
27. Do you think you could ______ the cleaner’s on your way home tonight? A) call down on B) call in at C) call away to D) call out to
28. I’ve just heard that they’re ______ (increasing/raising) my rent at the end of next month. A) turning up B) taking up C) putting up D) holding up
29. They ______ (erected/built) that block of flats two years ago. A) set up B) turned up C) put up D) put on
30. I find her husband unbearable, and I can’t imagine how she can put ______ his awful behaviour. A) on to B) up with C) down on D) away from
31. I ______ (ordered by post) the catalogue two weeks ago, but it still hasn’t arrived. A) passed out B) sent for C) called for D) wrote for
32. Be careful with the bomb! The slightest touch might ______! A) set it up B) set it off C) set it out D) set it down
33. This strike has set us ______ months. A) up B) down C) back D) off
34. We ______ (began our journey) at 6.30 in the morning. A) broke out B) got away C) set off D) went off
35. Hello! Is that the Grand Hotel? Could you ______ the manager, please? A) put me up with B) put me on to C) put me in for D) put me through to
36. The idea of a balanced diet is difficult to _________ to those who know little about food values. A) come across B) take in C) make over D) put across
37. A: Who was on the phone? B: I don’t know. He ______ before I could ask. A) hold back B) rang off C) got down D) went off
38. My father was ______ (hit/knocked down) by a bus on his work to work. A) gone by B) broken downC) got down D) run down
39. The battery has run ______. A) down B) out C) over D) about
40. Because of possible bomb threats, the Queen has decided to ______ her proposed  visit to Northern Ireland next month. A) call out B) call away C) call up D) call off
41. My father was called ______ halfway through the Second World War. A) in B) over C) up D) off
42. Do you think you could ______ these figures for me, just to make sure they’re correct. A) check over B) check off C) check in D check through
43. I hope the weather will ______ before we leave for Brighton. A) clear off B) go off C) clear up D) go away
44. Oh, Miss Jones, would you mind ______ these figures again, please? A) going by B) going into C) going over D) going after
45. Help yourself to an apple. I think there are enough to ______. A) hand in B) go round C) have on D) fix up
46. It looks as if the weather is beginning to ______ at last. A) clear off B) clear out C) clear away D) clear up
47. This is a word I have never come ______ before. A) across B) on C) through D) to
48. It must be spring; the leaves have started ______ (appearing) on all the trees in the park. A) breaking up B) bringing up C) coming out D) coming down
49. The government may be hiding the facts now, but they are bound to ______ sooner or later. A) come back B) come in C) come out D) come up
50. Why don’t you ______ (visit us) on Friday? A) ring up B) turn up C) get back D) come round
51. By the way, Jill, Gregory was asking ______ you (asking how you are). A) after B) by C) out D) over
52. I’m afraid you’ve signed the agreement now, Mr. Blake. It’s too late to back ______ it. A) out of B) away from C) away with D) down to
53. I tried hard but I simply couldn’t break ______ from my old habits. A) into B) away C) down D) off
54. How did you managed to come ______ even without a scratch? A) round B) out with C) off D) through
55. Many people ______ meditation to relax. A) give up B) make C) take up D) take out
56. I took ______ tennis again at the beginning of this year. A) on B) with C) by D) up
57. Which shirt shall I ______ (wear) tonight? A) take on B) get on C) go with D) put on
58. Until I repay my bank loan, I’ll have to ______ my living expenses. A) call off B) cut down on C) get round D) turn down
59. If you want to lose weight, you should ______ the number of sweets and chocolates you eat. A) come down with B) take out of C) cut down on D) watch out for
60. The nights are beginning to draw ______ again. It was light this time last week. A) away B) for C) in D) off
61. He drew all his money ________ the bank before he left. A) of B) off C) out of D) to
62. The taxi ______ (came to a stop) outside the station and an old lady got out. A) drew out B) drew up C) gave in D) get down
63. I don’t think they’d really like it if we just ______ them (visited them without telling them first).You know how they like to tidy up before visitors come. A) run out on B) drop in on C) call by D) go along
64. A: Where do you want me to ______ you ______ Jane? B: Outside the station, if its all right. A) take / off B) bring / off C) drop / off D) leave / off
