English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 3 Test 2 Paragraph Completion

English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 3 Test 2 Paragraph Completion



Complete the following paragraphs.
1. Every year 100 million holiday-makers go to the Mediterranean. With one third of the world's tourist trade it is the most popular of all the holiday areas: yet, it is also the most polluted. _____
A) Therefore, the tourist industry here is in great danger. B) Several European countries have changed their economic policies. C) The housing problem has increased over the years. D) However, the great civilizations of the past are no longer tourist attractions. E) The average tourist prefers guest houses to hotels.
2. Veronica Moss is a small British firm which makes wedding dresses.  It is now expanding into European markets. _____ This will only be possible if sufficient, highly skilled workers can be recruited.
A) Then management has the full support of all its workers. B) Many governments have raised the tax on luxury goods. C) An advertising campaign has already proved successful. D) The new designs are well illustrated in the catalogue. E) However, to be successful, it needs to increase its production.
3. When people are ill they frequently seek medical help. _____ When they feel they are not well, they either go to a quiet place and rest or look for the kind of herbs and plants they feel will do them good.
A) The majority of medicines are not very expensive. B) Animals, on the other hand, are their own doctors. C) Unfortunately, it is children who suffer most in this respect. D) In the case of animals, medical care is even more essential. E) People suffer from certain incurable diseases.
4. It is surprising how little known, even today, about memory is. This is largely due to the fact that we have no way of watching the memory function. _____ Hopefully, with the advances in high technology, the secrets of the mechanism of the memory will soon be revealed.
A) The harder people try to remember something the less they are able to remember. B) When people get older-their memory often fails them. C) In the past many books were written on medicine. D) Still, a great deal of research on the subject is being carried out. E) One way in which animals differ from man is that they have no memory.
5. _____ Many came willingly, to find a better life-, some were forced to come, as slaves or to be used as cheap labor; some were driven from their homelands for political reasons and some fled from war.
A) In the past many of the American tribes were at war with each other. B) The history of the United States is filled with accounts of people who came here from all over the world for several reasons. C) In the last century Africa was a continent that attracted few people except scientists and explorers. D) Technological advances in agriculture have change the face of the earth. E) Environmental pollution still continues to be a major threat throughout the continent.
6. A well written essay should be unified; _____ The first requirement for unity is that the main idea should be clear.  The second requirement is that there are no unrelated parts.
A) the selection of an interesting subject is therefore of vital importance. B) even so, essays may vary considerably in length. C) that is, everything in it should be related to the main idea. D) in fact most essays are carefully planned. E) essay competitions have recently become quite popular.
7. In China, the style of decoration of these bowls developed through the years.  Early examples had narrow bands of geometric designs _____ Often, those designs included stylized dragons, birds and snakes.
A) while later ones had complex patterns covering the entire vessel. B) because the Chinese worshipped animals. C) and they developed their technique in the course of time. D) although Chinese casting has never been equaled. E) moreover they are fairly primitive.
8. _____ Until a program is prepared and stored in the computer's memory, the computer "knows" absolutely nothing, not even how to accept or reject data. Even the most sophisticated computer must be told what to do.
A) A computer is similar to a typewriter. B) A computer can repeat the same operation over and over again forever if permitted. C) Computers are widely used because they save time. D) Computers solve problems by means of various mathematical and decision-making operations. E) Like all machines, a computer needs to be directed and controlled if it is to perform a task successfully.
9. There is something more in bringing up children than feeding them well, housing them healthily and washing them regularly. The emotional development of children depends greatly on the actions of their parents. _____ The adult may need social security but for the child, family security is of even greater importance.
A) Every child imitates his parents. B) Children need the security of a peaceful family life. C) Friendship is not an important factor in a child's life. D) Family life has little effect on a child's social development. E) However, a child does not learn much from his parents.
10. Getting through a day without being touched by the press would be difficult.  We have daily morning and evening newspapers and weekly news magazines. _____ What we eat, what we buy, what we do, what we think is influenced by the press.
A) The power of the press upon us is really enormous. B) One should not start the day without reading a newspaper. C) Newspaper sales are less than magazine sales. D) The effect of the press on the public is not so important as some people like to suggest. E) The number of newspaper readers is decreasing day by day.
11. A green leaf is a factory in which a plant manufactures its own food. _____ In this case the raw materials are water and carbon dioxide, which is obtained from the air. The sun provides the energy.
