English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 3 Test 8 Proverbs

English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 3 Test 8 Proverbs



1. An Englishman's home is his _____.
A) church B) house C) out doors D) castle E) bank
2. "False friends are _____."
A) as clear as day B) out of mind C) better than riches D) worse than open enemies E) good to be true
3. A good name is better _____.
A) than richness B) than never C) than in bad company D) than promise long E) than a friend
4. After the long school holidays, Mrs. Hay went to talk to Betty's teacher. "Betty is glad that school has started", she said. "She is as _____."
A) hungry as a wolf B) busy as a bee C) as happy as a lark D) as slow as a tortoise E) as clever as an owl
5. So _____ so done.
A) thought B) done C) had D) saw E) said
6. "While there is _____ there is hope."
A) will B) wish C) love D) life E) water
7. "Better face a danger than be always in _____.
A) favor B) moon C) fear D) fire E) flight
8. I have a young sister. From her childhood she dreamt of becoming a pianist. When she was seven our mother sent her to the music school. At first it was difficult for a little girl to spend hours playing the piano and she could not achieve much progress; but my sister didn't give up. Time passed. From year to year she became more skillful and succeeded in her dream.
A) Practice makes perfect. B) As clear as a day. C) Everything is good in its season. D) East of west - home the best. E) There is no place like home.
9. Mr. Brown was very afraid of dentist. Once he had a terrible toothache, and couldn't sleep. The next day, he decided to go to the dentists and have his tooth extracted.
A) While there is life there is hope. B) Where there is smoke, there is fire. C) Where there is a will, there's a way. D) An able sailor hails in stormy weather. E) Better face a danger than be always in fear.
10. An hour in the morning _____.
A) as near as today and tomorrow B) is better than richness C) has wings D) is worth two in the evening E) as clear as day
11. John was a very lazy pupil. During the school years he didn't learn his lessons and always played truant. When the examination time came he was also to take his exams. But, alas, he didn't pass them and he cried bitterly.
A) Living dog is better than a dead man. B) The rotten apple injures its neighbors. C) The appetite comes with eating. D) A good beginning makes a good ending. E) You have made your bed and you must lie on it.
12. Promise little _____.
A) who laughs last B) but do much C) that ends well D) while the sun shines E) never found again
13. Joe had a very big supper. When he asked for a piece of bread and butter at bedtime, his mother said, " I've never seen anyone eat so much. You are always as hungry as _____."
A) a lark B) a wolf C) a bee D) a horse E) a mouse
14. The last drop makes _____.
A) both ends meet B) the cat out of the bag C) a horse laugh D) the cup run over E) a cat laugh
15. _____ makes the world go round.
A) love B) hatred C) gravity D) money E) poor mouse.
16. _____ repeats itself.
A) children B) language C) everybody D) stories E) history
17. One of our classmates fell ill, and was taken to hospital. In three months he was out and about, but lagged behind the pupils with his studying. He asked many pupils to help him, nobody came to his rescue, but me. After that we became friends.
A) Facts are stubborn things B) Experience is the mother of wisdom C) Live and learn D) Everything is good in its season E) A friend in need is a friend indeed
18. A man's best friend is his _____.
A) shirt B) bag C) dog D) house E) money
19. Lost time is _____.
A) known by its tree. B) never found again. C) not so black as he painted. D) never too late to learn. E) makes the cup run.
20. "Out of sight-out of _____.
A) light B) fight C) guide D) might E) mind
21. Everything is _____. A) shooting without aim B) better than saying C) good in its season D) better to do well than to say well E) worth two tomorrow
22. My friend Ann is a very clever girl. She is quick in everything she does. She is not lazy. She always does everything in time. She doesn't like lazy people who always try to put off their work and she says _____.
A) Speech is silver but silence is gold. B) A bad wound is cured, not a bad name. C) What is done can't be undone. D) Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. E) As is the workman so is the work.
23. My mother loves my younger sister very much and the latter makes use of it. She always asks to buy her nice dresses, sweets. My sister likes only to play and is a poor pupil. My sister is just a bad naughty girl. I say this because I always _____.
A) call the shots B) change horses in midstream C) call a spade a spade D) cry over spilt milk E) give someone the cold shoulder
24. - Hello, Ann? I haven't seen you for ages. Where have you been? - I've been to Moscow. I was there for a month and came back last week. I'm glad I'm at home.
A) I liked Moscow very much. B) East or West, home is best. C) I met our friends there. D) My family stayed in Moscow. E) Have you been to Moscow?
25. Nobody expected them to part so suddenly. They loved each other and they were to get married. One day he told her he was going to Italy on business. He stayed 2 years there. Meanwhile she completely forgot him and married Mr. Black, a rich man.
A) A bad wound is cured, not a bad name. B) No news good news. C) As is the workman so is the work. D) Out of sight - out of mind. E) False friend are worse than open enemies.
26. Mother gave Ann some money. The girl wanted to go to the cinema very much; at the same time she wanted to buy a book, but there was not enough money for both, "I'll buy the book and go to the cinema next time when I have money" she said.
A) A man can die but once. B) A cat in gloves catches no mice. C) You cannot eat your cake and have it. D) He laughs best who laughs last. E) So many men, so many minds.
27. _____ loose all.
A) He that never climbed B) Grasp all C) If you run after two hares D) If wishes were horses E) Least said