65. Mr. Brown still hadn’t faced ______ the fact that they’re never going to make him Assistant Manager. A) up to B) down in C) on in D) round to
66. Sooner or later he will have to ______ his responsibilities. A) take accountB) look after C) see into D) face up to
67. The attack was so fierce that the enemy soldiers had to fall ______. A) down B) behind C) away D) back
68. They had a plan to trick him, but he didn’t fall ______ it. A) for B) to C) at D) by
69. After a lot of persuasion, he finally agreed to fall ______ our plans. A) across to B) down in C) in with C) up to
70. David, do you think you could ______ a meeting with Mr. Brown for one day next week? A) catch up B) have round C) fix up D) work out
71. The Prime Minister had difficulty in ______ his message to the nation. A) getting through B) getting across C) getting out D) getting on
72. It is difficult to get ______ people how dangerous smoking is to their health. A) down in B) in at C) across to D) in with
73. It’s too far away - I can’t ______ (reach)it. A) get togetherB) go after C) get through D) get at
74. The thieves ______ (escaped) by rushing into the underground. A) got back B) got away C) picked up D) got through
75. I don’t know how they ______ (manage/survive financially) now that Harry’s out of work. A) go on B) get by C) get over D) pass out
76. I simply cannot get ______ such a low salary. A) by on B) at C) along D) down
77. She never really got ______ the shock of her son’s death. A) into B) around C) up to D) over
78. I hear they’re going to ______ (demolish) those old houses in Church Lane and build a new supermarket there instead. A) clear up B) leave out C) put away D) pull down
79. I hear they are going to ______ the old Variety Theatre at the end of George street. A) pull away B) pull out C) pull up D) pull down
80. I think we’d better pull ______ the next garage to check the oil. A) pull round toB) up to C) in at D) out to
81. They surrounded the enemy and forced them to ______. A) give in B) give out C) give up D) give over
82. The unknown substance was giving ______ an unpleasant smell. A) out B) up C) over D) off
83. The policeman asked the driver to ______ to the side of the road. A) pull out B) pull in C) pull through D) pull round
84. They say that it takes smokers longer to ______ a cold than non- smokers. A) get across B) get off C) get out of D) get over
85. Although I hadn’t worked very hard, I still managed to ______ (pass) the exam. A) put up B) come round C) get through D) pick up
86. I don’t really think I’ll ______ the exam this summer. A) get through B) get away with C) get up D)get in
87. It took us nearly half an hour to ______ the hill. It was so steep A) get on B) get up C) get away D) get through
88. I don’t like my children going to parties. You never know what young people ______ these days. A) get on with B) get up to C) get through to D)get in with
89. What have you been getting ______ recently? - Oh nothing much. A) through to B) out of C) over D) up to
90. I don’t seem to be making any progress and it’s beginning to ______ me down. A) carry B) get C) pull D) take
91. If she hadn’t given him ______ ,the police would never have found him. A) away B) for C) in D) off
92. The teacher asked the students to ______ (hand in) their homework at the end of the lesson. A) give back B) give in C) turn back D) bring about
93. In winter this town is often cut ______ by heavy snowfalls. A) off B) back C) out D) dead
94. I think your essay would be much better if you cut ______ these two lines here. A) in B) through C) off D) out
95. A: Oh, I could really ______ a cigarette now! Have you got one Pete? B: Sorry Bob,I stopped smoking two weeks ago. A) do with B) do without C) make up with D) hang on with
96. The terrorists were forced to give ______. A) off B) out C) in D) away
97. Oh, Charles, could you ______ (distribute) the books, please? A) give out B) give in C) put away D) put out
98. It was given ______ on the news that an assassination attempt had been made on the Prime Minister. A) out B) off C) away D) up
99. I wonder if you’d help me to ______ some anti-nuclear power leaflets this weekend, Jim? A) give out B) give over C) give in D) give off
100.After failing his driving test four times, he finally ______ trying to pass. A) gave up B) gave away C) gave off D) gave in


1. There was a robbery at the bank, and the police are looking ______ the matter. A) up to B) in on C) into D) through
2. At least half a dozen people ______ (watched without doing anything) while the man was being attacked. A) looked at B) looked on C) looked over D) looked into