A) As in all factories, raw materials and energy are essential. B) This process is called photosynthesis. C) That is why some leaves are broader than others. D) Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. E) That's why we should keep plants in our homes.
12. Man has been polluting the Earth from the time he lit his first fire and washed his clothes in the river. _____ This is no longer true. The increase in population and the spread of industry has changed all this.
A) Now motorways and super highways have reduced the amount of good farming land. B) At first, the Earth could handle this problem because there was plenty of space, fresh air and water. C)   Crops have to be treated with chemicals and these are often poisonous. D) In large cities, cars are responsible for about 80 per cent of the air pollution. E) There are two main causes of air pollution: fumes from vehicles and chimneys.
13. Napoleon was a very famous general.  He also did a great deal to bring law and order back to his country. _____ People remember how he was defeated in the Russian campaign and how he died on the island of St. Helena.
A) The people of France regarded him as a traitor. B) The importance of the French Revolution is still being discussed. C) Napoleon's rise to fame was fast. D) He kept this title of Emperor until his death. E) But somehow it is his failures that he is known for.
14. Sometimes it's good to get away after a long busy week and relax.  As often as I can, I spend a quiet weekend with my aunt who lives on the coast. _____ I always come back rested and ready to work again.
A) Unfortunately she expects me to help her run the hotel. B) There, the air is clean and it is always quiet and peaceful. C) So next weekend I shan't be able to go. D) The house is always crowded and noisy. E) She is old and cannot live by herself.
15. Smoking can be an expensive habit. _____ Since smoke has a bad smell, smokers often find that their clothes need to be cleaned more frequently, and this too is expensive.
A) In many countries cigarettes are not advertised. B) It is also hazardous to your health. C) It can give one a "smoker's cough." D) The price of cigarettes or tobacco is not the only expense smokers incur. E) Governments should take steps to prevent smoking in public places.
16. When we were halfway through the valley, I looked at the others; _____ I was very worried, for we still had a long way to walk; and there wasn't more than an hour's daylight left.
A) they all looked as tired as I felt. B) they were all sitting in the bus. C) it was still early in the morning. D) some of us are still eating. E) next we organized a game of cards.
17. In the arctic, winters are not so cold as is usually believed.  The fairly warm water of the Gulf Stream flows under the ice of the polar seas.  This warm water acts like a great radiator _____
A) over 120 different kinds of plants grow in the Arctic. B) the ice is several meters thick. C) the ice flows slowly to the sea where it breaks off into great pieces. D) sometimes Iceland has less snow than some other northern countries. E) by giving off a little heat it keeps the weather from becoming too cold.
18. I've just finished reading his latest novel, and I must say I found it rather disappointing. _____ In fact I think I could write a better novel myself!
A) The story was weak and the characters were not at all true to life. B) It was much better than his earlier novels. C) He has written ten novels and I have read them all. D) I think it has received some good reviews. E) The main character is a delightful person.
19. Bees can fly quite long distances very easily. Moreover, they can fly as fast as ten meters a second. _____ In search of food, bees usually fly out from home for about two miles. Some have been known to return home from as far as ten miles away.
A) The bees go to the place where the hive used to be. B) What guides the bee when it flies home? C) Thus a trip of several miles takes only a few minutes. D) They find their way home because they know all the landmarks around the hive. E) Several scientists have studied how bees fly home.
20. It was about midday when they came to a small village.  They had been driving for over five hours and felt a little tired. _____ It had been converted from a nineteenth century house.  They enjoyed the food and were very pleased with the service.
A) The hotel they stayed in was extremely uncomfortable. B) The restaurant was very disappointing. C) The people were very friendly and invited them to their homes. D) They decided to rest and have lunch at the restaurant by the road side there. E) All the passengers on the bus were asleep.
21. At seven o'clock, I suddenly remembered I had promised to have dinner with the Johnsons.  I was expected there at 7:30. _____ In other words, I was very short of time.  Still, I managed to get there on time.
A) Luckily they only lived across the road from me. B) The Johnsons are very close friends of mine. C) I knew it would take me at least an hour to get there. D) This only gave me half an hour to change my clothes and get there. E) So I decided not to go by taxi.
22. _____ I got there at 9:15, just 15 minutes early. 10 minutes later I was still waiting for him. I began to get worried. Then I saw him coming towards me.
