English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 2 Part C Classified Phrasal Verbs (Phrasal Verbs)

English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 2 Part C Classified Phrasal Verbs (Phrasal Verbs)



Expressions with Break
1. The firefighters had to break the door ______ to rescue the little girl. A) into B) out C) down
2. The burglar broke ______ the house and stole all their money and jewelry. A) away B) into C) forth
3. I don’t know why their marriage is breaking ______. A) through B) in C) up
4. After two hours of hard work, we decided to break ______ for a little cup of coffee. A) off B) up C) into
5. We have to break ______ all our emotional barriers to feel free. A) away B) down C) into
6. When he spread the news, panic broke ______ in the city. A) in B) away C) out
7. Scientists will break ______ in their search for new sources of energy. A) up B) through C) out
8. Mary feels miserable, for she’s just broken ______ her boyfriend. A) with B) up C) down
Expressions with Bring 9. Does this bring ______ memories? A) in B) on C) back
10. She had to bring ______ the children by herself. A) on B) up C) out
11. Did he ever bring ______ that book? A) back B) up C) on
12. Can I bring ______ my friend? A) up B) along C) out
13. Being a teacher doesn’t bring ______ much money A) up B) back C) in

Expressions with Come
14. The idea came ______ her while she was reading “Hamlet”. A) to B) about C) before
15. The farmer himself came ______ the intruders. A) before B) along C) after
16. I came ______ Schumacher at that big hotel. A) about B) apart C) across
17. The terrible scene of the crime continues to come ______ to me now and then. A) back B) between C) down
18. The properties will come ______ him on his father’s death. A) after B) to C) on
19. Nobody wants to come ______ as a witness of the crime. A) over B) forward C) at
20. The Canadian swimmer came ______ first. A) in B) round C) off
21. I wonder why his experiment never came ______. A) from B) upon C) off
22. Look how beautiful it is! All the flowers are coming ______. It’s springtime. A) out B) off C) down
23. He came ______ with a good solution to the problem. A) apart B) out C) up
24. He was lucky to come ______ without any scratches. A) through B) under C) by
25. Be careful! It’s really fragile. I don’t want it to come ______ in your hands. A) away B) out C) apart
26. Will the stain come ______ if I wash it? A) out B) in C) up
27. His aunt just died so he will come ______ a lot of money. A) out B) up C) into
28. The question didn’t come ______ so I was happy. A) up B) in C) down
29. That book will come ______ very useful. A) up B) in C) down
30. She said she would come ______ and visit today. A) for B) over C) through

Expressions with Down
31. To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be ______ down. A) cooled B) marked C) knocked
32. To reduce the amount you do something is the same as to ______ down. A) cut B) tear C) fall
33. To fail to do something when someone is relying on you is the same as to ______ down someone. A) let B) quieten C) sit
34. To let something become less hot is the same as to let it ______ down. A) lie B) cool C) tone
35. If it is raining very heavily, it is the same as to ______ down rain. A) pour B) cut C) tear
36. To have a lot of stress is similar to being ______ down by a lot of problems. A) poured B) cut C) weighted
37. To pass things from father to son is the same as to ______ down from generation to generation. A) calm B) hand C) climb
38. To relax from stress is the same as to ______ down. A) wind B) lie C) let
39. To write a note is the same as to ______ down something. A) jot B) scale C) tie
40. To make something appear less serious than it is the same as to ______ down something. A) slam B) set C) play

Expressions with Get
41. The manager failed to get his ideas ______ to the employees. A) across B) down C) in
42. I don’t think they can easily get ______ from prison. A) away B) into C) down
43. She is very well-paid, so she can get ______ without any help from him. A) about B) over C) by
44. Ok. It’s time to get ______ to business. A) in B) down C) away
45. I hope you don’t get ______ trouble again. A) into B) on C) in
46. The teacher was lucky to get the truth ______ of him. A) up B) out C) away
47. Stop getting ______ my nerves! A) on B) at C) down
48. I doubt she’ll ever get ______ her trauma. A) out B) over C) in
49. I can’t get ______ all this work. I need some help. A) about B) away C) through
50. What time do you usually get ______? A) on B) up C) about
51. The rumors of his dismissal will soon get ______. A) along B) away C) about
52. If you’re in trouble, get ______ to a lawyer. A) by B) on C) in