3. I’ve been trying to phone to Charles all evening, but there must be something wrong with the line; I can’t seem to ______. A) get down B) get together C) get out D) get through
4. My sister was very cruel when she was a child. She used to catch spiders and ______ their legs one by one. A) pull up B) pull away C) pull off D) pull out
5. I nearly fainted when my dentist told me that he’d have to ______ two of my teeth. A) pull off B) pull away C) pull up D) pull out
6. The lorry ______ at the traffic lights. A) pulled off B) pulled up C) pulled out D) pulled through
7. The operator ______ me ______ (connected me) almost immediately. A) put / through B) put / on C) picked / up D) called / for
8. Would you ______ (like) something to eat, Mrs. Brown? A) care for B) take up C) look for D) make for
9. It took my mother quite a while to catch ______ that we were only joking. A) away B) for C) in D) on
10. When Joan returned to school after her illness, she had to work really hard to catch ______ the others. A) in with B) up to C) up with D) roun to
11. Thieves held ______ a bank in Manchester and got away with 50,000 pounds. A) on B) out C) over D) up
12. Summer time ends tomorrow, so don’t forget to ______ your clock tonight. A) put on B) put down C) put back D) put out
13. She is very important to him. He wouldn’t get ______ without her. A) over B) by C) down D) round
14. I tried to ______ everything he said, but he spoke so quickly that it was impossible. A) get up B) get over C) get away D) get down
15. Right, if you’re really ready, I think it’s time to get ______ some work. A) round to B) down in C) on in D) down to
16. What time did you ______ last night? It must have been quite late because when I phoned you at 11:30 your mother said you were still out. A) get away B) get in C) get by D) get down
17. I think we’ll have to get ______ more drink for the party. A) off B) over C) on D) in
18. Let’s ______ the subject of nuclear war. It’s beginning to make me feel very depressed. A) get off B) get over C) get through D) get out
19. How is Janet ______ (progressing) in her new school? A) coming round B) getting on C) going on D) getting in
20. The teacher asked the class to ______ (write down) the school telephone number. A) get down B) put down C) hold on D) keep out
21. She put ______ an interesting proposal. A) to B) against C) forward D) backwards
22. I want to put ______ the position you advertised. A) off B) out C) up D) in for
23. It’s very kind of you to put me ______ for the night, James. A) along B) down C) in D) up
24. I’m feeling ______ and could do with a holiday. A) run across B) run down C) run out D) run over
25. We should finish today, but as the time running ______ we may have to continue tomorrow. A) out B) down C) away D) off
26. You’ll have to get a new television license. This one isn’t valid. It ______ two weeks ago. A) ran up B) ran out C) ran off D) ran away
27. I’m making you responsible for this project. Please see______ it that it is finished. A) to B) into C) for D) on
28. We decided to ______ early to avoid the rush-hour traffic. A) set down D) set on C) set back D) set out
29. The government wants people to set ______ their own businesses. A) off B) in C) up D) down
30. There is a certain amount of evidence to suggest that violence on television and in films ______ (causes) violence among young people. A) breaks downB) gives out C) brings about D) makes for
31. Seeing the couple walking hand in hand ______ memories of his own first love. A) brought up B) brought backC) brought out D) brought on
32. It was walking home in the rain that must have ______ your cold. A) brought up B) brought on C) brought out D) brought on
33. We shall bring ______ the question of the new swimming-pool at the next committee meeting. A) about B) up C) round D) off
34. She set______ in business on her own and was very successful. A) by B) aside C) up D) off
35. The Government is planning to ______ (establish) a new department to be responsiblefor what people do in their leisure time. It is to be called the Ministry of Leisure. A) bring up B) put up C) set up D) hold on
36. The government has ______ an inquiry to investigate bribery in local elections. A) set out B) set to C) set up D) set about
37. A: Would it be all right if I  ______ you on Friday, Mr. Brown? B:  Yes of course, Mrs. Price. You can pay me any time. A) get on with B) settle up with C) get up to D) get along with
38. Don’t take any notice on him, Janet. He’s only trying to show ______. A) away B) for C) in D) off