A) Peter prefers to travel by bus. B) We have decided to go by bus. C) Buses leave from the centre of town every 15 minutes. D) Peter and I had agreed to meet at the bus stop. E) My father got to the bus stop first.
23. Stealing from shops has become quite a common problem.  More and more measures are being taken to prevent it.  _____ There are televisions too, to "keep and eye on" people.  But in spite of all these precautions, stealing is on the increase.
A) Most thieves are soon caught by the police. B) People can no longer afford all they want. C) Many people from other countries go to London for shopping. D) People don't steal from a small shop. E) Usually all big stores employ plainclothes detectives.
24. Jane and Tim were married last year. _____ Then they found a small house for themselves.  They moved in two months ago and are very happy.
A) Jane works in my office. B) I often see them on Fridays. C) For six months they lived with Tim's parents. D) Tim has a good job in a bank. E) We haven't seen them since they married.
25. We call such things as earthquakes and floods "natural disaster." If these were predictable, the damage they cause could be much reduced.  As it is, some remote area is often hit. _____ And relief, when it comes, often comes too late.
A) It then takes days to get adequate help out. B) Last year there was an earthquake in the East. C) Blood was urgently needed. D) People usually give very generously in such emergencies. E) Many foreign countries also send aid.
26. Almost all the people we knew well and liked, used to go to the Moonlight Restaurant.  We went there nearly every night, too. There were other similar places around, but we did not go to them. _____
A) I took my wife to one of them the other night. B) I know she is very fond of strawberries with ice cream. C) In fact all the restaurants are very expensive. D) This was largely because we did not like the people who went to them. E) We always liked the food they served.
27. Jane held the string of the balloon tightly. she was smiling very happily, but her mother was not quite so happy _____; and then, there would be tears.
A) if she thought her daughter was being silly B) as it hadn't cost much C) although she had wanted a blue balloon D) before she was frightened of balloons E) because she knew the balloon would burst before long
28. I don't know how long I had been asleep, but when I woke up, the telephone was ringing. _____ I got out of bed and felt my way through the darkness to the telephone.  After I had finished on the telephone, I was completely awake and didn't want to sleep any more.
A) As I had a head ache, I couldn't sleep well. B) I had just got home from an evening out. C) It seemed to have been ringing for a long, long time. D) The people upstairs had invited me to their homes. E) It has never been my habit to stay up late.
29. Paul saw the ball not far off.  He ran up to it and, turning, kicked it. But the grass was wet, and he couldn't kick it clearly. _____ Everyone in the other team was happy, but his own team was very sad.
A) Obviously, this was the first match of the season. B) Yet he was very pleased with himself. C) In fact, the ball was very muddy. D) So the ball went straight into his own goal. E) Then the referee blew his whistle.
30. My brother Martin is interested in photography.  Wherever he goes he takes his camera with him. _____ Moreover, I read a lot about paintings and painters, and I also go to art exhibitions.
A) As for me, I am fond of painting. B) He intends to study art in the university. C) Recently he has bought a new camera. D) Some of his photographs have won prizes. E) I don't have a camera of my own.
31. _____ Andy said it was south. So we got out the map and looked. Andy was right, Jane was wrong. Canterbury is south of London.
A) Jane said Canterbury was north of London. B) Jane wants to go to Canterbury. C) Jane lives in Canterbury which is south of London. D) Jane has just visited Canterbury. E) Jane has bought a map of Canterbury.
32. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Besides the Bosphorus which is famous for its natural beauty, historical houses and modem bridge, the city has magnificent mosques, marvelous museums and interesting shops. _____ Most of them become so fond of it that they come again and again to see it.
A) All the year round it is visited by a lot of foreign tourists. B) A boat trip on the Bosphorus is really very enjoyable. C) Some of the hotels are quite expensive. D) The Bosphorus Bridge is a wonderful work of modem engineering. E) As in any other big city, the streets are always very crowded.
33. Jane often visits her grandmother in Brighton. Her grandmother is an old lady now, over eighty.  Even so, she lives by herself and cooks for herself. _____
A) She can't manage without Jane. B) Jane doesn't know how to cook, either. C) She really manages very well indeed. D) One day she hopes Jane will visit her. E) Jane has never been to Brighton before.
34. I need a new secretary.  I had to get rid of the last one because she was so lazy. _____ I am not interested in whether she is good looking or not.