Expressions with Give
53. The little boy was forced to give ______ to his brother’s wishes. A) in B) for C) down
54. I give ______. This problem is too difficult to solve. A) down B) away C) up
55. He gave ______ all his fortune to charities. A) down B) away C) up
56. Don’t forget to give my books ______. I need to study for my exams. A) out B) back C) up
57. After a week camping, all our food supplies gave ______. A) down B) out C) in
58. Remember to give all your papers ______ by Monday morning so that I can grade them. A) in B) up C) out
59. This must be a special type of writing paper, for it gives ______ a very pleasant smell. A) on B) off C) up
60. His time after school was given ______ to sports. A) in B) over C) down
Expressions with Go
61. Why did he go ______ on his word? A) after B) back C) away
62. I don’t think you should go ______ a job in that company. A) after B) in C) to
63. Time goes ______ quickly, my dear. A) by B) for C) in
64. The price of gas did not go ______ as we expected. A) off B) about C) down
65. My complaint goes ______ you, too. A) on B) for C) in
66. John is not happy because his son went ______ the Army. A) for B) forward C) into
67. I believe she’ll never go ______ for sewing. A) in B) down C) out
68. What’s going ______ here! A) round B) in C) on
69. Don’t you think we should go ______ our plans again? A) down B) through C) on
70. Love and hate normally go ______. A) together B) about C) forth
71. What he said goes ______ his principles. A) against B) off C) ahead
72. What color did he go ______? A) over B) with C) for
73. Let’s go ______ for dinner tonight? A) in B) around C) out
74. Why did the alarm go ______ like that? A) out B) off C) through
75. Put the milk in the fridge or it will go ______. A) out B) off C) down
76. Let’s go ______ to the river to swim. A) out B) down C) through

Expressions with Into
77. To inherit money is the same as to ______ into money. A) come B) move C) keep
78. To join the army is the same as to ______ into the army. A) go B) let C) look
79. To make a quick decision about something is the same as to ______ into something. A) look B) rush C) break
80. To meet someone unexpectedly is the same as to ______ into someone. A) bump B) get C) check
81. To fit into something later is the same as to ______ into it. A) let B) make C) grow
82. To suddenly cry is the same as to ______ into tears. A) fly B) burst C) run
83. To drive off the road into a gasoline station is the same as to ______ into the gas station. A) pull B) get C) let
84. To go and register at a hotel is the same as to ______ into a hotel. A) look B) tune C) check
85. To have to borrow money is the same as to ______ into debt. A) get B) make C) crowd
86. To check and find out what happened is the same as to ______ into something. A) look B) make C) pull

Expressions with Keep
87. She couldn’t keep ______ the payments so she lost the house. A) on B) off C) up
88. She likes to keep ______ with the latest fashions. A) away B) off C) up
89. The doctor said that I have to keep ______ alcohol. A) on B) off C) up
90. This spray will keep ______ the bugs. A) away B) off C) on
91. She keeps ______ about him even though he has left. A) away B) back C) on
92. Shut the door and keep the dogs ______ of the house. A) away B) off C) out
93. Try to keep the children ______ from the fire. They may get burn. A) away B) out C) off
94. She always reads the paper and watches TV to keep ______ with the latest news. A) up B) in C) at
95. If he doesn’t keep ______ the expenses, he’ll go bankrupt. A) off B) in C) down
96. You will succeed if you keep ______ doing it well. A) in B) with C) on
97. He never let us down, for he always kept ______ his promises. A) at B) to C) back
98. Bob is trying hard to keep ______ with the rest of his class. A) up B) on C) in
99. We should advise children to keep ______ drugs. A) out B) off C) away
100. She couldn’t keep the secret ______ from her parents. A) out B) away C) back
101. Look! The sign says: “Keep ______ the grass”. A) out B) off C) away
102. If you keep ______ your work, you’ll like it. A) in B) with C) at

Expressions with Look
103. Who is going to look ______ the child while her mother is away? A) after B) for C) at
104. When she got the promotion, she started to look ______ on the people she used to work with. A) up B) for C) down
105. At this moment, it’s nonsense to look ______ results. A) about B) for C) in
106. We must look ______ all the applications before we decide to hire someone. A) for B) up C) over
107. People looked ______ him as a great leader. A) on B) forward C) in
108. I’m looking ______ to visiting my relatives in California. A) for B) forward C) up
109. He is really lucky! He got a room that looks ______ on the sea. A) up B) over C) out
110. I’m sure you have written that down. Look ______ your notes and you will find it. A) round B) in C) up
111. Students usually look ______ the counselor to help them choose a career. A) at B) to C) into
112. If you don’t know the word, look it ______ in the dictionary. A) up B) for C) at