39. Catherine promised to ______ at Josie’s luncheon in time for dessert. A) show up B) show off C) show down D) show through
40. A good friend will always ______ you when you’re in trouble. A) stand by B) stand up C) stand for D) stand up against
41. In her first year in business, my aunt came ______ more problems than she had expected. A) down on B) out of C) in to D) up against
42. You can count ______ me if you ever want any help. A) in B) on C) up D) by
43. If you’re sure the trip isn’t going to cost more than ten pounds, then you can count me ______. A) in B) off C) up D) with
44. We’ll get home much quicker if we ______ this field. A) cut across B) cut down C) cut out D) cut off
45. Your wife is so rude. If I were you, I wouldn’t stand _____ her. A) by B) to C) at D) for
46. You mustn’t let him treat you so badly; you must stand ______ him and be strong. A) for B) by C) up to D) down
47. If you ______ (subtract) twenty-five from a hundred, you are left with seventy-five. A) put down B) take away C) take off D) cross out
48. I was feeling rather tired, so I didn’t really ______ what the teacher was saying. A) take up B) take in C) take over D) take away
49. I’m very flattered that you want me to make the speech at the end-of-term party, but, to be honest with you, I don’t really ______ it (think I’m capable of doing it). A) feel up to B) feel for C) feel on to D) feel by
50. The landlord threatened to evict her when she fell ______ her rent. A) behind with B) down in C) out of D) behind for
51. We were both completely taken ______ by the car salesman, who turned out to be a crook. A) out B) up C) in D) down
52. I knew from the start he was dishonest so I wasn’t taken ______ by him, but some of my friends lost money. A) in B) domn C) at D) to
53. The plane ______ late because of the terrible weather. A) blew up B) grew up C) went on D) took off
54. I think it’s a lot more difficult to ______ children nowadays than it used to be. A) bring out B) bring off C) bring on D) bring up
55. How many more times have I got to tell you not to ______ here without knocking? A) burst out B) burst on C) burst in D) burst off
56. The present situation calls ______ prompt action. A) on B) by C) off D) for
57. Anyway, John, ______ (remove) your coat and come through and meet the others. A) take off B) get together C) hold up D) put on
58. They always ______ extra staff in the summer. A) put on B) take in C) put in D) take on
59. The company has had a bad year, and will therefore not be taking ______ any new workers. A) up B) off C) after D) on
60. I’m going to the bank to ______ some money. A) take in B) take out C) take on D) take back
61. The marriage will ______ next Monday at noon. A) take place B) go off C) come together D)carry on
62. I really thought he was telling the truth. He certainly took me ______ . A) away B) for C) in D) off
63. When I retire I think I’ll ______ (start/begin) painting. A) set off B) break in C) get in D) take up
64. My doctor advised me to get some exercise, so I’ve decided to ______ tennis. A) take up B) take after C) take on D) take down
65. When he came back to England, he ______ up the job he had had before. A) got B) took C) made D) set
66. I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer straight away, Mr. Green. I’d like to ______ for a day or two. A) think  of it B) think it up C) think it over D) think it out
67. I’ll be back soon; I’m just going to ______ my new bike. A) try for B) try out C) try over D) try on
68. Oh, blast! The button’s has just ______ my dress. A) come down B) come out C) come round D) come off
69. There was an expectant hush from the audience as the leading actor ______ stage. A) came into B) came on C) came by D) came off
70. I think I’ll go to bed .I can feel a headache ______. A) coming on B) coming over C) coming out D) coming on
71. In order to be able to afford a holiday every summer I have to try to put ______ some money each month. A) away B) for C) in D) off
72. If Diane doesn’t turn ______ in the next five minutes, then we’ll have to go without her. A) out B) up C) off D) in
73. They turned ______ at the party, despite the bad weather. A) round B) in C) back D) up
74. The effects of the anesthetic used for the operation take quite time to ______ off. A) wear B) turn C) give D) move
75. Our school ______ for the summer holidays on 10th July. A) breaks up B) breaks down C) breaks in D) breaksoff
76. When you come to London, I can ______ for the night. A) put you down B) put you off C) put you up D) put you right
Choose the best alternative to replace the underlined words.