A) I am now looking for someone who is hardworking. B) She used to arrive promptly at 8:30. C) I found a good one yesterday, too. D) My new secretary need not be hardworking. E) Would you like to work for me?
35 _____ First of all I have some good friends living there.  Also I like the town itself, with its parks and pleasant environment.  The climate attracts me too, for I am tired of the cold winters of Ankara.
A) In summer Antalya attracts a lot of people. B) Antalya is an ideal place for a summer holiday. C) 'Mere are several reasons why I want to leave Ankara. D) I have been living in Ankara for the past five years. E) If I had to move I would choose to live in Antalya.
36. An old woman got on the bus. It was very crowded. There was nowhere for her to sit. A man got up and gave her his seat. _____
A) He didn't get off at the next stop. B) She did not agree with him. C) She thanked him and sat down comfortably. D) She didn't think the man was polite enough. E) She refused to give him her seat.
37 _____ Interestingly, it is about European history during the Napoleonic Era, but deals at the same time with the loves of 4 great Russian families. Along with these fictional characters are portrayals of great historical characters of Europe during that period.
A) The story WAR and PEACE by Leo Tolstoy is one of the 'giants' of literature. B) Leo Tolstoy wrote about many important historical events. C) WAR and PEACE by Leo Tolstoy is not a very interesting novel. D) Leo Tolstoy wrote many novels. E) WAR and PEACE is about the history of Napoleon.
38. The teaching of English in Turkey has improved tremendously during the last few years. _____ In addition, the increase in the number of native speakers in universities has improved the education of our future English teachers.
A) The majority of our teachers are taught by poor quality instructors in the universities. B) This is probably due to the increased quality of the teachers who are graduating and becoming available to our children. C) More and more of our students are able to pass the post study tests. D) Teachers from other countries are coming to Turkey to replace the Turkish teachers. E) Our children are more interested in working with Turkish educated teachers these days.
39. The health officials investigating the recent outbreak of measles said that most cases were present in school aged children. _____ This transmission later continued within the family, as sisters and brothers of infected children caught the illness because there were no visible symptoms during the incubation period.
A) It is not difficult to catch measles at that age. B) The incubation period is the only time that the illness is spreadable. C) Children often play together in a rather rough fashion. D) The high communicability of the disease caused a quick spread in the crowded classroom environment. E) Parents don't believe it is necessary to isolate their children from those children that are ill.
40. The famous "Fleet Street" of London is known as the area in which publishers, printers, booksellers and journalists may be found today. However, Fleet Street's preoccupation with this line of work stems back several hundreds of years. _____
A) It can still be found to interest the world of this line of business B) Among the many famous people that had frequented this street were Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and others. C) The number of areas of relaxation and pleasure that have increased in number in this area, make it an attractive area to visit. D) Today people associate this street with its past history. E) Printers are moving to the next street because it is too crowded.
41. _____ As a student she studied dancing in the University of Michigan. Then in 1982, she recorded her first successful song: 'Everybody".
A) Madonna has been interested in singing all her life, as can be seen from her early student years. B) The famous pop singer Madonna, was born in Bay City, Michigan in the U.S.A. C) The University of Michigan is where Madonna started her singing career. D) Recording 'Everybody' started her musical career. E) Madonna got married after making her first hit song.
42. In the old Roman calendar the month of March was considered the first month of the year. _____ This was later changed to our present calendar in which January is the first month of the year.  The Scottish were the first people of the British Isles to change to this new calendar in 1599.
A) January was named for the legendary Janus. B) The British were not very interested in the calendar during these years. C) No one knows who changed the calendar to the way it is now. D) In fact, the first day of the year was the 25th of March. E) The Romans preferred the spring to the winter months.
43. In the classic film 'Citizen Kane', Orson Welles portrays William Randolph Hearst. _____ The failures that are often not seen outside of a very private circle of friends and family of well known people, usually include shyness and loneliness as in the case of Hearst.
A) His famous portrayal of this well known man revealed to the public not only his successes but also some of his failures. B) All people can become as famous as Hearst if they want to but one must always be careful. C) Films give people an idea of the lives of rich people which they will never he able to see in real life. D) Private lives can be best revealed when actors as famous as Orson Wells, play these roles. E) Orson Wells received an Academy Award for this role.
