English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 2 Part D Test 1 - Test 25

English Grammar Questions and Answers for all Examinations - Phase 2 Part D Test 1 - Test 25



1. Apart from those three very cold weeks in January, it has been a very ________ winter. A) plain B) soft C) pale D) mild E) calm
2. The best student in each class will ______ a prize at the end of term. A) catch B) receive C) possess D) prove E) reward
3. There is real concern that food supplies will not be ________ to feed the increasing world population. A) sufficient B) satisfactory C) equal D) measured E) effective
4. The police ________ her for helping the murderer to escape. A) caught B) prevented C) searched D) brought E) arrested
5. The children will not be allowed to come with us if they don’t ________ themselves better. A) direct B) accustom C) behave D) declare E) compose
6. You must obtain ________ from the landowner to fish in this river. A) permit B) freedom C) permission D) right E) allowance
7. The local tourist bureau will send you _______ about hotels in the area. A) knowledge B) information C) news D) notice E) advertisement
8. The use of plastic for shoes ________ of leather has ruined shoe repairing as a business. A) although B) as well C) else D) instead E) outside
9. Her husband felt it would be silly to ________ the color of the curtains before they had painted the room. A) change B) find C) choose D) lose E) charge
10. The _______ of ice-cream sold increases sharply in the summer months. A) account B) amount C) count D) number E) size
11. It will ________ time if we make the sandwiches the day before the picnic. A) earn B) spare C) lower D) save E) win
12. I haven’t got enough string to ________ up this parcel. A) stick B) fold C) close D) shut E) tie
13. Bill doesn’t ________ what people say about him. A) concern B) care C)  matter D) disturb E) depend
14. Although the false banknotes fooled many people, they did not ________ to close examination. A) keep up B) put up C) stand up D) pay up E) look up
15. When he beat the carpet, the ________ rose in clouds. A) dust B) soil C) mud D) earth E) powder
16. _____ of money prevented us from taking a holiday this year. A) Limit B) Freeze C) Emptiness D) Expense E) Lack
17. This blue-flower is known by ______ names in other parts of England. A) severe B) difference C) various D) separate E) usual
18. Why can’t you do this small ________ for me? I’ve helped you often enough in the past. A) command B) demand C) effort D) favor E) influence
19. When there was a short ________ in the conversation, I asked if anyone would like anything to drink. A) fall B) blank C) wait D) pause E) place
20. While I am on holiday, ring me at my hotel only if there are any ________ messages for me. A) urgent B) hasty C) valuable D) early E) confident
21. This ________ is not big enough to cut down a tree. A) axe B) hammer C) screw D) knife E) spade
22. He must give us more time ________ we shall not be able to make a good Job of it. A) whether B) otherwise C) consequently D) therefore E) doubtless
23. I should be very _______ if you would post this letter for me. A) grateful B) pleasant C) accepted D) pleasing E) thanking
24. When you get to the motorway, follow the ______ for London. A) masks B) points C) signs D) plans E) ways
25. The garden ________ as far as the river. A) advances B) extends C) lies D) develops E) enlarges
26. It is time to ________ the table for dinner. A) place B) lay C) lay out D) put out E) serve
27. I have always ________ you my best friend. A) regarded B) considered C) trusted D) hoped E) liked
28. He lost his ________ when the policeman stopped him. A) temper B) language C) spirit D) character E) pride
29. He won’t ________ to buy some bread unless I tell him again. A) remind B) realize C) remember D) forget E) record
30. Because of the fine weather, we had all our classes in the _____ air. A) full B) clear C) open D) thin E) outside
31. Will you be taking my previous experience into ________ when you fix my salary? A) possession B) account C) mind D) salesmanship E) scale
32. If it wasn’t an accident, he must have done it on ________. A) mistake B) purpose C) himself D) fault E) intention
33. Most things are now mass-produced rather than ________. A) hand-made B) by hand C) single D) selected E) detailed
34. The office lifts are out of ________ again. A) operating B) order C) work D) working E) movement
35. Let me know if any difficulties ________. A) find B) arise C) come D) rise E) happen
36. I can’t ________ to have a holiday abroad on my salary. A) spend B) think C) afford D) help E) spare
37. They are twins and look very ________. A) alike B) same C) like D) likely E) identical
38. It is a very popular play, and it would be wise to________ seats well in advance. A) engage B) book C) buy D) occupy E) preserve
39. He’s not ________ of learning German in six months. A) possible B) interested C) inclined D) able E) capable
40. There was a large box behind the door and John could not ________ falling over it. A) prevent B) avoid C) fail D) resist E) save

1. Although I spoke to him many times, he never took any _______. A) notice B) remark C) warning D) observation E) attention
2. The house was sold for £60000, which was far more than its real _____. A) cost B) value C) price D) sum E) expense
3. This morning, drivers were warned of _____ fog in all industrial areas. A) deep B) important C) thick D) cloudy E) great
4. I can’t find the scissors anywhere. What have you done ______ them? A) with B) to C) of D) by E) for
5. You couldn’t _______ any secrets even for an hour in that little town. A) keep B) net C) take D) learn E) hear
6. The workers went on strike because they thought their wages were too ________. A) little B) few C) short D) low E) small
7. The explorer ________ all the way to the source of the river by boat. A) drove B) traveled C) rode D) followed E) tracked
8. When the bill came, he had to _______ money from his brother to pay it. A) borrow B) lend C) loan D) ask E) let
9. Because the company was doing more  business it was necessary to ________ the factory. A) extend B) increase C) broaden D) grow E) magnify
10. The farmer had to wear heavy boots in the winter because the fields were so wet and ________. A) earthy B) soiled C) dusty D) greasy E) muddy
11. Very few scientists ________ with completely new answers to the world’s problems. A) come to B) come around C) come up D) come in E) come on
12. When John _____ in London, he went to see the Houses of Parliament. A) came B) reached C) arrived D) got E) stood
13. He climbed up into the tree and picked all the fruit _______ reach. A) near B) inside C) within D) at E) beyond
14. I was not ________ that I had cut myself until I saw the blood all over my hand. A) familiar B) awake C) disturbed D) astonished E) conscious
15. Tropical diseases are comparatively ________ in Britain. A) scarce B) rare C) less D) slight E) scattered
16. If you want to telephone him you will have to ________ the number in the book. A) look at B) look to C) look through D) look up E) look after
17. She began to feel nervous when the train pulled up at the ________ between Austria and Yugoslavia. A) limit B) edge C) bar D) border E) division
18. Margaret proudly showed her mother the toy cat she had ________ in the competition. A) gained B) won C) caught D) rewarded E) taken
19. He asked us if we would ________ to share a room. A) accept B) consider C) agree D) admit E) approve
20. Students are expected to ________ their classes regularly. A) assist B) frequent C) attend D) follow E) present
21. The _____ charged by the lawyer for his services was unusually high. A) fee B) fare C) debt D) hire E) prize
22. He was pleased to have the ________ to hear such a fine musician play hit favorite piece of music. A) occasion B) possibility C) fate D) opportunity E) space
23. He tried to ________ his daughter of the dangers of spending more than she earned. A) remember B) remain C) warn D) realize E) threaten
24. We had a marvelous holiday: only the last two days were slightly ________ by the weather. A) damaged B) hurt C) ruined D) spoiled E) wasted
25. Dearer electricity will mean ________ bills for most families. A) dear B) difficult C) expensive D) hard E) heavy
26. These figures give a rough guide to the cost of ________ your car. A) controlling B) handling C) keeping D) managing E) running
27. It was the longest film I’ve ever seen; it ________ four hours. A) ended B) finished C) lasted D) stayed E) was
28. The information-office at the station ________ that all trains were running about one hour behind time. A) advertised B) decided C) explained D) promised E) told
29. Ann is so ________ to succeed that I am sure nothing will stop her. A) determined B) willing C) strong D) patient E) obvious
30. It takes six weeks to ________ a man to do this job. A) train B) guide C) lead D) raise E) learn
31. On Sundays the business center of the city was usually quite ________. A) left B) deserted C) unpopular D) unattended E) alone
32. In today’s paper, it _____ that there will be a new government soon. A) tells B) states C) stands D) writes E) records
33. Before you sign anything important, pay careful _____ to all the conditions. A) notice B) attention C) regards D) reference E) study
34. When I came through the customs at the airport I had to pay ________ on a clock I had bought. A) taxes B) duty C) fines D) rates E) allowance
35. It was after dark when the two children were both ________ on the safety-crossing by a lorry. A) knocked down B) knocked out C) run across D) run out E) run in
36. The rising _____ of living is as hard on country families as on city families. A) amount B) cost C) expense D) increase E) price
37. When it was time for our tickets to be _______, I couldn’t find mine. A) controlled B) bought C) checked D) overlooked E) served
38. Will you _______ my essay, please, to find out whether I made any mistakes? A) see through B) look through C) look up D) look into E) see to
39. At the moment my car is at the garage being made ready for a ________ across Europe. A) journey B) route C) travel D) progress E) voyage
40. He asked an artist to ________ some drawings to illustrate what he had written. A) show B) make C) paint D) describe E) picture

1. When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ________ towards his expenses. A) salary B) permission C) allowance D) wage E) money
2. It seemed as if all of a ______ the animal had smelt danger in the air. A) sudden B) moment C) minute D) once E) shot
3. What do you think would be the _____ of this ring, if I were to sell it? A) worth B) value C) cost D) good E) importance
4. Police officers working on the murder have _____ hundreds of families. A) asked B) demanded C) enquired D) questioned E) requested
5. The thief was ________ to prison for two years. A) brought B) put C) sent D) taken E) judged
6. He was a much older tennis player but he had the great ________ of experience. A) advantage B) deal C) help D) value E) profit
7. To get my travelers’ cheques I had to ________ a special cheque to the Bank for the total amount. A) make for B) make off C) make out D) make over E) make up
8. He began to take politics ________ only when he left school. A) carefully B) bravely C) seriously D) solemnly E) strictly
9. Unless the workers’ demands are ______ soon there will be a strike. A) given B) met C) paid D) permitted E) replied
10. The children thought that the cream was deliciously ________ and they finished it all. A) famous B) chosen C) flavored D) hungered E) favorable
11. The two scientists disagreed and a ________ argument developed. A) wet B) bitter C) salty D) sour E) bare
12. This theory _____ from the work of certain early 20th century scientists. A) resists B) returns C) raises D) insults E) results
13. Fear showed in the eyes of the young man, while the old man looked tired and ________. A) watery B) wearing C) weary D) wandering E) wondered
14. As he had no friends or relatives in the town, the traveler tried to find a ________ somewhere. A) log B) lodge C) landing D) lodging E) stay
15. After his journey, Gerard hoped to find an inn in which to _______ the night. A) shelter B) waste C) lose D) spend E) pay
16. In the central region the dry season is long and severe, and the ________ annual rainfall is only about 70 cm. A) refreshing B) general C) average D) longest E) greatest
17. George took an eager look at the ________ meal, which everyone was looking forward to, and sat down with the rest of the family. A) dusty B) crusty C) pasty D) nasty E) tasty
18. Owing to an accident, traffic had to be ________ to another route. A) redirected B) turned C) extended D) sent E) misled
19. Well-mannered  children have usually been properly ________ by their parents. A) raised up B) borne up C) brought up D) got up E) put up
20. He said he had every ________ in his secretary; she would do the right thing. A) belief B) dependence C) thought D) knowledge E) confidence
21. Can you ________ me £5 until next week? A) borrow B) let C) hire D) rent E) lend
22. It is not ________ for you to eat too much. A) kind B) good C) well D) useful E) fit
23. The next ________ of the committee will take place on Thursday. A) seating B) group C) collection D) meeting E) gathering
24. Many kinds of ________ animals are disappearing or have already disappeared from the earth. A) brave B) untamed C) unfriendly D) angry E) wild
25. I am sorry that I can’t ________ your invitation. A) take B) except C) agree D) have E) accept
26. I forgot to ________ him to buy some bread. A) remember B) repeat C) remind D) let E) make
27. The soldiers were put in prison because they ________ to obey orders. A) refused B) rejected C) denied D) objected E) disliked
28. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow; I ________ go at once. A) prefer B) would rather C) want D) like E) am willing
29. When you are riding a bicycle you should _____ the handlebars firmly. A) handle B) hold C) hand D) have E) control
30. I had ________ decided to take a coat when it started to rain. A) already B) yet C) still D) never E) always
31. There is ________ that I may have to go into hospital next week. A) an opportunity B) bad luck C) a possibility D) fate E) an occasion
32. ________ what he says, he wasn’t even there when the crime was committed. A) Following B) Listening to C) According to D) Fearing E) Meaning
33. If you ________ your money to mine, we shall have enough. A) add B) combine C) join D) unite E) bank
34. This young tree could not have been damaged by accident. I believe it was done ________. A) in fact B) on purpose             C) by appointment D) by plan E) by understanding
35. How much would you ________ for repairing my watch? A) charge B) cost C) pay D) spend E) demand
36. After the battle, the ________ soldiers were helped by those who could walk. A) damaged B) wounded C) broken D) killed E) blessed
37. If we are thinking of having a day in the country, I should like to listen to a weather ________. A) statement B) spell C) forecast D) recording E) news
38. I do ________ I could speak English well. A) know B) want C) wish D) like E) hope
39. Where do you ________ going for your holidays this year? A) intend B) expect C) pretend D) mean E) guess
40. He hoped the appointment would enable him to gain greater ________ in publishing. A) experience B) work C) jobs D) employment E) hope