77. Robert started to get out of bed, but he was so weak from his illness that he fainted on the floor. A) passed out B) passed down C) passed away D) passed over
78. Poor old Mr. Lonely died
peacefully on Tuesday. A) passed out B) passed away C) passed down D) passed over

79. Low pressure coming in from the Mediterranean will cause a change in the weather. A) bring round B) bring down C) bring up D) bring about
80. Is he going to participa te in the 5000 meters race this year? A) go on B) go in C) go in for D) go for
81. She’s got very light hair. She resembles her mother. A) takes back B) takes after C) takes down D) takes apart
82. He’s started school, hasn’t he? How is he doing ? A) getting on B) looking after C) showing up D) taking up
83. This factory can produce fifty cars a day. A) turn over B) turn off C) turn out D) turn up
84. When do you expect to finish ? A) get over B) get out C) get through D) get down
85. You may omit the second question. A) hand in B) leave out C) take off D) put out
86. Robert wanted to discuss a problem with his advisor. A) take up B) look up C) talk over D) get through
87. The tailor let out the waist of the jacket. A) enlarged B) shortened C) shrank D) set free
88. She passed out in a crowded bus. A) got on B) got out C) fainted D) stood
89. The municipality pulled down much of Ankara in the 1980s. A) misused B) suppressed C) discovered D) demolished
90. He proposed a very good suggestion. A) put in B) put down C) put out D) put forward
91. I refuse to put up with his actions any longer. A) pretend B) support C) endure D) consider
92. The meeting was postponed until next week. A) put off B) put away C) put out D) put up
93. My headache isn’t serious. It will disappear gradually. A) break off B) wear off C) tear off D) put off
94. To me it was a very funny story, but when I told it nobody seemed to catch on. A) laugh B) be pleased C) understand D) listen to it
95. Their rear windows overlook a lovely garden. A) look out on B) are opposite    C) take in D) are close to
96. The effects of the drug will wear off soon. A) disappear B) tolerate C) heal D) prevent
97. This opportunity is too good to refuse. A) turn down B) turn away C) turn off D) turn over
98. The design of the new car seems excellent, but we haven’t t ested it on the road. A) tried it out B) traded it in C) tuned it up D) thrown it off
99. He said he wasn’t interested in helping out, but I’ll try to talk himround . A) persuade B) scold C) argue with D) employ
100.Whenever George starts talking, Jim simply switches off. A) falls asleep B) leaves the room C) stops listening D) interrupts him


1. If the car ______ once more, I’m going to get a new one. A) breaks down B) comes about C) gives in D) changes down
2. Not one of the girl’s teachers could ______ her poor examination results. A) act out B) answer back C) account for D) ask after
3. New students spend the first few days ______ themselves ______ the layout of the university. A) calling / out B) bringing / about C) acquainting / with D) carrying / on
4. You go now and I’ll ______ you later. A) catch up with B) back up C) go back on D) come about
5. We certainly didn’t ______ all this rain when we booked the holiday. A) hold out B) back up C) figure out D) run into
6. If you will just ______ me for a few moments, I’ll explain the reasons behind the decision. A) turn over to B) take up with C) bear with D) care for
7. He was glad he had ______ the first question. A) took up withB) disposed of C) run into D) got ahead
8. Our advisors ______ the plan, saying that it would be too costly. A) got over B) got through with C) got out of D) came out against
9. His new novel ______ in the fall. A) shows up B) takes up C) sets out D) comes out
10. She could ______ a year’s salary in a week if you let her. A) put up with B) run through C) put aside D) carry out
11. A row of back-to -back houses is being ______ to make way for new flats. A) pulled downB) held up C) closed down D) turned up
12. I always try to ______ my friends when they’re ill. A) care for B) change up C) call on D) live on
13. How do you manage to ______ such a small salary? A) live on B) put down C) keep on D) hold on to
14. He often ______ his dinner so that he can get more work done. A) hangs on B) goes without C) eats away D) ends up
15. The river is _____ the bank _____ in several places. A) eating / away B) embarking / on C) handing / over D) letting / in
16. He was living in El Salvador when the war _____. A) broke out B) broke down C) broke up D) broke into
17. If you have any questions while I’m talking, feel free to ______. A) look on B) come up C) break in D) look for
18. In both physical appearance and personality, John ______ his father. A) takes up B) looks after C) takes after D) looks in
19. I was quite sad about my friend’s death, but slowly I ______ it. A) got over B) got out C) got out of D) came to
20. While he was looking on at the football game he ______ an old classmate from high school days. A) ran over B) ran after C) ran across D) went into
21. If you ______ your promise to stop smoking, you’ll feel better and live longer. A) go into B) stick to C) turn into D) come to 22. Many poor people in the world have to ______ life’s necessities. A) go without B) got over C) come to D) part with
23. Because of inflation, my weekly food bill now ______ $ 25. A) parts with B) gets over C) comes to D) goes through
24. Save your money. Don’t ______ it too quickly. A) go through B) die down C) hold on D) touch on
25. He had an appointment with me but he never ______. A) turned into B) showed up C) came to D) look into