44. Mary Shelly, the wife of the well known romantic poet, wrote 'Frankenstein. _____ This was probably due to the strange subject of life from non-living matters which was a subject greatly discussed in her circle of acquaintances at those times.
A) When she had it published in 1818 she did so anonymously. B) Frankenstein was later made into famous movies. C) The classic horror character of Frankenstein is still famous today. D) She wrote this book as a fantasy. E) The public liked the book and it is still enjoyed today.
45. The value of one's heritage is many times not understandable at a young age. _____ These young people are later able to realize that these social restrictions help maintain the values that all societies are built upon.
A) Our parents often try to teach us what their parents had taught to them. B) Measuring values is often difficult for people before they are in a position to understand them fully. C) People prefer to use the values dictated to them by their elders. D) The world today makes most of the old values useless. E) Most teenagers have some feelings concerning the values their parents teach them, but most are negative due to the restrictions they encounter.
46. 'Gone with the Wind' was one of the most expensive epic pictures made to that time. _____ After the waste of all the money and time to find the right woman for the part, the director's brother brought Vivien Leigh to his brother and said: 'I want you to meet Scarlett O'Hara.'
A) The part of Scarlett O'Hara was carved by most actresses of the day. B) The director had many problems with the production of this film. C) One of the reasons for this expense was that so many screen test had been made to find the right Scarlett O'Hara. D) The test films were as long as the picture itself because the director was having many problems. E) The actors and actresses that were used for the parts in minor roles were in unusually large numbers.
47. The rate of crime in our area has increased dramatically. _____ The changes in the value of money, inflation, war, etc., have forced some people to revert to crime in order to live.
A) People are always interested in obtaining an easy way of making a few dollars. B) It is difficult for the police to deal with all these crimes by themselves. C) This seems to be a common problem throughout our country and even the world. D) People are not as kind as they have been in the past to those that are in need of support. E) The whole country has a problem with crimes and there have been many new groups of young people enlisted into the services.
48. In my youth, my family and I spent our holidays at our village. _____ Although we had no financial ties left there, the relatives and friends that were all very special to us, lured us back, so that we returned every chance we had.
A) These trips were full of especially joyful memories. B) We had holidays from school three times a year. C) Everyone waited for us to come. D) We knew everyone who lived in the village. E) We weren't able to swim or do any sports.
49. It was once said that one of the values of TV films, even old reruns, was that they gave a person a deeper understanding of life. _____ Today however, as many people do not really have the time to read, good films on TV seem to be the only alternative.
A) I prefer to spend my free time reading a good book. B) 'IV films are many times better than discussing feelings and thoughts with neighbors. C) Before these times, good books were said to do the same thing. D) Life is probably one of the most difficult things to understand. E) Wasting time watching TV is an alternative to thinking about reality.
50. Have you ever noticed how beautiful the web of a spider is? _____ This awe inspiring work of beauty is however, a deadly trap for unsuspecting insects.
A) Some spiders can spin webs that are many times their own size. B) There are many horror stories about people and animals who have been trapped in giant webs. C) No matter how beautiful it can be, when seen in sunlight, one must not forget it is not really of any value to people. D) People have never really wanted to give any value to this natural masterpiece. E) The intricate details of their web are so fine and so well crafted that even today no artist can reproduce it.
51. The audience at the concert hall viewed the performance with pleasure. _____ He slowly crossed to the grand piano, bowed towards the audience, gracefully sat down and began to play.
A) The entrance of the long awaited pianist brought the audience to their feet. B) Everyone watched with expressions of wonder on their faces. C) The look of pleasure on their faces persisted during the whole performance. D) The applause in the concert hall could be heard outside. E) It is very important for solo performers to make an attractive entrance onto the stage.
52. Being a parent can be very difficult at times. _____ Older children on the other hand, don't want the assistance you offer them for anything.
A) Parents sometimes resent the assistance they have to give their children. B) Younger children need assistance with everything. C) The more children you have the more difficult it is to find time for yourself. D) No one wants to help but everyone offers advice about how to bring up your child. E) Children never help around the house.
53. The storm had caused only minor damage on the vessel, and the crew and captain tried to reassure the passengers. _____ So it was decided to return the ship to port and cancel the excursion.
A) The passengers had all tried to help keep the vessel afloat. B) The water had flooded the lower levels of the small ship. C) It was unfortunate that the crew did not want to help the passengers. D) No one died in the accident on board the ship. E) However, the passengers were on their first trip and became frightened.