1. He grew very angry when he realized how he had been ________ out of his money. A) tricked B) played C) deceived D) robbed E) stolen
2. The cow had lost its own calf, but the farmer persuaded it to ________ one whose mother had died. A) choose B) adopt C) undertake D) collect E) educate
3. When my aunt lost her cat last summer, it turned ________ a week later at a house in the next village. A) in B) on C) over D) out E) up
4. The funeral will be ________, and only members of the dead man’s family will attend. A) peculiar B) particular C) private D) alone E) personal
5. They were making enough noise at the party to wake the ________. A) people B) population C) living D) company E) dead
6. I can’t advise you what to do. You must use your own ________. A) opinion B) guesswork C) justice D) judgment E) ideal
7. It isn’t quite ________ that he will be present at the meeting. A) sure B) right C) exact D) certain E) formal
8. The ________ from the forest fire could be seen ten miles away. A) mist B) smell C) spark D) steam E) smoke
9. The house was so damp that it was ________ to live in. A) sickly B) unhealthy C) unwell D) diseased E) infectious
10. There are usually at least two ________ of looking at every question. A) means B) directions C) views D) opinions E) ways
11. He spoke so quickly that I didn’t ________ what he said. A) receive B) accept C) listen D) take E) catch
12. I have such a bad cold that I have lost all ________ of smell. A) degree B) sense C) strength D) skill E) scent
13. Peter begged his neighbor to ________ him five pounds until the weekend. A) lend B) supply C) borrow D) provide E) hire
14. The lorry driver was badly ________ when his lorry crashed into a wall. A) pained B) hit C) hurt D) harmed E) damaged
15. Although John  was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister ________ charge of the house. A) take B) hold C) make D) get E) be
16. The policeman ________ everything he had noticed to the inspector. A) reviewed B) accounted C) reported D) informed E) said
17. These trees cannot be grown in such a cold ________ as ours. A) weather B) climate C) air D) season E) space
18. The audience waited until the curtain had risen and then ________into applause. A) flooded B) cheered C) started D) burst E) went
19. ________ up children properly is mainly their parents’ duty. A) growing B) rearing C) breeding D) raising E) bringing
20. When he makes a ________ by car, he takes his family with him. A) travel B) course C) passage D) voyage E) journey
21. Science has made great ________ during the past 30 years. A) increases B) motions C) advances D) advantages E) opportunities
22. People who live in a small village are bound to see a good ________ of each other. A) sum B) quantity C) deal D) portion E) degree
23. As soon as the children were ________, their mother got them out of bed and into the bathroom. A) woke B) awoke C) wake D) awake E) waken
24. This blue door was ________ painted green. A) lastly B) before C) firstly D) originally E) presently
25. Her shoes ________ her gloves; they look very well together. A) suit B) match C) fit D) compare E) color
26. If you have a ________ to make about the food, I am willing to listen. A) dislike B) trouble C) complaint D) discontent E) fault
27. His father had ________ him how to make model airplanes. A) planned B) guided C) taught D) learnt E) described
28. The old man got into the ________ of storing money under the bed. A) tradition B) manner C) use D) harvest E) habit
29. Violent programs on television may have a bad ________ on children. A) affection B) pressure C) influence D) control E) power
30. The shoes fitted her ________. A) perfectly B) justly C) fairly D) rightly E) finely
31. Could you please ________ an appointment for me to see Mr. Smith? A) manage B) arrange C) do D) take E) have
32. Tell your brother to come ________, because it’s going to rain in a minute or two. A) indoors B) outdoors C) within D) inwards E) homewards
33. As he was ill, he had to _____ the party. A) miss B) avoid C) regret D) lack E) fail
34. When he was at school, he won the first ________ for good behavior. A) reward B) prize C) price D) present E) praise
35. Can’t you ________ your chief to let you have a holiday? A) overcome B) make C) succeed D) persuade E) reason
36. The girl’s father ________ to buy her a car if she passed her examination. A) admitted B) accepted C) agreed D) approved E) afforded
37. The carriage was ________ by four horses. A) tired B) rolled C) pushed D) driven E) drawn
38. He ate what he could, and gave the _______ of the food to the birds. A) remain B) uneaten C) waste D) part E) rest
39. They decided to leave the waiter a big ________ because the food and service had been excellent. A) note B) addition C) tip D) gift E) reward
40. As it had not rained for several months, there was a ______ of water. A) waste B) shortage C) drop D) loss E) desert

1. The disease ________ widely, all over the country. A) sprang B) sped C) spread D) spilt E) spun
2. If we______ the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be successful. A) decide B) elect C) command D) vote E) adopt
3. After years of war, the whole nation wanted to make ________ with their enemies. A) piece B) peace C) pace D) pact E) peas
4. She chose cushions of a color which would ________ her carpet. A) equal B) agree C) help D) match E) pair
5. She opened the packet and emptied the ________ into a saucepan. A) fullness B) insides C) container D) refills E) contents
6. After trying several times, I ________ to see him. A) managed B) succeeded C) won D) attempted E) became
7. He offered to ________ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry. A) lend B) help C) show D) loan E) borrow
8. She is making herself ill with ________ over her son’s future. A) trouble B) annoyance C) disgust D) worry E) consideration
9. The government has lost a great deal of ________ because of the large increase in food prices. A) strength B) support C) agreement D) vote E) progress
10. Because of the strong sun Mrs. Williams’ new blue dining-room curtains ________ to gray within a year. A) faded B) fainted C) paled D) bleached E) grew
11. A ________ from the local paper asked for details of the accident. A) salesman B) newsagent C) reporter D) typewriter E) broadcaster
12. She looked everywhere for her book but ________ had to return home without it. A) lastly B) at the end C) in the end D) in the finish E) at the last
13. I’m sorry but what he thinks is not of the _______ importance to me. A) merest B) lowest C) last D) worst E) least
14. It was ________ by the railways board that the cost of rail fares would be increased by ten per cent. A) noticed B) stated C) suggested D) noted E) spoken
15. When replying to this advertisement, please ________ a stamped addressed envelope. A) present B) contain C) enclose D) envelop E) introduce
16. Every time he tried to start the car, the wheels ________ deeper into the mud. A) stayed B) hollowed C) feel D) dropped E) sank
17. When are you going to begin to ________ that animal? A) direct B) drive C) teach D) train E) get
18. They gave ________ looking for her when it grew dark. A) up B) in C) off D) out E) away
19. There’s no need to be frightened of the dog; he’s quite ________. A) happy B) eager C) weak D) cheerful E) harmless
20. His ________ had always been to become an architect. A) study B) want C) ambition D) imagination E) direction
21. Be quiet! It’s rude to ________ people when they are speaking. A) interfere B) interrupt C) prevent D) introduce E) block
22. Children ________ good food if they are to be healthy. A) have B) receive C) eat D) need E) desire
23. After a lot of difficulty, he ________ to open the door. A) managed B) succeeded C) obtained D) realized E) gained
24. I have been looking for this book for months, and ________ I have found it. A) at least B) in time C) at the end D) at present E) at last
25. The teacher ________ them the answer to the question. A) exclaimed B) told C) said D) described E) declared
26. I have never ________ any experience of living in the country. A) had B) seen C) done D) made E) got
27. The child was told to ________ for being rude to his uncle. A) excuse B) apologize C) punish D) confess E) pardon
28. Throughout his childhood, he suffered from ________ illnesses. A) import B) serious C) solemn D) great E) strong
29. The ________ of trees in the water was very clear. A) mirror B) sight C) reflection D) shadow E) picture
30. That cupboard must always be ________ carefully locked. A) guarded B) shut C) closed D) kept E) held
31. His name was on the ________ of my tongue, but I just couldn’t remember it. A) end B) point C) edge D) tip E) top
32. You should be very ________ to your teachers for their help. A) thankful B) thanking C) grateful D) considerate E) gracious
33. When can the students ________ for next year’s evening classes? A) assist B) enroll C) join D) inscribe E) subscribe
34. The policeman stopped him when he was driving home and ________ him of speeding. A) charged B) accused C) blamed D) warned E) arrested
35. His new appointment takes ______ from the beginning of next month. A) place B) effect C) post D) possession E) position
36. I _____ her not to walk on the thin ice but she wouldn’t listen to me. A) warned B) guarded C) suggested D) persuaded E) taught
37. After dinner the minister made a short ________ to the guests. A) delivery B) pronunciation C) conversation D) piece E) speech
38. He couldn’t ________ the thought of leaving his home town for ever. A) support B) bear C) carry D) think E) hold
39. On my present salary, I just can’t ________ a car which cost over £3,000. A) pretend B) allow C) elect D) afford E) adopt
40. He looked rather untidy as there were two buttons ________ from his coat. A) loosing B) losing C) off D) away E) missing