Expressions with Make
113. If there is an earthquake, you should make ______ the park. A) out B) up C) for
114. It was so foggy that she couldn’t make ______ the road ahead. A) out B) over C) up
115. It took 20 years for them to make ______ after their fight. A) up B) over C) out
116. The man made ______ with all her money. A) for B) off C) up
117. I wish she wouldn’t make ______ stories like that. A) for B) up C) over
118. The room was big, so they made it ______ a conference room. A) into B) of C) on
119. The police don’t know who made ______ with the money of that big company. A) for B) out C) off
120. I have already made ______ my mind about it. A) over B) into C) up
121. Nothing will make ______ for their inefficiency. A) in B) out C) up
122. Before going to the supermarket, make ______ a list of items you want to buy. A) into B) out C) for
123. How is he making ______ with his new girlfriend? A) out B) off C) away
124. Don’t trust him. He always makes ______ stories. A) up B) out C) after
125. The thief ran but the police made ______ him and caught him. A) up B) off C) after
126. Only good employer-employee relationships can make ______ good production. A) at B) for C) after
127.I can hardly make ______ the letters on that sign. They are too small. A) in B) off C) out

Expressions with Pass
128. When he sees blood, he passes ______. A) over B) out C) on
129. I’m so sorry to hear that your father has passed ______. A) by B) away C) off
130. He tried to pass himself ______ as the leader of the community. A) up B) out C) off
131. He’s passed ______ bad moments in his life. A) through B) out C) away
132. If you’re clever, you should never pass ______ an opportunity. A) up B) out C) on
133. He is too young to pass ______ a member of this committee. A) into B) off C) for
134. The children remained quiet as the parade passed ______. A) in B) by C) off
135. Read the book and then pass it ______ to a friend. A) in B) on C) off

Expressions with Pull
136. Can you help me pull ______ these boots? A) off B) our C) in
137. The doctors think she can’t pull ______ another heart attack. A) back B) through C) out
138. I think I just saw dad’s car pull ______ the driveway. A) into B) over C) by
139. The sun is so bright. Do you mind if I pull ______ the blinds. A) in B) over C) down

Expressions with Put
140. She doesn’t exercise anymore so she has put ______ weight. A) on B) in C) by
141. He put ______ for a transfer, but it was refused. A) on B) in C) by
142. My father put ______ the money to buy the house. A) up B) in C) on
143. Taxes are going to be put ______ next year. A) in B) up C) over
144. My back is really painful, since I put it ______. A) out B) on C) down
145. I told her she couldn’t come down until all her clothes were put ______. A) off B) in C) away
146. People often put ______ her opinions. A) down B) in C) out
147. The game was put ______ until next month. A) over B) off C) away
148. Will you help me put ______ this poster? A) over B) through C) up
149. Will the last one to leave please put ______the candles? A) out B) in C) by

Expressions with Run
150. Why did he try to run ______ from home? A) off B) out C) away
151. I always run ______ old students of mine when I go to that cafeteria. A) after B) across C) over
152. He runs ______ every pretty girl he sees at school. A) on B) after C) in
153. Yesterday I ran ______ an old friend of mine at the supermarket. A) for B) down C) into
154. He ran ______ with his best friend’s girlfriend. A) off B) into C) on
155. The police ran ______ all the people who were near the scene of the horrible crime. A) in B) over C) on
156. The thief ran ______ with all the money and jewelry he found in the house. A) away B) after C) at
157. That man runs ______ his monthly salary in less than a week. A) at B) through C) in
158. I don’t know how many candidates are running ______ President. A) up B) for C) off
159. They ran ______ against several problems when they tried to build the bridge in that area. A) off B) on C) up
160. We ran ______ of beer when the party was half over. A) away B) out C) off
161. John didn’t notice he had run ______ his neighbor’s little dog. A) over B) on C) off