28. What will the travelers say when they come safe to the end of their journey, having gone through many dangerous adventures?
A) To take the bull by the horn. B) To kill two birds with one stone. C) Two heads are better than one. D) There is no smoke without fire. E) All is well that ends well.
29. What would you say to a grumbling group mate who is finding fault with everything around?
A) Better late than never. B) East or West, home is best. C) To get out of bed on the wrong side. D) Promise little, but do much. E) Make hay while the sun shines.
30. Your friend has been suffering from a bad toothache for a long time as he is afraid to go to the dentist. How would you urge him to overcome his fear.
A) He laughs best who laughs last. B) The devil is not so black as is painted. C) A burnt child dreads the fire. D) One swallow doesn't make a summer. E) If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.
31. A.: It's risky to take an exam without reading the whole book. B.: But it's my last chance. _____.
A) New brooms sweep clean. B) No new is good news C) Once bitten, twice shy. D) Sink or swim. E) Poverty is no sin.
32. A.: You say this green dress doesn't suit me and I look dull in it. What about the blue one? B.: Oh, it's quite different. You must always wear it, you are lively in it. A.: You see, and my mother hates it. _____.
A) Rome wasn't built in a day. B) A round peg in a square hole. C) There is no place like home. D) That's another pair of shoes. E) Tastes differ.
33. A.: What kind of person is our director? B.: Can't make out. Neither kind nor strict. _____.
A) Neither fish nor flesh. B) Too good to be true. C) To turn over a new leaf. D) Woken pigs fly. E) Well begun is half done.
34. _____, soonest mended.
A) If the sky falls B) All covet C) As you make your bed D) As you sow E) Least said
35. When angry _____.
A) do as the Romans do B) sweep clean C) you will catch neither D) you shall mow E) count a hundred
36. Many men, many _____.
A) servants B) hands C) minds D) ways E) thoughts
37. Well begun is half _____.
A) gone B) done C) undone D) a way E) come
38. East or West _____ is best.
A) castle B) hut C) home D) palace E) country
39. A bird in the hand _____.
A) is worth two in the bush B) makes even a cat laugh C) has brought forth a mouse D) speaks louder than words E) changes his spots
40. We have got two neighbors. One of them is a clever and polite man. He is an educated, cultural man. The other is rather selfish and stupid. He thinks he can buy everything as he is rich enough. He is a narrow-minded person. We don't like him.
A) As the tree so the fruit. B) Health is above wealth. C) No pains, no gains. D) It's never too late to learn. E) Better short of pence than short of sense.
41. When faced with a difficult problem, it is better to consult other people.
A) To kill two birds with one stone. B) Two heads are better than one. C) If you want a thing well done, do it yourself. D) The devil is not so black as he is painted. E) East or West home is best.
42. First catch your _____ then cook it.
A) hare B) hair C) heir D) car E) bear
43. A stitch in time _____.
A) saves nine B) before they hatch C) makes a good ending D) before they are easy E) makes perfect
44. Mr. Smith was rather lazy. He didn't like to work hard and always spared himself. He was sure that his father would support him all his life. But his father died and Mr. Smith had a miserable life.
A) Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. B) Speech is silver but silence is gold. C) No sweet without sweat. D) As the tree so the fruit. E) First think then speak.
45. It was raining very hard. A lot of people were standing at the bus- stop and were sorry they had not taken their umbrellas with them. But one man among them was cheerful and pleased. He always repeated "the harder it rains the better I like it." Asked why he was happy with rain he answered ...
A) Like to like. B) The fist blow is half the battle. C) Actions speak louder than words. D) An idle brain is the devil's workshop. E) One man's meat is another man's poison.
46. - What time do you get up on Sundays? - About half past six. - Why so early? - I get up at that time on week-days, and _____, you know.
A) deeds, not words B) neck or nothing C) custom is a second nature D) no rose without a thorn E) when angry, count a hundred
47. Mr. Brown was the owner of our local newspaper. He was a good and clever man but he had the habit of talking to himself all the time. One day my friend came and asked him why he did that. "Well, there are two reasons," he said. "First I like to hear a wise man speak, secondly, when I speak it is a pleasure to have an intelligent audience."
A) Hear much speak little. B) Penny-wise and pound-foolish. C) He laughs best who laughs last. D) Wealth is nothing without health. E) Hunger is the best source.
48. Some people use fine words when they talk about what they have done, but their actions may be quite different and not at all fine.
A) Fine words dress ill deeds. B) You can't eat your cake and have it. C) Fortune favors the brave. D) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. E) An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
49. A man mustn't think that his task is too difficult before he begins doing it.
A) Everything comes to him who waits. B) No living man all things can. C) Live not to eat but eat to live. D) Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. E) Don't cross the bridge before you come to it
50. Still waters run _____.
A) quick B) important C) careful D) deep E) strong
51. Be slow to promise and _____. A) speak little B) life is short C) never fell D) quick to perform E) half is done
52. - I am lucky today, your turn will come later on. Tomorrow our positions may be reversed. - Yes, _____.
A) Deeds not words B) Every dog has his day C) Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours D) Everything is good in its season E) All is well that ends well
53. If you _____ to be a friend, never borrow, never _____.
A) want / lend B) wanted / lent C) wants / lends D) will want / lend E) want / lent

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