1. What measures have been ________ to control the crowd at Saturday’s football match? A) imagined B) made C) given D) described E) taken
2. He left in such a hurry that I ________ had time to thank him. A) almost B) even C) nearly D) scarcely E) least
3. He gave me some very ________ advice on buying a house. A) precious B) wealthy C) dear D) prized E) valuable
4. To get my travelers’ cheques I had to ________ a special cheque to the Bank for the total amount. A) make for B) make off C) make out D) makeover E) make up
5. If we can ________ our present difficulties, then everything should be all right. A) get off B) come across C) come over D) get over E) get away
6. I’m ________ to get the tickets for the show today, as there are hardly any left. A) worried B) curious C) anxious D) afraid E) troubled
7. His landlady gave him a week’s ________ to leave the flat. A) threat B) notice C) advice D) caution E) dismissal
8. We forgave his bad temper because we knew that his son’s illness had put him under great ________. A) emotion B) excitement C) crisis D) stress E) nervousness
9. A completely new situation is likely to ________ when the school leaving age is raised to 16. A) affect B) rise C) arise D) raise E) happen
10. A competitor may submit any number of entries ________ each one is accompanied by a registration fee. A) guaranteeing B) insuring C) allowing D) providing E) notwithstanding
11. Enquiries ________ the condition of patients may be made personally or by telephone. A) revealing B) concerning C) affecting D) for E) following
12. Tenants are ________ to beware of paying rent to unknown persons. A) commanded B) informed C) notified D) advised E) suggested
13. He tries to ________ up his lessons by telling a few jokes. A) raise B) inspire C) stimulate D) snap E) liven
14. Many university courses are not really ________ to the needs of students or their future employers. A) associated B) relative C) geared D) sufficient E) qualified
15. The noise of the traffic ________ Paul from his work. A) prevented B) annoyed C) obstructed D) upset E) distracted
16. The plan was ________ when it was discovered just how much the scheme would cost. A) resigned B) abandoned C) surrendered D) released E) disused
17. We finally managed to ______ the committee’s approval of our plans. A) secure B) arouse C) acquire D) exert E) execute
18. We are paying for the car in 24 monthly ________ of £55. A) fragments B) parts C) installments D) refunds E) credits
19. Violence in the local prison has ________ two lives. A) removed B) taken C) cost D) murdered E) spilt
20. The main road through Littlebury was blocked for three hours today after an accident ________ two lorries. A) containing B) connecting C) involving D) including E) combining
21. Since any answer was likely to cause embarrassment to his party the politician tried to ________ the question. A) delude B) seclude C) pervade D) evade E) elude
22. Only two of the candidates can be seriously ________ for this post. A) contemplated B) commended C) considered D) reviewed E) entertained
23. When I went into the dining room next morning, the ________ of the dinner were still on the table. A) remains B) results C) remnants D) surplus E) relics
24. She’s a very selfish person who doesn’t show much ______ for others. A) consternation B) consideration C) humanity D) estimation E) complacency
25. The unpleasant taste ________ in his mouth for hours. A) insisted B) prolonged C) waited D) lingered E) rested
26. His ________ book will deal with industrial relations. A) eventual B) actual C) prompt D) forthcoming E) following
27. Hotel rooms must be ________ by noon, but luggage may be left with the porter. A) vacated B) departed C) abandoned D) discharged E) displaced
28. Every citizen has the ________ to assist in the prevention of crime. A) duty B) right C) effort D) trouble E) force
29. He couldn’t ________ his father that he was telling the truth. A) admit B) convince C) believe D) confide E) ensure
30. He began ________ absurd plans for escaping. A) doing B) settling C) hitching D) devising E) thinking
31. He didn’t intend to ________ this conversation further himself, for he disliked his aunt’s patronizing tone. A) prosecute B) pursue C) push D) follow E) enter
32. We aren’t very busy in the shop at the moment. In fact we’re quite ________. A) contrary B) lazy C) slack D) rare E) opposite
33. Color-blind people often find it difficult to ________ between blue and green. A) separate B) compare C) distinguish D) contrast E) relate
34. The completion of the new Town Hall has been ________ owing to a strike. A) held off B) held down C) held in D) held up E) held on
35. It has always been the ________ of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities. A) plan B) campaign C) procedure D) policy E) rule
36. Mr. Sanders has been asked to ________ the next meeting of the Library Committee. A) manage B) chair C) take D) lead E) direct
37. The Jury gave a unanimous ________ of Not Guilty. A) decision B) opinion C) verdict D) judgment E) assessment
38. I fear you can’t count on him; he’s liable to ________ out when things become difficult. A) be B) let C) opt D) take E) stop
39. The 1950s were the ________ of this cult but one still hears references to it today. A) top B) heyday C) summit D) pick E) pitch
40. What ________ of car do you run? A) fabrication B) species C) fabric D) mark E) make

1. Many poets have ________ the beauties of the countryside. A) applauded B) enthused C) enamored D) appealed E) extolled
2. When the student graduated, he got his ________. A) paper B) degree C) license D) pension E) bachelor
3. She didn’t ________ doing the washing up, as she hadn’t wanted to go out anyway. A) object B) care C) matter D) care for E) mind
4. The tremor in his voice ________ his nervousness. A) affirmed B) pronounced C) disguised D) represented E) revealed
5. Although I tried to concentrate on the lectures, I was ________ by the noise from the next room. A) dissuaded B) averted C) repressed D) distracted E) interfered
6. I ________ what her name is; I’m sure I know her face. A) remember B) wonder C) guess D) suspect E) suppose
7. ‘I ________ that one’, said the tourist, pointing for the benefit of the uncomprehending shopkeeper. A) want B) wish C) take D) desire E) become
8. I do not ________ to be clever but I am not stupid. A) permit B) classify C) confess D) claim E) compare
9. After the Cabinet reshuffle, the Minister wasn’t very happy at his new ________. A) job B) post C) work D) shift E) place
10. Children under the age of 16 are not ________ to enter for the competition. A) enabled B) empowered C) capable D) eligible E) permissible
11. I was so ________ in my book that I didn’t hear the doorbell ring. A) settled B) concentrated C) absorbed D) engaged E) occupied
12. Motorists _____ of speeding may be banned from driving for a year. A) convicted B) arrested C) charged D) judged E) condemned
13. In the medical profession, men ________ women by five to one. A) increase B) outnumber C) supersede D) overcome E) outclass
14. He has told us so many lies that we can no longer place any ________ on what he says. A) conviction B) reliance C) reputation D) credibility E) regard
15. Pools of water lay trapped among the rocks as the tide ________. A) removed B) refilled C) returned D) receded E) retired
16. He bought that house, ________ that he would inherit money under his uncle’s will. A) speculating B) considering C) assuming D) estimating E) allowing
17. A ________ change in policy is needed if relations are ever to improve. A) severe B) violent C) drastic D) strict E) wide
18. He wrote the text book in ________ with his brother. A) harmony B) collaboration C) unison D) connection E) communion
19. His country cottage ________ the amenities of his London flat. A) missed B) overlooked C) neglected D) ignored E) lacked
20. The victory was ________ annually by a ten-gun salute. A) memorized B) commemorated C) reminded D) recapitulated E) remembered
21. He ________ the figures carefully before making any comment. A) estimated B) scrutinized C) watched D) remarked E) visualized
22. ‘He couldn’t explain the problem well, as he had only a ________ knowledge of the subject. A) profound B) primary C) rudimentary D) fundamental E) superfluous
23. His account must be true, because the evidence he gave ________ that of two other witnesses. A) collaborates B) consists C) coincides D) condones E) corroborates
24. We must hear the ________ of the last meeting before we proceed. A) minutes B) protocol C) reportage D) agenda E) items
25. Many road accidents occur because motorists cannot ________ the speed of approaching vehicles. A) conclude B) count C) gauge D) value E) number
26. The rainbow ______ as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds. A) dissolved B) removed C) dispersed D) retired E) disappeared
27. The boy, wanting to be independent, _____ his father’s offer of help. A) turned away B) turned from C) turned down D) turned against E) turned up
28. It is not  profitable to provide bus services in  districts where the population is widely ________. A) scattered B) dismissed C) separated D) spaced E) divided
29. There is a ________ of a thousand pounds offered for the capture of the murderer. A) reward B) prize C) price D) grant E) credit
30. They always kept on good ________ with their next-door neighbors for the children’s sake. A) friendship B) relations C) intentions D) terms E) will
31. She had clearly no ________ of doing any work, although she was very well paid. A) desire B) ambition C) willingness D) intention E) meaning
32. The car salesman took the customer for a drive in the new model in order to ________ its improved features. A) advocate B) demonstrate C) exhibit D) reveal E) expound
33. The actual ________ by which coal Is extracted is well worth watching. A) conduct B) process C) procession D) pattern E) fashion
34. If we ______ the plan you suggest, we are more likely to be successful. A) decide B) elect C) command D) vote E) adopt
35. The child was ________ for getting his shoes and socks wet. A) corrected B) remonstrated C) suffered D) scolded E) complained
36. Certainly man must ________ the future, and find ways of providing for his needs. A) look to B) look up C) look after D) look for E) look on
37. He took the day off work to ________ his aunt’s funeral. A) accompany B) regard C) assist D) attend E) follow
38. His energetic efforts met with only ________ success. A) particular B) proportionate C) partial D) entire E) complete
39. My rifle was not ________, so I did not hit anything. A) from the best B) for the better C) of the best D) for the best E) of the better
40. Any student who ________ his homework is unlikely to pass his examination. A) reduces B) neglects C) practices D) denies E) offends

1. Yesterday the pound fell to a ________ low level against the dollar, according to this morning news. A) final B) major C) record D) remote E) last
2. Even the most detached and indifferent spectator can be ________ away by enthusiasm at a horserace. A) carried B) moved C) excited D) stirred E) swept
3. The young performers ________ and held the audience’s attention from the moment the curtain went up. A) caught B) gathered C) snatched D) took E) trapped
4. She was very ________ when I told her my pet dog had died. A) sympathetic B) just C) helpful D) pitiful E) friendly
5. What were John and Mary ________ about when you came into the room? A) speaking B) discussing C) saying D) telling E) talking
6. I don’t smoke, but I don’t object to ________ people smoking. A) different B) another C) other D) alternative E) unlike
7. I like your new red dress, the color ________ you. A) fits B) looks C) suits D) likes E) seems
8. Mr. Jones wants to know if he can have a ________ with you. A) argument B) word C) lecture D) speech E) conversation
9. Mrs. Brown has cleaned the house from ________ to bottom. A) attic B) first floor C) top D) roof E) upstairs
10. Alice is tall and slim and has a beautiful ________. A) position B) shape C) form D) figure E) size
11. Mrs. Brown’s children have very good manners because they have been well ________. A) brought out B) brought in              C) brought together D) brought up E) brought round
12. My father is very ________ with his hands. A) curious B) interested C) interesting D) intelligent E) clever
13. Mrs. Brown is offering a ________ of £50 to anyone who finds her diamond ring. A) prize B) price C) reward D) money E) total
14. I should be ________ if you would answer my letter by return. A) nice B) good C) glad D) cheerful E) kind
15. He will pass his examination if he works ________. A) quietly B) strongly C) hard D) cleverly E) loudly
16. Mary is very ________ because she has failed her examination. A) excited B) afraid C) sensitive D) sensible E) upset
17. My father told me never ________ a lie. A) to do B) to make C) to tell D) to recount E) to relate
18. Mrs. Brown’s children are always as good as ________. A) butter B) gold C) milk D) silk E) silver
19. My cousin, who lives in France, is ________ me French. A) learning B) teaching C) helping D) assisting E) instructing
20. Peter has not got the right ________ for that job. A) knowledge B) learning C) qualifications D) abilities E) examinations
21. The Stephenson’s’ house was ________ by thieves last night. A) broken into B) broken up C) broken off D) broken down E) broken in
22. The fishermen said that the high wind had made the sea very _______. A) calm B) uneven C) undulating D) rough E) hard
23. Three masked men ________ the city bank early this morning. A) robbed B) attacked C) stole D) took E) spoilt
24. I can’t remember ________ told me Mary had gone to Spain. A) which B) what C) that D) who E) whose
25. Can you tell the ________ between margarine and butter? A) opposite B) change C) alteration D) difference E) sameness
26. Could you give me a ________? I’ve forgotten my matches. A) flame B) light C) fire D) illumination E) flare
27. The Company gave my father a gold watch when he ________. A) replaced B) reformed C) retired D) retreated E) rearranged
28. You can’t ________ how frightened I was when I first saw an elephant. A) suppose B) assume C) propose D) wonder E) imagine
29. When my sister was in hospital, she was ________ by a well-known surgeon. A) worked on B) carried on C) operated on D) turned on E) passed on
30. If you ask Martin, he will explain ________ of cricket to you. A) the orders B) the arrangements C) the regulations D) the preparations E) the rules
31. We arrived late because there was a traffic ________. A) stop B) jam C) holding D) suspension E) confusion
32. I had to wait ________ for an answer to my letter. A) a long day B) a period C) an interval D) a stage E) a long while
33. Call for me at any time that ________ you. A) fits B) likes C) suits D) docs E) meets
34. I am very ________ in architecture. A) interested B) interesting C) concerned D) informed E) intelligent
35. The Meeting has been ________ till next Thursday. A) put by B) put off C) put over D) put in E) put away
36. A circle is a different ________ from a square. A) shape B) shade C) sign D) style E) number
37. Could you ________ me £5? I’ll pay you back tomorrow. A) pay B) borrow C) lend D) provide E) donate
38. You can’t smoke here. It’s ________. A) prevented B) allowed C) stopped D) prohibited E) ceased
39. I don’t believe you, you must be ________ my leg. A) grasping B) holding C) handling D) pulling E) stretching
40. It’s very cold, the temperature is several ________ below zero. A) ounces B) inches C) numbers D) degrees E) figures