Expressions with Take
162. Don’t forget to take ______ notes of everything he says at the conference. A) down B) over C) on
163. The shop owner decided to take US$5.00 ______ the price. A) out B) off C) away
164. John did not accept the job, for he did not want to take ______ all those responsibilities. A) on B) out C) for
165. How can I take all these stains ______ from my tablecloth? A) apart B) away C) out
166. I know you are tired and disappointed, but don’t take it ______ on me. A) off B) out C) after
167. Have the children taken ______ their new teacher? A) up B) to C) over
168. You should take your brother ______ on his offer to help you do it. A) up B) in C) at
169. The plane will take ______ in ten minutes. A) out B) in C) off
170. These big books shouldn’t be taken ______ from the library. A) after B) in C) away
171. Take ______ account everything he’s done for us. A) into B) for C) after
172. Don’t let yourself be taken ______ by anyone. A) into B) in C) on

Expressions with Up
173. To stick a poster to a wall is the same as to ______ up a poster. A) liven B) put C) stand
174. To go from sitting to standing is the same as to ______ up. A) shoot B) speak C) stand
175. To go from being a child to being an adult is the same as to ______ up. A) heal B) grow C) hurry
176. To ask someone to talk loudly so that you can hear them is the same as to ______ up. A) talk B) ask C) speak
177. To rush so that you aren’t late is the same as to ______ up. A) hurry B) fill C) cheer
178. To become happy after being sad or miserable is the same as to ______ up. A) put B) look C) cheer
179. To put nice clothes on and look smart is the same as to ______ up. A) stand B) lock C) dress
180. To clean a room is the same as to ______ up. A) clean B) seal C) cheer
181. To explode a bomb in a building is the same as to ______ up a building. A) blow B) mess C) make
182. To not go to bed early is the same as to ______ up. A) look B) stay C) lock
183. To go faster and faster is the same as to ______ up. A) shoot B) call C) speed
184. If a problem suddenly happens, it is the same as a problem has just ______ up. A) lit B) beat C) cropped
185. To divide into groups is the same as to ______ up. A) screw B) split C) beat
186. To admit you have done something wrong is the same as to ______ up. A) own B) dig C) lighten
187. To fasten your coat is the same as to ______ up your coat. A) sum B) tighten C) do
188. To make or create trouble is the same as to ______ up trouble. A) try B) stir C) liven
189. To try to find some information or thing from the past is the same as to ______ up something. A) try B) hold C) dig
190. To redo your lipstick and tidy up your hair and appearance is the same as to ______ up. A) pull B) freshen C) kick
191. To make something louder is the same as to ______ up the volume. A) turn B) polish C) call
192. If you hit, punch or kick someone, it’s the same as to ______ up someone. A) pull B) bottle C) beat
193. To finish your drink quickly because you are leaving is the same as to ______ up. A) keep B) kick C) drink
194. If you form a queue to get something, it is the same as to ______ up. A) line B) hold C) call
195. To not share your feeling with anyone is the same as to ______ up your feelings. A) bottle B) sum C) pile
196. To stop outside of somewhere is the same as to ______ up outside. A) turn B) fold C) pull
197. To make a mistake is the same as to ______ up. A) screw B) hang C) flare
198. To practice a skill you have already is the same as to ______ up a skill. A) fold B) kick C) polish
199. To not be able to speak or move because of fright or worry is the same as to ______ up. A) keep B) freeze C) hang
200. To support something or stop something is the same as to ______ it up. A) hold B) kick C) brush
201. To appear univited is the same as to ______ up. A) draw B) hold C) turn
202. I am so tired today because I ______ up early. A) built B) cheer C) got
203. I missed a lot of classes so I have to work hard to ______ up. A) save B) catch C) lock
204. I don’t know the telephone number so I’ll have to ______ it up. A) mix B) look C) use
205. If you don’t ______ up, we will be late. A) hurry B) bring C) draw
206. Her husband died so she had to ______ up the children alone. A) blow B) bring C) crop
207. The traffic was ______ up because of road work. A) held B) freshened C) kept
208. The police ______ up the political demonstration. A) got B) turned C) broke
209. You should always ______ up any words you don’t know in a dictionary. A) get B) look C) cheer
210. I can’t believe he ______ up the bill and paid for our dinner. A) set B) put C) picked
211. The boy ______ up his seat to the old lady. A) made B) gave C) came