26. You really cough too much; you should ______ smoking. A) cut down on B) go through C) get around D) try for
27. I didn’t know you were in town. It’s strange to ______ you like this. A) look forward to B) run after C) run across D) put up with
28. To lose weight, you have to ______ sugar and other sweet things. A) cut down on B) look up to C) come up with D) be in on
29. If a child does not ______ his parents, they probably are not very good to him. A) come up with B) get rid of C) look up to D) get through with
30. The police are trying to ______ crime, but the underworld is very strong. A) do away with B) run around with C) be in on D) work up to
31. If you do your homework every day, you can ______ your classmates. A) look forward to B) live up to C) run around with D) keep up with
32. When I ______ my college years, I’m surprised that I graduated. A) look forward to B) look back on C) look out for D) do away with
33. It’s bad habit to ______ lies about things which you know are wrong; no one will believe you. A) give away B) carry out C) bring up D) make up
34. Do you ever fail to do your duties or do you always ______ them? A) believe in B) live up to C) carry out D) clear up
35. When the noise ______ I began to speak. A) died down B) went without C) broke in D) made up
36. I tried to get through to him, but I couldn’t ______ his misunderstanding. A) catch on B) clear up C) work up to D) catch up with
37. Despite his dislike of Jack, he had always ______ him if some other boy at school attacked him. A) kept up with B) carried out C) settled down D) stood up for
38. Did the committee ______ the problem carefully before deciding on it? A) get on B) touch on C) clear up D) talk over
39. Because of inflation, salaries can’t ______ the high cost of living. A) hold on B) get ahead C) keep up with D) catch on
40. Right before a test, you should ______ your notes briefly to refresh your memory. A) touch on B) run across C) turn to D) run over
41. It’s difficult for a person with a broken leg to ______ . A) get ahead B) go around C) come about D) stand out
42. The staff meeting ______ just before lunch. A) broke out B) broke into C) broke up D) brought out
43. The children were very well ______. A) gave up B) got off C) brought up D) gave up
44. The meeting was ______ as the chairman was ill. A) called for B) called off C) called up D) called out
45. He’s a very bright boy, he’s sure to ______ in his job. A) get about B) come out C) get out D) get ahead
46. He ______ all the doctors in the district with medical samples. A) called on B) was over C) broke up D) come into
47. Don’t trust her, she always ______ her word. A) goes back B) goes back on C) gets over D) gets round
48. Is there enough coffee to ______ or shall I make some more? A) put forward B) make up C) set in D) go round
49. You must ______ with the sunray treatment, it’s doing you good. A) make up B) go up C) go on D) put up
50. He’s very bright, and ______ all the competitions. A) goes into B) gives out C) gives in D) goes in for
51. Time’s up. You must ______ your examination papers now. A) get in B) go in for C) come up D) give in
52. He speaks very badly, I can’t ______ what he is saying. A) make out B) put down C) go over D) get out
53. He’s a terrible liar, he’s always ______  stories. A) getting up B) putting through C) making up D) going over
54. He ______ everything I said. A) put down B) set out C) picked up D) looked to
55. The chairman ______ a very controversial idea which had little chance of being accepted. A) got on B) came up C) made for D) put forward
56. You’re very late now we’ll have to work very hard to ______ lost time. A) put off B) make up for C) make up D) set back
57. Most girls ______  their faces. A) make up for B) make up C) make for D) make off
58. The meeting has been ______ until next week. A) put off B) gone through C) set out D) taken off
59. George ______ a difficult period shortly after his marriage broke down, but after a year or so his health and spirits picked up. A) went out B) ran after C) put back D) passed through
60. The hospital was near a main road so the patients had to ______ a lot of noise. A) made up for B) went down with C) put up with D) got over
61. She’s very much fatter. I wonder how much weight she has ______. A) gone up B) made up C) put on D) taken on
62. The telephone operator ______ me ______ almost immediately. A) went / through B) put / through C) took / to D) got / into
63. When the chief surgeon suddenly announced he was going to leave, we were all ______. A) gone off B) put through C) set back D) taken aback
64. What do you ______ me ______ a fool? A) take / for B) take / in C) look / for D) look / after
65. When his father died he ______ the family business. A) went on B) put back C) turned out D) took over
66. I wasn’t listening very attentively and suddenly realized I hadn’t ______ what the doctor said. A) turned out B) made up for   C) taken in D) put forward
67. His decision to close the factory ______ a series of protest meetings. A) set off B) put out C) put back D) turned out
68. When the man ______ after the operation he found himself back in bed. A) came on B) came in C) came out D) came round
69. Hospital doctors don’t go out very often as their work ______ all their time. A) takes away B) takes in C) take on D) takes up
70. I’m afraid that old man won’t live much longer, he seems to have ______ the struggle. A) given out B) given up C) given away D) given back
71. I was very ______ by the nurse’s attitude, it really annoyed me. A) put out B) put up C) put by D) put aside
72. The secretary said she would ______ duty at seven o’clock this evening. A) be through B) be after C) be off D) be over