1. ________ you hurry up, you’ll miss the bus. A) Because B) If C) Also D) Except E) Unless
2. The man jumped out of the window and committed ________. A) murder B) death C) sin D) suicide E) homicide
3. I was walking along the street when I accidentally _______ my friend. A) bumped into B) moved into C) came into D) fell into E) saw into
4. The doctor took his temperature and felt his ________. A) vein B) nerve C) blood D) pulse E) muscle
5. It’s my ________ that it’s going to rain. A) option B) opinion C) intention D) decision E) thought
6. This book is too ________, I don’t understand it. A) secret B) opaque C) dark D) obscure E) blank
7. She was very inquisitive and she didn’t ________ to hide her curiosity. A) effect B) affect C) attempt D) discover E) find
8. She wanted to buy a modern dress, she didn’t want an old-________ one. A) styled B) formed C) looked D) fashioned E) shaped
9. What ________ is your car? A) manufacture B) construction C) make D) mark E) assembly
10. He was a very ________ driver and had a lot of accidents. A) careful B) careless C) correct D) cautious E) conscientious
11. The ________ gave the new film a very good review. A) critics B) reporters C) announcers D) interviewers E) translators
12. Grandmother lets the children do anything they like, so they are completely ________. A) spoilt B) damaged C) hurt D) injured E) destroyed
13. The Manager asked me to ________ the contract for my new job. A) write B) describe C) sign D) disagree E) design
14. ______ for the post of Senior Clerk must be received by March 10th. A) Proposals B) Descriptions C) Possibilities D) Applications E) Offerings
15. Mr. Hobson has had to ________ his job because of ill-health. A) give in B) give up C) give away D) give out E) give over
16. My English teacher ________ me to try for a place at University. A) insisted B) persisted C) proposed D) convinced E) encouraged
17. I ________ you £5 that Peter will win the race on Saturday. A) gamble B) bet C) offer D) give E) risk
18. Mary had to be taken to hospital after her ________. A) dilemma B) distraction C) happening D) accident E) occurrence
19. I shall never ________ the time when I was lost in London without any money. A) remember B) recall C) forget D) recollect E) imagine
20. Mary is almost well again now, but she still looks rather ________. A) faded B) light C) poor D) transparent E) pale
21. I feel so sleepy, I can hardly ________ my eyes open. A) make B) keep C) pull D) take E) bring
22. After walking four miles in the pouring rain, the children were ________. A) moist B) damp C) drowned D) humid E) drenched
23. The Grand Hotel ________ five pounds for a single room with bath. A) pays B) prices C) charges D) expends E) spends
24. The thief ________ my handbag and ran off down the street. A) caught B) snatched C) picked D) disconnected E) detached
25. I thought the problem of pollution would ________ at the meeting but no one mentioned it. A) come in B) come over C) come to D) come up E) come round
26. Jane’s new blue dress ________ her coat perfectly. A) likes B) matches C) colors D) resembles E) fits
27. When I came in, John and Mary ________ about the best way to learn English. A) were saying B) were teaching C) were speaking D) were telling E) were talking
28. Let’s go into the garden and ________ some roses to take to your mother. A) dig B) pick C) pull D) break E) detach
29. Would you go upstairs and ________ my handbag, please. A) take B) bring C) carry D) fetch E) obtain
30. The houses with even numbers are on the left side of the street and those with ________ numbers are on the right. A) odd B) unequal C) irregular D) level E) divided
31. Every morning I do the crossword ________ in the newspaper. A) problem B) puzzle C) question D) test E) theme
32. There is an index ________ of this book. A) in the end B) on the end C) from the end D) at the end E) with the end
33. It was so cold that the water in the lake ________. A) chilled B) iced C) froze D) hardened E) boiled
34. John ________ his examination but his brother failed. A) succeeded B) made C) resulted D) passed E) qualified
35. The Government will have ________ this proposal very carefully. A) to go for B) to go after C) to go into D) to go round E) to go under
36. The Post Office is only a few yards ________. A) in the road B) on the road C) above the road D) under the road E) up the road
37. Will you help me ________ this parcel, please? A) tie up B) lie down C) tie in D) tie for E) tie with
38. If you didn’t keep scratching that spot on your face, it would soon ________. A) remedy B) cure C) restore D) heal E) mend
39. Mary has given me a ________ for chocolate cake. A) prescription B) description C) diet D) list E) recipe
40. Mrs. Simpson ________ £1000 to the Dogs’ Home when she died. A) remained B) left C) presented D) offered E) permitted

1. My brother ________ his dog not to chase sheep. A) has learned B) has trained C) has educated D) has instructed E) has informed
2. Is there any ________ of your coming to London again in the Spring? A) opportunity B) occasion C) facility D) chance E) ability
3. He visited an ________ castle in an old part of the city. A) antique B) ancient C) aged D) elderly E) olden
4. Peter is going _______ for the Job as Manager of the Sales Department. A) to propose B) to present C) to pretend D) to submit E) to apply
5. I don’t think I know him, although his face seems ________. A) friendly B) known C) knowing D) familiar E) usual
6. Some people had to escape in boats when the river ______ its banks. A) overthrew B) overflowed C) overcame D) overpowered E) overhung
7. Is there a telephone ________ anywhere near here, please? A) place B) shop C) box D) compartment E) room
8. For her wedding the ________ was dressed in white. A) bridesmaid B) bride C) bridegroom D) best man E) wife
9. Mr. Black ________ to arrive on the 2:30 train. A) is anticipated B) is hoped C) is wanted D) is expected E) is proposed
10. I always ________ asleep as soon as I get into bed. A) fall B) go C) get D) turn E) make
11. You will have ________ those potatoes before you cook them. A) to open B) to peel C) to shell D) to skin E) to pare
12. I don’t like these oranges, they have too many ________. A) stones B) nuts C) seeds D) pips E) buds
13. I tried to telephone him last night but his number ________. A) was occupied B) was employed C) was engaged D) was taken E) was used
14. Frank got very ________ marks in his history examination. A) reduced B) unimportant C) secondary D) imperfect E) low
15. You will have to ________, Aunt Mary is rather deaf. A) speak up B) call up C) ring up D) stand up E) sit up
16. Three people ________ in this lake last June. A) were sunk B) were flooded C) were drowned D) were downed E) were drained
17. You’ve been working all day. It’s ________ you went home. A) good time B) bad time C) long time D) short time E) high time
18. The children walked to the ________ of the cliff and looked down at the sea below. A) rim B) edge C) limit D) brim E) border
19. The water in this stream has dried up because of the ________ of rain this summer. A) smallness B) littleness C) loss D) lack E) shortness
20. The sun rises in the East and ________ in the West. A) disappears B) vanishes C) sets D) goes E) appears
21. There were twenty-five ________ waiting in the doctor’s surgery. A) customers B) visitors C) patients D) waiters E) clients
22. Mr. Brown has a very ________ job as Sales Manager. A) responsible B) controlled C) ordered D) dutiful E) careful
23. There is a ________ of sugar in Europe at the moment. A) want B) need C) requirement D) omission E) shortage
24. Beethoven is my ________ composer. A) best B) nicest C) selected D) favorite E) first
25. I am going to watch the tennis ________ on television this afternoon. A) contest B) game C) match D) sport E) trial
26. The doctor told him to keep the tablets in his mouth and ________ them slowly. A) swallow B) suck C) bite D) drink E) eat
27. I can’t open the drawer in my desk, it’s ________. A) fixed B) bolted C) set D) stuck E) unmoved
28. Old Mr. Pottinger ________ his pension every Friday. A) pays B) earns C) draws D) acquires E) obtains
29. Mr. Higgins is quite sure he saw a flying ________ when he was walking home from the pub. A) plate B) saucer C) dish D) cup E) tray
30. Please tell Anne that my private affairs are nothing to ________ her. A) do with B) do for C) do over D) do down E) do in
31. Mr. Heppel was flown to London on ________. A) affairs B) matters C) business D) concerns E) interests
32. Peter has entered a newspaper ________ for the best-dressed man in London. A) exhibition B) contest C) show D) test E) competition
33. Captain Saunders was accused of ________ at cards. A) deceiving B) cheating C) tricking D) trapping E) catching
34. Sam never told his wife how much he ________ as a window cleaner. A) paid B) obtained C) deserved D) earned E) profited
35. In spite of the storm, the Captain ________ the ship safely into port. A) pushed B) directed C) drove D) steered E) managed
36. The teacher ________ out the words she had written on the blackboard. A) cleaned B) dusted C) rubbed D) washed E) scraped
37. Would you mind ________ your radio a little, please? A) turning in B) turning down C) turning out D) turning over E) turning to
38. I don’t think you can lift that case ________ I help you. A) since B) without C) not D) unless E) with
39. We are ________ into our new house on Saturday. A) moving B) proceeding C) entering D) arriving E) transporting
40. Susan was alone in the house when the fire ________. A) broke off B) broke out C) broke in D) broke up E) broke away