Expressions about Crime
212. To get into a building or car using force is to ______. A) break out B) break down C) break in
213. To steal money from a bank by using force is a ______. A) hold in B) hold down C) hold up
214. To steal or take something without asking is to ______. A) run off with B) do without C) do over
215. To hurt someone badly by hitting or kicking is to ______. A) pull them over B) beat them up C) put one over
216. To kill someone in informal English is to ______ with them. A) do away B) have away C) stay
217. To destroy something with a bomb is to ______. A) beat it up B) blow it up C) knock it over
218. To take a criminal to the police is to ______. A) turn them over B) turn them in C) turn them down
219. To put someone in prison is to ______. A) lock them up B) do them in C) blow them up
220. To not punish someone for their crime is to ______. A) give them over B) let them off C) put them away
221. To succeed in not being punished for a crime is to ______ it A) get away with B) make off with C) pick through
Expressions about Emotions
222. To make someone unhappy is to ______. A) get over them B) get on with them C) get them down
223. To make someone feel upset or angry is to ______. A) jump them B) get to them C) do them in
224. To make someone feel good is to __. A) perk them up B) peep them in C) rack them up
225. To stop feeling upset or angry about something is to ______. A) clam up B) wash out C) calm down
226. To be so excited that you lose control is to get ______. A) carried away B) carried off C) carried over
227. To start behaving in a violent or strange way is to ______. A) liven up B) freak out C) throw out

Expressions about Food and Drink
228. To eat food very quickly is to ______. A) bolt it down B) pig out C) whip it up
229. If you only eat a small amount of a meal, you ______. A) gnaw it B) bolt it down C) pick at it
230. To eat a lot of food is to ______. A) pig out B) roll out C) wear out
231. To eat less of something to improve your health is to _____ on it. A) strip down B) cut back C) run
232. To drink a lot of alcohol is to ______. A) knock it over B) knock it in C) knock it back
233. To heat food again that has already been cooked is to ______. A) ruffle it up B) warm it up C) pick it up

Expressions about Illness
234. To get an illness from someone is to ______. A) pick it up B) truck it in C) take it away
235. To try hard to get rid of an illness is to ______. A) tide it over B) cave in C) fight it off
236. If a part of your body gets bigger and rounder because of injury or illness it ______. A) comes out B) kicks in C) swells up
237. Another expression for vomiting is to ______. A) throw up B) toss out C) pass out
238. To be able to eat or drink without vomiting is to ______. A) keep it down B) get over it C) dip into
239. To become unconscious is to ______. A) go out B) black out C) knock over
Expressions about Speaking
240. If you speak for a long time, you ______. A) get on B) go on C) edge on
241. If you talk too long on one subject, you ______. A) run out B) run over C) run on
242. If you talk too long on one subject, you ______. A) tread on B) unwind C) ramble on
243. If you say something you have learned quickly and without stopping, you ______. A) knock down B) rattle off C) rabbit on
244. If you say something you have learned quickly and without stopping, you ______. A) reel off B) rope off C) tie off
245. To say something while another person is talking is to ______. A) butt in B) figure out C) go over
246. To say something suddenly and without thinking is to ______. A) ease up B) rub in C) blurt out
247. To make someone stop talking is to ______. A) shut up B) shut out C) shut in
248. To speak to someone without letting them answer is to ______. A) talk over B) talk at C) talk to
249. To suddenly stop talking in the middle of a speech because you have forgotten what to say it to ______. A) wipe out B) dry up C) go over.

Expressions about Thinking
250. To think carefully about an idea before making a decision is to ______. A) figure out B) think over C) chip in
251. To think of a suggestion, a solution or plan is to ______. A) come up with B) come out with C) come over
252. To think about something that has happened is to ______. A) run over B) go over C) go with
253. To create an idea, or plan using your imagination is to ______. A) work out B) think over C) think up
254. To stop yourself from thinking about something is to ______. A) think it out B) bring it out C) shut it out
255. To think of a very imaginative and not really possible plan is to ______. A) dream it up B) go over it C) come out with
256. To think about an idea, but not seriously is to ______. A) toy with it B) dream about it C) work it out
257. To find the answer to something through deep thinking is ______. A) think it up B) figure it out C) play with it

Expressions about Travel
258. To go on holiday especially because you need a rest is to ______. A) get over B) go off C) get away
259. To show your ticket and get your seat at the airport is to ______. A) check out B) check off C) check in
260. When the aircraft leaves the ground it ______. A) takes off B) takes over C) takes in
261. To start on a journey is to ______. A) set in B) set by C) set off
262. The time a train, bus or plane arrives is when it ______. A) gets away B) gets in C) gets over
263. To visit somewhere for a short time when you are going somewhere is to ______. A) stop off B) stop away C) stop on
264. To stay somewhere for a length of time when you are on a long journey is to ______. A) stop by B) stop over C) stop on

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