73. The old lady couldn’t ______ because she had rheumatism. A) get about B) get in C) get on D) get behind
74. As there was a power cut in the hospital, the surgeon had to ______ the operation. A) call off B) call up C) call on D) call out
75. How many words ______ this sentence? A) go up B) fill up C) make up D) call up
76. More Turkish students should ______ a foreign language and follow it through until they know it well. A) take for B) take after C) take on D) take up
77. A week-old garbage usually ______ a terrible stink. A) give up B) gives off C) give on D) give in
78. This skirt is too long. I must ______ it______ . A) take / up B) turn / off C) get / over D) make / for
79. Her dress was too wide on the waist so she ______ it ______. A) took / up B) turned  / away C) got / in D) took / in
80. She ______ the radio before answering the phone. A) took in B) turned downC) turned back D) put through
81. He couldn’t find his keys so he ______ his pockets ______. A) turned / upside down B) took / out C) turned / on D) turned / inside out
82. Why don’t you ______ your proposal at the next meeting? A) come to B) get over C) call up D) bring up
83. We have to ______ the first five lessons before the test. A) go over B) get over C) look up to D) turn into
84. The morning was wet, but ______ fine in the afternoon. A) turned out B) came to C) went into D) came back
85. After he got knocked down by the champion in the third round, it took him five minutes to ______. A) turn out B) go in for C) come to D) get rid of
86. I trusted him to pay me back but he ______ me ______. A) let / down B) put / down C) left / over D) kicked  / off
87. We ______ at noon to have lunch. A) broke up B) broke off C) came about   D) went over
88. I couldn’t ______ all of it ______. A) bring / round B) get / on C) take / in D) go / over
89. Can you try to ______ what time the play starts on Saturdays? A) pick out B) pull up C) find out D) hold up
90. You might ______ your ideas much better if you planned what you wanted to say. A) get on B) look up C) carry out D) put across
91. When she heard the death of her husband, she _____ and cried. A) broke down B) broke off C) broke up D) broke out
92. I must ______. I’ll call you again at the same time tomorrow. A) break off B) ring off C) answer back D) hang about
93. Let’s ______ to work now. A) get on B) get down C) get off D) get up
94. The whole area was ______ by the storms and floods. A) cut off B) cut down C) cut through D) cut into
95. I wouldn’t have noticed the mistake if you hadn’t ______ it ______. A) looked /after B) put / off C) pointed / out D) checked / out
96. I can’t ______ what the sign says. It is too far away. A) pass out B) cut out C) make out D) stand out
97. I want you to ______ the talking right now; I’m trying to read. A) run out        B) carry out C) break out D) cut out
98. When the two of you have ______ your problems, we’ll start again. I can’t work with people who are arguing. A) drop out B) iron out C) dry up D) eat away
99. Five minutes after take off, the aircraft ______ at 30.000 feet. A) leveled out B) lifted of C) lined up D) made up
100.Is he telling the truth, or ______ it all ______ ? A) picking / up B) putting / up C) making / up D) taking/up
101.Two prisoners ______ of Midford Prison last night. They are armed and dangerous. A) ran out B) passed out C) broke out D) made out
102.She ______ when she heard the bad news. It must have been a terrible shock to her. A) passed out B) worn out C) called off D) bottled up
103.The article ______ the problem, but it did not discuss it in detail. A) brought on B) passed on C) called on D) touched on
104.His cold was ______ by the unexpected change in temperature. A) broken up B) brought on C) broken away D) broken down
105.The offer was so good that I couldn’t ______ it ______. A) turn / down B) clear / up C) make / out D) hand / out
106.A bus crashed on the main highway this morning and ______ traffic for hours. A) held up B) cleared up C) made up D) blew up
107.It would be a good idea to discuss the plan. Why don’t you ______ a meeting. A) take up B) set up C) make out D) pick out
108.You should ______ an insurance policy. A) take up B) give up C) break off D) take out
109.The troops easily ______ the rebellion. A) went in for B) took over C) put down D) showed up
110.The plane is almost taking ______ . We had better be quick. A) off B) in C) on D) up
111.How are you ______ with your new job? Do you like it? A) looking for B) getting along C) waiting on D) taking over
112.The game was ______ on account of darkness. A) got over B) taken off C) put out D) called off
113.I want to ______ these exercises before I give them to the teacher. A) keep on B) count on C) look over D) point out
114.The travel agent managed to ______ the problems about my ticket. A) stick to B) go with C) make out D) sort out
115.Peggy wants to ______ ceramics when she retires. A) look after B) take up C) wear out D) do over
116.The gun ______ while he was cleaning it; it really frightened him. A) went off B) cut off C) ran over D) put up
117.Susan works so hard that no one in the office can ______ her. A) put up with B) go without C) get along with D) keep up with
118.They ______ the old building and built a new one. A) tried out B) put off C) cut off D) tore down
119.So many people came that there were not enough sandwiches to ______. A) go around B) pass for C) show off D) put on
120.We seem to have ______ your size. Can you come back next week? A) sold out of B) keep up with C) sent out for D) given away
Choose the best alternative to replace the underlined words.