1. The spade is a gardening ________. A) instrument B) machine C) tool D) weapon E) piece
2. The thieves buried the ________ under an oak-tree. A) show B) store C) harvest D) treasure E) stock
3. James is very ________ about the cost of his dental treatment. A) sorry B) pained C) worried D) ashamed E) sorrowful
4. The children had great ________ when they went to the fair. A) excitement B) enjoyment C) interest D) fun E) joy
5. What ________ of toothpaste do you buy? A) class B) make C) order D) style E) mark
6. My father began to lose hair when he was thirty and now he is quite ________. A) hairless B) beardless C) smooth D) shiny E) bald
7. It is not far to the church if you take the short _______ by Friars Lane. A) turning B) corner C) cut D) pass E) slit
8. His car battery has ________; he’ll have to get it recharged. A) run off B) run out C) run away D) run down E) run in
9. Mary looked as pretty as a ________ in her new dress. A) painting B) picture C) postcard D) flower E) engraving
10. It will do you ________ to have a holiday. A) well B) better C) good D) fine E) great
11. My mother says she doesn’t like ________ buttons on my shirts. A) attaching B) sewing C) connecting D) fixing E) joining
12. People of all ________ come to Hutton’s Holiday Camp. A) years B) limes C) dates D) ages E) days
13. Have a ________ of coffee; it will make you feel better. A) swallow B) sip C) touch D) chew E) bite
14. She is very intelligent. I ________ her to pass  the examination easily. A) hope B) expect C) wish D) desire E) need
15. They wanted to plan their holidays so they collected some ________ from the travel agency. A) books B) volumes C) sheets D) papers E) brochures
16. We hope to hear from you at your ________. A) opportunity B) convenience C) expedience D) liberty E) possibility
17. The weather ________ said it would rain again tomorrow. A) expectancy B) prophecy C) prediction D) forecast E) horoscope
18. I’m very thirsty. I would ________ a cup of tea. A) desire B) fancy C) wish D) long E) like
19. She couldn’t make up her ________ whether to buy the green skirt or the blue one. A) brain B) heart C) mind D) soul E) head
20. Oh dear, I have a ________ tire. I must put some air in it. A) shallow B) flat C) low D) bent E) level
21. A good hen ________ six or seven eggs a day. A) lies B) lays C) puts D) places E) reproduces
22. The rapid rise in the cost of ________ is worrying many people. A) existing B) living C) surviving D) breathing E) respiring
23. You must look in the ________ section of the newspaper to find out what films are showing. A) variety B) diversion C) recreation D) hospitality E) entertainment
24. He had a very bad cold and couldn’t stop ________. A) snoring B) sneezing C) sighing D) yawning E) spitting
25. Mr. Smith walked along the corridor and came face to ________ with his boss. A) eye B) figure C) face D) head E) front
26. She ________ going to the dentist although her teeth needed attention. A) put in B) put out C) put through D) put off E) put away
27. It’s very easy to ________ your temper when someone annoys you. A) mislay B) lose C) miss D) forget E) damage
28. If the World Population ________ continues, it will be impossible to feed everybody. A) outbreak B) bang C) blast D) explosion E) contraction
29. The brave man was greatly honored when the general said “You ________ a medal.” A) earn B) expect C) deserve D) reserve E) justify
30. I wish to see the manager to ________ about the terrible food in this restaurant. A) inquire B) complain C) criticize D) revolt E) disapprove
31. She couldn’t quite remember his name although it was on the ________ of her tongue. A) tip B) top C) back D) front E) end
32. The soldier took careful aim, then ________ several shots. A) exploded B) broke C) fired D) banged E) bombed
33. It’s very hot in this room; that fire ________ a good heat. A) gives away B) gives in C) gives out D) gives up E) gives round
34. A woman who has never married is called a ________. A) widow B) widower C) divorcee D) housewife E) spinster
35. The criminal didn’t want to be recognized so he ________ himself. A) camouflaged B) covered C) concealed D) disguised E) dressed
36. It’s possible to tell the time in the dark if your watch has a _____ dial. A) light B) bright C) radiant D) luminous E) shining
37. She wasn’t able to buy any of the things she wanted so she returned home ________. A) full-handed B) empty-handed C) empty-headed D) left-handed E) right-handed
38. He never stops smoking; one cigarette after another. I’m afraid he’s become a ________ smoker. A) line B) rope C) chain D) fiber E) cord
39. When it is raining and the sun is shining at the same time, a ________ can often be seen in the sky. A) waterfall B) rainbow C) arc D) crescent E) curve
40. The man was very ________ as he had injured his leg badly when he was a boy. A) blind B) deaf C) dumb D) lame E) limp

1. They managed to _____ all their unwanted things at the jumble sale. A) get rid of B) get even with C) get away with D) get over to E) set out of
2. There was a terrible storm at sea last night and one of the sailors ________. A) floated B) drowned C) dived D) sank E) swam
3. Let’s continue the meeting by discussing the next ________ on the agenda. A) item B) factor C) passage D) piece E) bit
4. I’m paying for my car by monthly ________ as I didn’t have enough money to pay cash. A) deposits B) receipts C) amounts D) percentages E) installments
5. Schubert didn’t finish one of his symphonies so it will always be ________. A) defective B) undeveloped C) incomplete D) unready E) deficient
6. Suddenly I understood perfectly and everything ________ place. A) fell down B) fell out C) fell in D) fell into E) fell for
7. The Director of the Company ________ some figures from the report in front of him. A) spoke B) said C) told D) quoted E) referred
8. He was one of the ________ people I’ve ever known; he never stopped eating. A) greediest B) laziest C) proudest D) angriest E) shyest
9. The men ________ the millionaire’s small daughter and demanded a large sum of money for her return. A) eloped B) stole C) removed D) kidnapped E) hi-jacked
10. You must be careful what you say to Susan; her feelings are easily ________. A) damaged B) injured C) broken D) hurt E) cracked
11. You keep ________ the same subject, and I’ve asked you not to mention it again. A) bringing forward B) bringing up C) bringing to D) bringing about E) bringing together
12. That shop down the road always ______ its goods well in the window. A) shows B) reveals C) uncovers D) exposes E) displays
13. Please wipe your feet on the door ________ before you come in. A) mat B) rug C) carpet D) tile E) blanket
14. Although most of the children in the class were rather dull, there were one or two ________ ones. A) light B) bright C) skilful D) wise E) thoughtful
15. The ________ with Charles is, he doesn’t know his own mind. A) upset B) trouble C) puzzle D) complication E) inconvenience
16. I hate January when all the ________ start coming in. I never seem to have enough money to pay them all. A) receipts B) accounts C) estimates D) bills E) lists
17. The workers were ________ in their demand for better conditions. A) united B) combined C) joined D) stuck E) attached
18. The judge ________ the criminal to twenty years in prison. A) condemned B) punished C) disciplined D) inflicted E) sentenced
19. I want to know the answers to these questions, so I shall have to look at the ________ at the back of the book. A) index B) key C) register D) record E) table
20. I wouldn’t like to spend a night alone in that house. It is said to be ________ by a headless ghost. A) obsessed B) tormented C) haunted D) infested E) upset
21. The girl in the shop was _____ how to use a new kind of electric cooker. A) proving B) establishing C) exposing D) demonstrating E) teaching
22. That poor woman’s husband died a few weeks after they were married. It was a real ________. A) sorrow B) tragedy C) wrong D) evil E) sadness
23. He didn’t seem to know what was happening at all, he looked completely ________. A) doubtful B) bewildered C) undecided D) defeated E) doomed
24. The economy of this country is very unstable at the moment. It’s balanced on a ________ edge. A) knife B) sword C) axe D) saber E) dagger
25. The little boy was ________ for breaking the window. A) condemned B) sentenced C) penalized D) persecuted E) punished
26. There has been a lot of ____ about the housing shortage in big cities. A) circulation B) advertising C) publicity D) communication E) instruction
27. I ________ my car badly when I hit a tree. A) dented B) hollowed C) depressed D) impressed E) pitted
28. He is ________ to both those girls over there. One is his sister and the other is his cousin. A) allied B) affiliated C) related D) identified E) classified
29. When he was left on a desert island, he was able to ________ for a year on fruit and water. A) remain B) continue C) stay D) persist E) survive
30. If I were you I’d put that meat in the refrigerator or it will ________ in this hot weather. A) go off B) go on C) go over D) go against E) go by
31. To play golf well you must take lessons from a good ________. A) conductor B) guide C) coach D) trainer E) leader
32. The Browns had to use all their ________ to buy their new house. A) keepsakes B) savings C) reserves D) leavings E) remains
33. When I was staying in Germany last year, I ____ quite a lot of German. A) picked out B) picked on C) picked up D) picked over E) picked upon
34. What are you cooking in that saucepan? It ________ good. A) makes B) feels C) sniffs D) smells E) flavors
35. I know Mary has two brothers, but I don’t know which is the ________. A) elder B) more aged C) more ancient D) lower E) higher
36. I hope the Government will ________ the rate of income tax. A) increase B) decrease C) reduce D) deduct E) degrade
37. Jane’s school report last term was very ________. A) satisfying B) satisfactory C) fulfilling D) full E) fortunate
38. Mary has gone to the baker’s to buy a ________ of bread. A) piece B) packet C) bit D) pound E) loaf
39. When I was turning out my cupboard I ________ this photograph of uncle Harry. A) came over B) came round C) came across D) came to E) came into
40. Lucy says she bought her new trouser suit in ________. A) a disposal B) a sale C) a reduction D) an offering E) a production

1. When he was questioned by the police, the thief didn’t ________ the truth. A) say B) reply C) answer D) tell E) respond
2. When their mother died, the children were _____ by their Aunt Mary. A) brought in B) brought round C) brought to D) brought forward E) brought up
3. Don’t touch that wire or you may get an electric ________. A) shock B) current C) attack D) feeling E) surprise
4. Mr. Brown thinks he knows ________ about football, but he doesn’t. A) anything B) everybody C) everything D) somebody E) nobody
5. The High Street is so narrow that the Council have decided to ________ it. A) increase B) extend C) widen D) lengthen E) shorten
6. Your brother is very tall. What is his exact ________? A) size B) length C) breadth D) measure E) height
7. If Maria comes to England, it will be a good ________ for her to improve her English. A) possibility B) opportunity C) advantage D) probability E) experience
8. Please ________ your hand if you want to ask the teacher a question. A) rise B) pull C) push D) lift E) raise
9. ________ 100 if you want to speak to the telephone operator. A) Ask B) Hear C) Dial D) Describe E) Turn
10. Our school ________ for the summer holidays on 10th July. A) breaks up B) breaks down C) breaks in D) breaks off E) breaks through
11. If you’ve got a ________ of cards, I’ll show you some tricks. A) packet B) collection C) pack D) set E) parcel
12. This church was ________ by the famous architect Archibald Sparrow. A) outlined B) designed C) produced D) composed E) made
13. It’s Grandmother’s birthday  tomorrow, so don’t forget to wish her many happy ________. A) returns B) days C) anniversaries D) years E) congratulations
14. The ________ from the airport was very tiring as we had to drive through the fog. A) travel B) voyage C) flight D) journey E) crossing
15. If I bought a ticket in the lottery, I might ________ £1000. A) bet B) buy C) sell D) win E) let
16. John hopes to ________ his examination in September. A) make B) take C) do D) offer E) present
17. When you come to London, I can ________ for the night. A) put you down B) put you off C) put you up D) put you right E) put you away
18. Your new flat ________ me very much of the one we had in Birmingham. A) remembers B) recalls C) recollects D) receives E) reminds
19. The deer is one of the shyest ________ animals in existence. A) savage B) untamed C) wild D) strange E) free
20. Do open the window; this room seems very ________. A) moldy B) stuffy C) smoked D) rancid E) breathless
21. There is a ________ on the suitcase, but it has no name on it. A) paper B) ticket C) sign D) stamp E) label
22. The air hostess told the passengers to ________ their seat belts. A) tie B) attach C) fasten D) fix E) set
23. My sister works at a home for the deaf and ________. A) mute B) dumb C) silent D) speechless E) voiceless
24. The price of this TV set is not listed in the ________. A) catalogue B) guidebook C) directory D) record E) schedule
25. The police were able to trace the criminal because he left his ________ on the door handle. A) fingerprints B) finger-nails C) fingertips D) ringer ends E) finger-marks
26. Ann refused to take _______ in the preparations for the school concert. A) place B) part C) notice D) leave E) offence
27. Any candidate caught ______ in the examination will be disqualified. A) deceiving B) deluding C) conjuring D) swindling E) cheating
28. The farmer put a ________ in his field to frighten the birds away from his crops. A) scarecrow B) monster C) demon D) goblin E) corpse
29. He has been making money ______ since he started his new business. A) head over heels B) hand over fist C) head to foot D) ear to ear E) top to toe
30. It was so cold my fingers were quite ________. A) senseless B) numb C) insensible D) unconscious E) paralyzed
31. You should take more exercise if you want to keep ________. A) fit B) fat C) fine D) fresh E) flat
32. The twins are so alike that I can never ________ the difference between them. A) tell B) say C) decide D) make E) find
33. I took the doctor’s prescription to the chemist’s to be ____. A) made out B) made up C) made over D) made into E) made for
34. My boss has ________ playing golf three afternoons a week. A) taken over B) taken to C) taken for D) taken out E) taken in
35. The Prime Minister made an excellent ______ in the House yesterday. A) discourse B) discussion C) lecture D) speech E) talk
36. I have never been on good ________ with my sister-in-law. A) responses B) exchanges C) terms D) feelings E) affections
37. The ________ on this tombstone is dated 1742. A) description B) inscription C) recording D) outline E) engraving
38. Have you had any ________ of John lately? A) enquiries B) news C) details D) particulars E) facts
39. Did you notice the ________ on Walter’s face when he heard Hugo had been made Manager? A) appearance B) description C) expression D) disposition E) exposition
40. Children usually ________ after an illness much more quickly than adults. A) pick up B) pick over C) pick on D) pick out E) pick off