54. The large sheepdog was one of the happiest creatures on the farm. _____ He was like one of the family who faithfully performed his duties and in return was loved and cared for by everyone.
A) He hadn't been adopted by the family right after his birth. B) He tended to be silly at times and to not listen. C) His mother had died at his birth and the dog had been cared for by the farmer's family from then on. D) The visitors had offered to buy the dog from the family. E) He ate so much that the farmer and his family had a difficult time feeding him regularly.
55. 'The Lady with the Lamp", better known as Florence Nightingale, was a young English woman who trained to be a nurse in Germany . _____ At the end of this time she became accepted as the authority on nursing matters and became involved in establishing nursing schools which taught modem nursing.
A) In her youth she had heard voices that told her of a mission. B) There was a mystery about Florence. C) Her fame was founded when she changed the situation of nursing soldiers during the Crimean War. D) She caused many changes in the field of nursing when she decided to have nurses enter the wards of soldiers. E) She spent most of her life working with politicians' various situations.
56. Loch Ness is well known as the lake in which a monster is said to live. _____ Many people have claimed to have seen this monster and some have even taken pictures which are not really clear enough to be good evidence for scientists.
A) The lake is extremely deep and believed to be large enough to hide a huge animal in it. B) The monster has disrupted many fishermen in the lake. C) People around the lake have created the legend to attract tourists. D) It is not possible to see' the monster easily. E) At moments like this, the hobby of photography comes in handy
57. Early settlers in America were not injured or hurt by the natives of this land. _____ It was only after they had lost their lands, hunting grounds, and were driven into poor lands, where staying alive was difficult, did they become the savage Indians of television.
A) The Indians were living in the east of the Americas in those days. B) The natives in those days were quite different from the Indians. C) The cowboys of the wild west fought the Indians for may years before taking control of their lands. D) The first colonists were in fact aided by the Indians who lived in this area of the word. E) Staying alive was the only reason they had anything to do with the Indians.
58. The children had gotten dressed in their best clothes.  The weather was sunny if not warm. _____ He finally got up and the children gave a cheerful yell and went running to the door.
A) The rain had finally stopped. B) The children had been stuck indoors all winter long. C) Their new clothes had been hanging in their closet for several weeks and they had been looking forward to showing off while strolling through the town. D) Their mother had told them that their father was too ill to go anywhere and that they shouldn't try to take up his Sunday. E) They had tried everything to get their father to take them out this Sunday but they had been unsuccessful up to now.
59. It is not easy really to understand and appreciate another culture. One needs to study the language and become fluent in it.  One has to be familiar with the history, religion and the aesthetics of the society. _____
A) One should not underestimate the value of what is generally referred to as 'folk' culture. B) The study of language is, of course, essential to communication. C) Recently, however, countries have been forced to interact. D) But even after years of effort there are likely to be certain qualities that remain a mystery to us. E) Everyone should be encouraged to learn a foreign language.
60. _____ She had been given to the United States by China. But last week she was found dead in her out-door enclosure at the Washington National Zoo. At 23 she was the oldest Panda in captivity outside of China.
A) The panda, Ling-Ling, was one of the best-known and most-loved animals in the world. B) A panda is a large black and white animal which lives in the bamboo forests of China. C) A panda looks more like a toy than a real animal. D) When the President of the United States visited China no one guessed the outcome of the negotiations. E) National Zoos in the United States are really wildlife reserves.
61. More than 6,000 people have died in Chernobyl since the radiation disaster of 1986.  _____ According to researchers childhood cancer in the Ukraine is far above the world average.  Even more disturbing, however, is the obvious change in the genetics of the wildlife of the region.
A) Even so the World Health Organization was asked to help the survivors. B) Therefore, many people who left the region following the disaster are obviously in good health. C) But, when you walk around, everything looks quite normal. D) Now, one can say that it is no longer dangerous. E) But that may be just the beginning: it's long term effects are only just starting to be felt.
62. The dominant form of mass communication today is television. Of course, people still buy thousands of copies of books and magazines each year.  _____ The radio, movies and sound recordings also remain very popular.  But none of these other mass media can compete with TV's high level of popularity.