121.We had to cancel the party last week. A) break off B) let off C) put off D) call off
122.Let’s postpone
the meeting till Friday. A) put off B) call off C) hold off D) carry out
123.I’ve had flu for a week now: I just can’t get rid of it. A) shake it off B) shake it out C) shake it down D) shake it up
124.His father often criticizes him. A) takes him off B) runs him down C) puts him off D) lets him down
125.My father was raised in a small village. A) called up B) brought up C) taken off D) come out
126.You are never too late to start a new sport. A) set up B) take in C) call up D) take up
127.The meeting ended in disorder. A) broke out B) broke down C) broke up D) broke off
128.His project has failed to be completed . A) fallen through B) fallen behind C) fallen back D) fallen off
129.She pretended that she couldn’t swim. A) turned out B) made out C) turned up D) made up
130.My father has stopped smoking. A) taken out B) turned downC) given up D) given back
131.When you make a promise you must fulfill it. A) carry it out B) carry it on C) carry it off D) carry it over
132.When she got thinner she had to make her dress smaller. A) make for B) put off C) make over D) take in
133.He called me a liar and I told him if he didn’t apologize I’d punchhim on the nose. A) make it out B) make it over C) put it back D) take it back
134.I am getting fat; I ought to start tennis. A) take up B) make up C) put up D) set out
135.He was so astonished that for a moment he was lost for words. A) worn out B) taken aback C) brought up D) break down
136.I have so much work to do that I can’t accept any more. A) take in B) take after C) take up D) take on
137.I didn’t feel like going to the dentist’s so I delayed going thereuntil I had a really bad toothache. A) put off B) put by C) put on D) put out
138.I really must buy a car so I’m going to save some money everymonth until I can afford one. A) put by B) put up C) put off D) put on
139.His father died of lung cancer and the doctor attributed it to thefact that he was a heavy smoker. A) took it off B) carried it back C) thought it over D) put it down
140.He just seems to spend money like water these days. A) fall through B) go through C) put off D) give out
141.I had a wonderful idea to save money but it didn’t succeed . A) catch up B) bring out C) come off D) come up
142.Please visit me when you come to Ankara. A) call me up B) stand for me C) look me up D) look for me
143.That looks a nice flat. Shall we inspect
it if it is for sale? A) look on B) look over C) look to D) look through
144.Being the second child of three, he tends to admire his elder brother and despise his younger sister. A) look over / look up B) make up to / make over C) make for / make up to D) look up to / look down on
145.As we had a long way to go, we left at five in the morning. A) set off B) put up C) stood for D) set about
146.The Prime Minister established a committee to discuss ways of improving the Turkish economy. A) set up B) put out C) kept up D) found out
147.The factory has reduced its workforce by 50%. A) cut back B) cut off C) set off D) taken in
148.The editor had to omit several articles because of lack of space. A) cut down B) cut out C) cut off D) cut away
149.He gave a lift to three students outside London and dropped them off in Watford. A) called up B) brought up C) took up D) picked up
150.Our radio can receive the Voice of America very clearly. A) get on B) take off C) pick out D) pick up

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