1. I had to sign for this letter because it came in ________ envelope. A) a recommended B) a registered C) an endorsed D) a receipted E) a sealed
2. When I bought this clock I was given a six months’ ________. A) reservation B) guarantee C) undertaking D) safeguard E) security
3. A ________ for the company said that the question of safety regulations was being looked into. A) speaker B) spokesman C) officer D) reporter E) interpreter
4. During the war there was so little food that it had to be ________. A) preserved B) regulated C) rationed D) retained E) re-distributed
5. Mr Jackson is permanently ________ as the result of a car accident. A) dislocated B) incapable C) disabled D) powerless E) inactive
6. She ________ all her savings form the bank to pay for her flight to Australia. A) drew in B) drew up C) drew along D) drew out E) drew off
7. Her shopping bag broke, ________ its contents all over the road. A) dispersing B) dispensing C) scattering D) overflowing E) distributing
8. When you come to the crossroads, you will see the ________ showing the way to Middleton. A) advertisement B) signal C) signpost D) announcement E) indicator
9. The crops in this field have all been ________ with insecticide. A) sprayed B) washed C) rinsed D) cleaned E) disinfected
10. I can’t use my hair-drier because I forgot to buy a ________ for it. A) tap B) switch C) socket D) pin E) plug
11. The baby is very fretful; he must be ________ some teeth. A) making B) cutting C) incising D) producing E) grinding
12. The attic was thick with ________ as no one had cleared it for years. A) rust B) powder C) dust D) sediment E) soot
13. The artist studied in Paris for ________ of roughly five years. A) a decade B) an age C) a time D) a period E) an interval
14. The two young people fell in love at ________. A) first impression B) first sight C) short notice D) long distance E) first appearance
15. When you get to the airport, your luggage will have to be ________. A) reckoned B) balanced C) scaled D) estimated E) weighed
16. If you are interested in becoming a ________ of the club, telephone the secretary during office hours. A) member B) partner C) sharer D) player E) student
17. The first English dictionary was ________ by Dr Johnson. A) compiled B) co-ordinated C) collected D) composed E) constructed
18. When you go out, will you get me ________ of the Farming Gazette? A) an edition B) a copy C) a publication D) a paper E) a sheet
19. I didn’t ________ I was talking to the Manager, until he told me his name. A) identify B) distinguish C) recognize D) accept E) realize
20. I just cannot work out the answer to this question; I ________. A) give off B) give out C) giveaway D) give into E) give up
21. At the election you must mark your paper, fold it and drop it into the ________ box. A) voting B) ballot C) nomination D) selection E) electoral
22. When you return to your country, don’t forget to ________ with me. A) keep in hand B) keep time C) keep in touch D) keep in step E) keep together
23. The corrupt builder wanted to obtain the contract so he offered a ________ to the civil servant. A) bribe B) bait C) stimulus D) tip E) bonus
24. The tramp was wearing very shabby clothes and looked very _______. A) down at heel B) down to earth C) up to date D) up and coming E) out of shape
25. It was very ________ in the cottage with the comfortable armchairs by the fire. A) snug B) gratifying C) easy D) downy E) refreshing
26. There were some black-faced sheep ________ about the hillside. A) thrown B) arranged C) scattered D) littered E) crumpled
27. The news ________ that prices were going to rise next week. A) got ahead B) got on C) got through D) got up E) got out
28. The child ________ his breath in wonder when he saw the Christmas tree. A) kept B) blew C) sighed D) held E) gasped
29. That man’s wife is terrible; he ________ him all the time, nagging from morning till night. A) keeps in with B) keeps up with C) keeps on at D) keeps away E) keeps back from
30. Don’t leave your things all over the room, ________ up the place. A) mixing B) cluttering C) filling D) huddling E) breaking
31. The philosopher was a great thinker and was often ________ by a brilliant idea. A) seized B) grabbed C) grasped D) held E) clutched
32. The trader asked a high price, but I managed to ________. A) beat him off B) beat him up C) beat him down D) beat him back E) beat him in
33. The woman ________ for her husband’s life when he was found guilty of murder. A) bid B) disputed C) pleaded D) debated E) sued
34. Don’t ________ me or I won’t be able to stop laughing. A) pat B) massage C) scratch D) tickle E) stroke
35. That pop group are going to make ________ recording next week. A) alive B) an alive C) an awake D) a living E) a life
36. Mary ________ her engagement the week before the wedding because she realized she didn’t love her fiance. A) broke up B) broke out C) broke down D) broke off E) broke away
37. He ________ £5000 in stocks and shares. A) inserted B) installed C) invested D) inducted E) indented
38. The new magazine about car maintenance ________ tomorrow. A) comes down B) comes off C) comes on D) comes out E) comes round
39. That couple are well-suited; they live in perfect ________. A) order B) control C) harmony D) melody E) duet
40. He is so ________, he is never satisfied with anything. A) discontented B) disconcerted C) discomforted D) disconnected E) discredited

1. Johnny ________ very badly at Mary’s birthday party. A) conducted B) behaved C) showed D) operated E) looked
2. Mr. Jones has ________ painting since he retired. A) taken up B) taken off C) taken over D) taken in E) taken down
3. How many ________ does Peter learn at school? A) topics B) themes C) ideas D) subjects E) objects
4. It wasn’t my ________ that the plate broke. A) blame B) mistake C) error D) fault E) slip
5. Ask Joan if she would give me ________ with the washing-up. A) a leg B) a hand C) a help D) an assistance E) an aid
6. The Browns ________ anyone who hasn’t  much money as they have. A) look up to B) look away from C) look down on D) look out for E) look round at
7. Part of that electric plug is ________; you ought to tighten it. A) safe B) loose C) free D) disjoined E) unattached
8. I’m reading a book about ________ of Shakespeare. A) the living B) the existence C) the way D) the life E) the road
9. Sally ________ a little money every week for her holiday. A) puts in B) puts off C) puts by D) puts over E) puts upon
10. My brother has curly hair but mine is quite ________. A) even B) regular C) uneven D) level E) straight
11. John always gets very annoyed if he can’t get his own ________. A) wish B) desire C) will D) object E) way
12. It’s no use shouting at grandmother, she’s as deaf as a ________. A) post B) pin C) pole D) door E) wall
13. If you leave that butter in the sun, it will ________. A) thaw B) dissolve C) set D) harden E) melt
14. When I peel onions. I can’t stop my eyes ________. A) spilling B) watering C) leaking D) dripping E) dropping
15. I’m going home tomorrow so I mustn’t forget to buy some ________. A) memories B) reminders C) recollections D) souvenirs E) remembrances
16. I caught the train by the skin of my ________. A) mouth B) teeth C) lips D) nose E) cheeks
17. Peter doesn’t drink alcohol, he only drinks ________ drinks. A) squashed B) crushed C) smooth D) dry E) soft
18. Whose ________ was it to go for this long, uninteresting walk? A) thought B) desire C) dream D) purpose E) idea
19. When he was running across the field, he ________ a log. A) fell down B) fell over C) fell off D) fell into E) fell upon
20. John put the suitcases in the ________ of the car. A) shoe B) toe C) boot D) slipper E) foot
21. The doctor gave me ________ for some medicine. A) an order B) a letter C) an instruction D) a recipe E) a prescription
22. John always ________ the 8:30 train to work. A) traps B) captures C) catches D) holds E) attaches
23. We couldn’t eat the meat because it had ________. A) gone on B) gone out C) gone off D) gone in E) gone over
24. Susan couldn’t remember what she had to buy for the weekend because she had lost her shopping ________. A) record B) list C) register D) form E) code
25. Grandmother is always ________ her glasses. A) misusing B) misplacing C) mistaking D) mislaying E) mishandling
26. I hate to hear a clock ________ when I’m trying to go to sleep. A) clicking B) sounding C) humming D) ticking E) ringing
27. ________ for the job should write to the Personnel Manager. A) attendants B) entrants C) applicants D) contenders E) competitors
28. I don’t think this medicine ________ with me. A) goes B) suits C) agrees D) fits E) accords
29. All the workers in the firm get a Christmas ________ of £50. A) repayment B) prize C) reward D) bonus E) refund
30. The notice on the gate said “________ the dog.” A) take care of B) be careful of C) beware of D) take notice of E) be afraid of
31. You ought to be ______ yourself for being so rude to old Mrs. Green. A) sorry for B) unhappy about C) ashamed of D) repenting for E) unfriendly to
32. Just as the violinist began to play, one of the ________ on his violin broke. A) cords B) tapes C) strings D) wires E) chords
33. The little girl woke up screaming because she had had a ________. A) daydream B) nightmare C) fantasy D) vision E) reverie
34. Have you any ________ where you left your car keys? A) knowledge B) information C) notion D) idea E) thought
35. The magistrate ________ the parents for not exercising proper control over the delinquent boy. A) blamed B) faulted C) judged D) accused E) exposed
36. I’d like to ________ the holiday arrangements once more before we leave tomorrow. A) go for B) go over C) go round D) go about E) go by
37. Mr. Brown always ________ his letters to his secretary as soon as he has opened his post. A) answers B) writes C) copies D) dictates E) replies
38. He made a note of the appointment in his ________. A) journal B) diary C) ledger D) register E) directory
39. How ________ is your house from the station? A) long B) distant C) near D) far E) close
40. I have got to get up early tomorrow so I must remember to ________ my alarm clock. A) time B) set C) fix D) turn E) point