A) TV is the major form of entertainment and information. B) Newspapers also continue to attract both general and special- interest readers. C) It is important that everyone is a society should be literate. D) Listening and reading are both ways of receiving information. E) Certain inventions such as radio and television have been responsible for the recent decline in literacy.
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63. Nothing spreads light better than our own sky. _____ To do this engineers have developed a system of prism panels that functions very much like our own atmosphere.  They are thus able to diffuse incoming daylight uniformly. The result is a pleasant glare-free environment with all the beauty of the light indoors.
A) As a result many engineers prefer to specialize in indoor lighting systems. B) This new lighting system will enable the country to save energy. C) Light travels through the atmosphere at a tremendous speed. D) The company has already committed itself to finding economic but effective solutions. E) The trick, however, is to get the same effect indoors without the use of electricity.
64. Some people take large amounts of vitamins and minerals over periods of years. _____ There is no evidence to support their view. In fact a recent study says that people who take vitamin supplements are not any healthier for it and do not live longer.
A) Children suffer more from vitamin deficiencies than adults do. B) Our bodies use vitamins in tiny amounts to build and repair tissues. C) Exercise and no smoking are essential for good health. D) They assume that if a little is good for them a lot must be better. E) To work out your own nutritional needs, it's best to consult a doctor.
65. Antarctica is a potent symbol of the environmental crisis. It has been called the last great wilderness on Earth. Many conservationists want this unique area to be protected forever as a world park _____ Its future is uncertain.
A) but many governments want to begin mining operations there. B) if waste chemicals from industry are deposited there. C) and the only solution is to cut down the amount of harmful gases we discharge into the atmosphere. D) but this would cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life. E) even if the planet heated and mountains of ice began to melt.
66. The primary purpose of notes is to aid learning. Whether the notes are taken from a lecture or a discussion, one obviously doesn't want to put all the material on record _____ The items selected in the notes should be sufficient to enable one to reconstruct the rest of the material.
A) Even so, note-taking from lectures requires more skill than note- taking from books. B) For many types of courses there are printed notes sold by booksellers. C) Rather, one makes notes of the most important items only. D) Unfortunately, some students can't see that notes are their primary source of information. E) It is helpful to bear in mind that this is not the only way of taking notes.
67. Scientists measuring the global climate have found that the world's climate is changing.  The average world temperature has increased by about half a degree Celsius since the 1850's. _____ By the middle of the next century it is likely the world will be 1.5 C warmer than today.
A) If the ozone layer thins, the extra ultraviolet light may have an adverse effect on plan growth. B) Flooding would also cause widespread environmental damage and loss of life. C) Most nations are willing to accept the inevitable consequences of global warming. D) Pollution of the land, sea and air occurs as a result of many human activities. E) Scientists are predicting that this trend will continue.
68. In Britain during the nineteenth century, middle class women were usually expected to stay at home and look after their households.  But in the early years of the twentieth century, this was beginning to change. _____ Some succeeded. For instance, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson became a qualified doctor and, in 1908, was England's first woman mayor.
A) In the war years, thousands of women were needed to work in the factories. B) Middle class women were struggling to enter the professions on equal terms with men. C) Most women were indifferent to the issues of the time. D) Therefore, most men withheld their support from the movement. E) Some women are not allowed to work even though their families need the money they could earn.
69. Switzerland is only a small country but has rich natural endowments, especially magnificent lakes surrounded by massive, snow-clad mountains. _____ - since it is this scenery that has brought so many tourists to the country.
A) However it has no access to any sea B) It is to its scenery that the country owes much of its wealth C) The capital of the country is Bern D) In the Alps the weather is generally cool even in the summer E) There is a French speaking part and a German speaking part
70. London has several dozen theatres.  _____ Outside London some quite big towns have no professional theatres at all but usually there are amateur groups which produce interesting plays.
A) You find people from all over the world gathering here B) A successful play may run for even longer C) Local authorities give financial aid to those who need it D) Many of them are professional but some of them are amateur E) It takes an actor many years to learn his art
71. For eating out in towns there is a marvelous variety of choice. Many of the Indian restaurants in particular, are very good indeed. _____. Some of them provide simple dishes, some more ambitious ones.
A) On the whole the British prefer to eat at home B) But there are several other restaurants of different nationalities that are also extremely good C) Last night we had a most enjoyable dinner at that Chinese restaurant D) Indeed, eating out need not be as expensive as most people think E) Even so, a lot of English people like wine with their meals

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