1. The inspector was a very ________ man and rechecked the evidence several times. A) complete B) wholesome C) thoughtful D) thorough E) attentive
2. My friend exercises regularly and is in much better _____ than I am. A) figure B) size C) shape D) frame E) outline
3. Mr. Brown kept the ________ round his garden neatly clipped. A) hedge B) fence C) railings D) plants E) flowers
4. Tomorrow is a special ________ night for the guitarist who has injured his hand and can’t play again. A) benefit B) welfare C) merit D) charity E) goodwill
5. Mr. Jones was always interfering and poking his nose into everyone’s ________. A) situation B) job C) work D) business E) life
6. I can’t ________ the sound of a knife scraping on a plate. A) bear B) support C) sustain D) suffer E) forbear
7. I’m sure they couldn’t have arranged it; they must have met ________. A) at random B) by chance C) with luck D) by fate E) by design
8. If you want to know how to wash that sweater, look at the ________ inside the collar. A) badge B) ticket C) notice D) sign E) tab
9. Oh dear. I don’t seem to have my bag, I must have ________ it in the Post Office. A) missed B) overlooked C) forgotten D) left E) misplaced
10. He had injured his arm badly and had to keep it in a ________ for several weeks. A) cradle B) swing C) sling D) litter E) stretcher
11. Peter’s car ________ in the country so he had to walk lo the nearest village for help. A) broke up B) broke down C) broke away D) broke off E) broke open
12. She tied a scarf round her head to ________ her hair from the rain. A) cover B) hide C) keep D) shelter E) protect
13. The telephone operator said she would put the caller ________ when the line was free. A) through B) up C) in D) forward E) over
14. When I’ve passed my driving test I’ll be able to get a permanent driving ________. A) certificate B) license C) permit D) voucher E) warrant
15. The train doesn’t leave for an hour yet. What shall we do to ________? A) mark time B) waste time C) spend time D) keep time E) kill time
16. Most people think they pay too much ______ tax to the Government. A) income B) salary C) wages D) earnings E) money
17. The post ________ hadn’t arrived by ten o’clock. A) yet B) already C) still D) nevertheless E) even
18. I ________ that you ought to apologize. A) desire B) wish C) want D) hope E) think
19. I’ve  booked two seats in the front ________ for tomorrow’s concert. A) line B) row C) rank D) file E) strip
20. He doubted if he would pass the examination as it was ________ whether he would even finish the paper. A) wait and see B) hit or miss C) touch and go D) this or that E) open to error
21. My aunt used to pretend that she could tell fortunes from tea ______. A) seeds B) buds C) leaves D) leavings E) grounds
22. Mr. Sims has walked with a ________ ever since his car accident six years ago. A) limp B) jog C) trot D) hop E) jump
23. Oh, dear, my pen has ________; can you lend me yours? A) run off B) run down C) run out D) run in E) run up
24. Would it be possible to have these photographs ________? A) expanded B) enlarged C) extended D) inflated E) stretched
25. Don’t forget to ________ your luggage clearly in case It gets mislaid in transit. A) print B) name C) sign D) identify E) label
26. The ________ of living has risen by 10% in the last three months. A) price B) expense C) cost D) rate E) expenditure
27. Marie often buys clothes at that ________ stall in the market. A) second-class B) second-best C) second-hand D) second string E) second chance
28. Don’t eat those berries in case they are ________. A) poisonous B) venomous C) infectious D) emetic E) contagious
29. I’ve got such a _____ throat I’m sure I must be going to have a cold. A) hurt B) sensitive C) irritable D) sour E) sore
30. You can take a short ________ through the woods to the station. A) lane B) road C) highway D) cut E) alley
31. I’m afraid it will be a long time before we get to the ________ of this unpleasant affair. A) base B) bottom C) foundation D) foot E) basis
32. John has just passed his driving test, so now he’s on the ________ for a cheap car. A) outlook B) pursuit C) lookout D) discovery E) track
33. At the beginning of the war every man under thirty was ________ to serve in the armed forces. A) called in B) called up C) called for D) called out E) called over
34. The sight of so much ice cream made the children’s mouths ________. A) drip B) ooze C) wet D) moisten E) water
35. I’m not ________ but I never walk under a ladder if I can help it. A) credulous B) simple C) supernatural D) superstitious E) ignorant
36. According to Charles Darwin, man is ________ from the apes. A) originated B) entailed C) revolved D) descended E) elevated
37. The lighted candles on the altar ________ in the draught from the open window. A) fluttered B) wavered C) trembled D) flickered E) shivered
38. I am going to celebrate my wedding ________ on the 10th December. A) birthday B) name day C) anniversary D) year E) occasion
39. When the volcano ________, several villages had to be evacuated. A) exploded B) erupted C) emitted D) overflowed E) overran
40. All the crops on that farm have been ________ with insecticide. A) covered B) spread C) dispersed D) sprayed E) overlaid

1. When I turned on the switch, the lights ________. A) cracked B) fired C) expired D) fused E) flared
2. Be careful with that knife because it has a very sharp ________. A) side B) steel C) rim D) cut E) blade
3. They are ________ all those old houses to make room for a new Town Hall. A) putting down B) doing down C) taking down D) pulling down E) running down
4. ________ the bottle well before you pour out the medicine. A) agitate B) shake C) stir D) spin E) tumble
5. I’m afraid I took your umbrella by ________. A) fault B) error C) misdeed D) mistake E) misjudgment
6. The prisoners had spent almost a year digging a ________ before the guards discovered it. A) tube B) subway C) tunnel D) pipe E) pass
7. I wish you’d let me speak for myself and not ________ the words out of my mouth. A) take B) remove C) pull D) snatch E) grab
8. To get your illustrated guide to Great Britain just fill in the ________ and send it with 50p to the Tourist Board. A) cheque B) note C) coupon D) bill E) warrant
9. There’s no ________ in going to the cinema now as the film’s already started. A) reason B) cause C) motive D) point E) ground
10. That’s absolute nonsense; you’re talking out of the ________. A) tip of your tongue B) back of your head C) skin of your teeth D) depth of your soul E) side of your mouth
11. Without exercise many people’s bodies become ________. A) soggy B) flabby C) spongy D) doughy E) squashy
12. “________ man kills the thing he loves” is a well-known saying. A) all B) none C) each D) any E) some
13. He fell guilty about breaking off the engagement and often had a ________ of conscience. A) spasm B) twinge C) sting D) pain E) pinch
14. The members of the team were very ________ and changed their plans at short notice. A) flexible B) supple C) loose D) plastic E) lenient
15. I visited many historic houses and castles ____ my summer holiday. A) within B) inside C) during D) including E) wherein
16. She likes classical music and is particularly ________ on Mozart. A) overwhelmed B) hearty C) eager D) keen E) enthusiastic
17. There’s ________ telling what he will do if he’s annoyed. A) none B) nobody C) nothing D) no E) not
18. Tom’s very spoilt and always demanding attention; I expect it’s because he’s ________ child. A) an only B) one C) a lone D) a single E) an alone
19. Actors have to _______ a play before they  give a public performance. A) practice B) repeat C) rehearse D) prepare E) reproduce
20. There was no ________ of anyone having entered the room. A) sight B) look C) sign D) signal E) notice
21. If your handbag has been stolen, you must ________ it to the police immediately. A) tell B) report C) inform D) announce E) record
22. Has John paid you back the £5 you ________ him? A) lent B) borrowed C) owed D) gave E) charged
23. Who ________ of going for this walk in the rain? A) thought B) decided C) proposed D) insisted E) wanted
24. When he retired, my father _______ his business to my eldest brother. A) made out B) made away C) made over D) made up E) made for
25. The ________ at that restaurant is excellent. A) attention B) service C) serving D) care E) attending
26. I enjoyed that book so much that I read it from ________ to end in one day. A) opening B) beginning C) start D) commencement E) introduction
27. The kidnappers demanded a ________ of £509.000. A) forfeit B) ransom C) penalty D) fine E) reward
28. I wish you wouldn’t keep _______ my time asking such silly questions. A) losing B) spending C) wasting D) engaging E) occupying
29. I only received the application ________ for the job yesterday. A) paper B) form C) order D) notice E) document
30. When he came back from holiday his skin was beautifully _______. A) tanned B) sunburnt C) toasted D) browned E) burnt
31. Did you have a good ________ when you went to Scotland? A) experience B) stay C) enjoyment D) time E) amusement
32. Five hundred people were ________ in the earthquake. A) sunk B) buried C) flooded D) overrun E) overturned
33. When I paid for my groceries in the supermarket, the cashier gave me the wrong ________. A) rebate B) sum C) exchange D) return E) change
34. He won’t be able to drive his car unless he ________ his license. A) remits B) reforms C) revises D) reports E) renews
35. Yesterday Stephen studied for five hours ________. A) on end B) at length C) in full D) in time E) at once
36. The ________ for the course are £50 a term. A) charges B) costs C) payments D) fees E) subscriptions
37. Do you wear your watch on your right ________ because you are left-handed? A) hand B) elbow C) wrist D) palm E) ankle
38. He arrived at a most _____ moment; I was just getting into the bath. A) importunate B) inopportune C) uncomfortable D) incongruous E) unfitting
39. This road is ________ to flood in winter. A) leading B) unprotected C) conducive D) liable E) susceptible
40. Buying in bulk ________ one to make substantial savings. A) enables B) facilitates C) means D) ensures E) empowers

1. This village is only ________ by river. A) attainable B) available C) accessible D) obtainable E) achievable
2. The man’s face was ________ from his infected tooth. A) bulging B) swollen C) dilated D) expanded E) distended
3. As my exam is next week, I’ll take advantage of the day off to ________ on some reading. A) catch up B) clear up C) hurry up D) makeup E) pick up
4. Many local authorities realize the need to make ________ for elderly people in their housing programs. A) assistance B) conditions C) admittance D) provision E) rooms
5. The curator of the Museum was most ________ and let me actually examine the ancient manuscript. A) favorable B) gratifying C) obliging D) pleasing E) promising
6. For parents, one of the problems ________ by rising prices is the continual demand for more pocket money. A) given B) posed C) pressing D) provided E) forced
7. After speaking for two hours, the lecturer found he could scarcely talk, as he had become ________. A) hoarse B) dumb C) inarticulate D) speechless E) tongue-tied
8. There is pressure on the British government to ________ the-number of immigrants permitted to settle in the U.K. A) confine B) depress C) decrease D) restrain E) limit
9. In recent years there has been a ______ increase in the cost of living. A) powerful B) ponderous C) wide D) significant E) violent
10. The drunken couple did nothing to keep the flat clean and tidy and lived in the utmost ________. A) pollution B) decay C) corruption D) contamination E) squalor
11. She was extremely lucky when her great-uncle died, she ________ a fortune. A) came by B) came about C) came into D) came through E) came over
12. The accused man was able to prove his innocence at the trial and was ________. A) forgiven B) pardoned C) excused D) acquitted E) absolved
13. A good boss always ________ responsibility to his assistants. A) relegates B) delegates C) removes D) consigns E) refers
14. Although nobody ________ his presence, Mr. Smith knew he had been recognized. A) acknowledged B) admitted C) assented D) attributed E) requited
15. He tries to _____ himself with everyone by paying them compliments. A) gratify B) please C) ingratiate D) commend E) placate
16. He was ________ from the competition because he had not compiled with the rules. A) banished B) forbidden C) outlawed D) disqualified E) precluded
17. He thanked me _______, too much I thought for the little I had done. A) significantly B) profusely C) prolifically D) luxuriantly E) sumptuously
18. The police managed to ________ down the owner of the car. A) trace B) track C) catch D) search E) pursue
19. The party’s reduced vote was ______ of lack of support for its policies. A) indicative B) confirming C) positive D) revealing E) evident
20. Although most of the rooms are small, the hall is ________. A) extending B) extended C) spacious D) expansive E) abundant
21. Your latest project has little ________ of success. A) prediction B) outlook C) preview D) prospect E) forecast
22. My enquiries did not ________ any information of value. A) extort B) elicit C) arouse D) affect E) induce
23. The professor’s wife was in the kitchen preparing a salad and ________ cold meal into neat, thin pieces. A) sawing B) slitting C) slicing D) sandwiching E) slashing
24. The advantage of the new bridge will be the way it ________ the towns on the opposite banks of the river. A) attaches B) connects C) communicates D) spans E) merges
25. Charles was not sure which profession to enter, but finally ________ for the Law. A) chose B) opted C) selected D) accepted E) preferred
26. The police _____ their attention to the events that led up to the accident. A) confirmed B) contained C) conserved D) confined E)  completed
27. The large crowds lingering in the streets were quickly ________ by heavy rain. A) removed B) dislocated C) deposed D) detached E) dispersed
28. We covered a wide ________ of topics in the interview. A) fashion B) extent C) collection D) number E) range
29. Looked at from your ________, the position is intolerable. A) attitude B) state C) standpoint D) level E) opinion
30. Although your offer for the house is £200 below the asking ________, they’ll probably accept for the sake of a quick sale. A) cost B) value C) price D) limit E) amount
31. The garden had been badly neglected and was completely ________ with weeds. A) overgrown B) suffocated C) enclosed D) coated E) overlaid
32. By the end of the day the flood water which had covered most of the town had ________. A) receded B) reversed C) replaced D) retired E) returned
33. The police arrested the wrong man mainly because they ________ the names they had been given by the witness. A) confused B) perplexed C) puzzled D) bewildered E) merged
34. Being already a graduate from another university, he was ________ from the entrance examination. A) exempted B) excluded C) prohibited D) precluded E) deferred
35. Digging the garden is a very ________ task. A) industrious B) manual C) laborious D) exerting E) conscientious
36. Hopes of finding the missing climbers are now beginning to ________. A) reduce B) fade C) dim D) faint E) shrink
37. The Minister accused the farmers of ________ the potato shortage in order to force prices up. A) depleting B) expecting C) exploiting D) misapplying E) misappropriating
38. The stories about his wealth are quite ________; he is not particularly well off. A) unprovoked B) incredulous C) unfounded D) irrational E) undeserving
39. I don’t really know how to ________ the problem. A) tackle B) cope C) set in D) raw E) efface
40. He had deceived a great many people but she _______ him at once. A) saw into B) saw round C) saw through D) looked through E) looked into

1. Since 1945 the rivalry in military strength between the world’s great powers has produced a ________ balanced peace. A) presently B) precociously C) previously D) deviously E) precariously
2. The team’s coach insisted on a program of ________ training before the big match. A) harsh B) rigorous C) positive D) severe E) searching
3. I tried to ________ a hint but you didn’t notice. A) nod B) drop C) suggest D) let E) warn
4. What you  say is true, but you could have ________ it more tactfully. A) talked B) phrased C) observed D) informed E) remarked
5. The police are ________ the suburbs for the missing car. A) seeking B) combing C) looking D) socking E) investigating
6. The climbers ________ their greatest ambition by reaching the summit of the mountain. A) obtained B) sustained C) maintained D) retained E) realized
7. He was so ______ in the book that he forgot all about his appointment. A) distracted B) attracted C) gripped D) diverted E) engrossed
8. It is impossible to ________ these points of view: they are too different. A) unite B) reconcile C) coincide D) correspond E) compromise
9. I am never free on Thursday evenings as I have a ________ arrangement to play chess with a friend. A) long-standing B) long-lived C) long-range D) long-lasting E) long-service
10. If you are under 18, you are not ________ to join this club. A) available B) legitimate C) capable D) eligible E) permissible
11. The Chairman is to give a formal _____ at the Annual General Meeting. A) discussion B) address C) debate D) revision E) dialogue
12. When I arrived in this country I had to start learning the language from ________. A) scratch B) nothing C) introduction D) ignorance E) blank
13. I spoke to him, but he was too ________ to hear what I said. A) preoccupied B) concentrated C) absent-minded D) cautious E) thoughtful
14. National emergencies require that the community ________ those of the individual citizen. A) overcome B) overwhelm C) overpower D) override E) overthrow
15. Because of the strike, British Rail have been forced to ________ all trains to London. A) cancel B) abandon C) postpone D) refer E) recall
16. The townspeople held a celebration when work on the ________ of the ancient building had been completed. A) re-establishment B) rejuvenation C) restoration D) reproduction E) reparation
17. All flights in and out of London Airport came to a ________ because of the strike. A) terminus B) closure C) standstill D) stoppage E) conclusion
18. Dried vegetables are easy to use if you remember to ________ them overnight. A) dampen B) infuse C) bathe D) plunge E) soak
19. Investors seem to be losing ________ in the car industry. A) belief B) confidence C) trust D) reliability E) reliance
20. The memorial in the square ________ the soldiers who lost their lives in the war. A) celebrates B) recaptures C) remembers D) commemorates E) recalls
21. At the end of his trial he was ________ of murder. A) convicted B) convinced C) penalized D) condemned E) sentenced
22. To ________ greater accuracy, all invoices will be double-checked before leaving the office. A) assure B) ensure C) insure D) ascertain E) confirm
23. The mountainous areas of the country are ________ populated. A) slightly B) loosely C) infrequently D) sparsely E) meagerly
24. He is an ________ worker, and rarely does well in examinations. A) errant B) erroneous C) erotic D) erratic E) exotic
25. He was completely ________ by the thief’s disguise. A) taken away B) taken down C) taken in D) taken through E) taken up
26. His letter was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all. A) interpretation B) meaning C) message D) sense E) explanation
27. According to the weather forecast, which is usually ________, it will snow this afternoon. A) accurate B) precise C) exact D) perfect E) thorough
28. It was nearly Christmas, and the children were in high ________. A) mood B) spirits C) heart D) glee E) gusto
29. An energetic manager can be a great ________ to his firm. A) asset B) profit C) influence D) surcharge E) prosperity
30. He was a generous friend but as a businessman he drove a hard ________. A) bargain B) affair C) arrangement D) deal E) contract
31. This man is so arrogant that he is completely ________ to all criticism. A) impervious B) unaware C) regardless D) unconscious E) safeguarded
32. I cannot bear the noise of my brother’s radio; it ________ me from my work. A) disturbs B) perturbs C) deranges D) interrupts E) distracts
33. He soon made a ________ for himself on the stage. A) popularity B) fame C) regard D) notoriety E) famous
34. His aunt died leaving him a small ________. A) heritage B) dowry C) portion D) grant E) legacy
35. His irresponsible behavior put the whole operation in ________. A) risk B) doubt C) jeopardy D) condemnation E) alarm
36. When I invited him to dinner he accepted with ________. A) consent B) obligation           C) acknowledgement D) alacrity E) gratification
37. During the fire he ________ the people into groups which carried sand and water to throw on to the flames. A) called B) dispersed C) organized D) made E) planned
38. Will you ________ Peter to bring his camera tomorrow? A) remember B) remind C) recall D) recollect E) refer
39. The floor was ______ with blood where the murdered man had fallen. A) dyed B) colored C) dotted D) blotted E) stained
40. That comedian is very good at ________; she can take off the Prime Minister perfectly. A) introductions B) reproductions C) presentations D) impressions E) similarities

1. If the fire alarm is sounded, all residents are requested to ________ in the courtyard. A) combine B) assemble C) crowd D) mobilize E) unite
2. The acoustics in the concert hall were very poor, and it would obviously be necessary to ________ my voice. A) exaggerate B) extend C) amplify D) develop E) increase
3. One rainy night the old bridge ______ into the river without warning. A) submerged B) collapsed C) degenerated D) immersed E) relapsed
4. The people who objected to the new road were told that since work had already started there was no point in ________. A) contradicting B) protesting C) provoking D) competing E) refusing
5. When they asked him about it, he said it was no ________ of theirs and wouldn’t tell them anything. A) connection B) concern C) relation D) relevance E) influence
6. Nursery schools can be enormously ________ to socially handicapped children. A) admirable B) beneficial C) invaluable D) meritorious E) praiseworthy
7. Corruption in the running of the city’s largest bank was ________ in the local newspaper. A) found B) discovered C) detected D) exposed E) commented
8. The lad spent several years as ________ to a master-builder, so that he might learn the trade. A) applicant B) apprentice C) learner D) student E) pupil
9. He said he couldn’t _____ to retire from work and live only on his pension. A) accept B) afford C) compensate D) depend E) risk
10. After his heavy defeat in the local elections he decided to ________ from the campaign for the Presidency. A) abandon B) renounce C) retract D) withdraw E) withhold
11. After the outbreak of a mysterious illness, investigation revealed ________ of the town’s water supply. A) corruption B) infiltration C) contagion D) pollution E) eruption
12. She was very interested in the work of certain charities, and made a regular ________ to them. A) subscription B) contribution C) allowance D) subsidy E) tribute
13. The students visited the museum and spent several hours with the ________, who was very helpful. A) commissioner B) bursar C) steward D) curator E) agent
14. As soon as the exams were over, the students all went their ________ ways. A) homely B) perspective C) respective D) relative E) diverted
15. The council members were dissatisfied with the wording of the recommendation, but passed it after ________ had been agreed. A) innovations B) amendments C) advancements D) preferments E) refinements
16. He ______ his old car for a new model as soon as he had won the money. A) interchanged B) exchanged C) replaced D) converted E) displaced
17. The brothers showed great ____ to their older sister, who had acted as sole parent to them for many years. A) compliance B) devotion C) subjection D) estimation E) allegiance
18. His poor standard of play fully justifies his ________ from the team for the match next Saturday. A) rejection B) expulsion C) exclusion D) exception E) ban
19. Even a small dog in a house can ________ a thief. A) deter B) arrest C) waylay D) counter E) forestall
20. His carelessness ________ the whole enterprise. A) ventured B) risked C) jeopardized D) chanced E) hazarded
21. I congratulate you on your ________ in jewelry. A) selection B) choice C) flavor D) taste E) likes
22. He ________ his rose bushes carefully with insecticide every evening. A) distributed B) spread C) trickled D) strewed E) sprayed
23. Playing on strong national feelings, they ________ the crowd to burn down the Embassy. A) animated B) inclined C) incited D) instigated E) impressed
24. Not knowing he had ________ out with his girl friend, I made the mistake of inviting them both to the party. A) fallen B) quarreled C) parted D) put E) separated
25. All visitors are requested to ________ with the regulations. A) agree B) comply C) assent D) consent E) concede
26. My father had to take private pupils in order to ________ his salary as a teacher. A) expand B) augment C) inflate D) enlarge E) complete
27. Even though the football match was not very exciting, the ________ managed to make it sound interesting A) commentator B) newscaster C) announcer D) presenter E) narrator
28. The rain soon worked its way ________ the roof of the old cottage. A) over B) in C) by D) through E) round
29. The Managing Director has asked to see the sales ________ resulting from our recent advertising campaign. A) numbers B) calculations C) amounts D) quantities E) figures
30. TV, If properly used, can ________ a child’s imagination. A) cause B) incite C) arise D) invoke E) stimulate
31. The country’s mineral resources have been ______ by foreign powers. A) disused B) deprived C) worn out D) extorted E) exploited
32. He earns his living by ________ old paintings. A) reviving B) restoring C) retrieving D) recovering E) renewing
33. Unless stricter hunting laws are introduced, seals will soon be ______. A) defunct B) out-dated C) archaic D) extinct E) obsolete
34. Inflation is very hard on people of ________ means. A) scarce B) impoverished C) limited D) needy E) shortened
35. A new system of quality control was ________ to overcome the defects in the firm’s products. A) installed B) inaugurated C) introduced D) inserted E) invested
36. Ask the publishers to send you their latest _____ of English text-books. A) catalogue B) prospectus C) brochure D) pamphlet E) booklet
37. It is easier to adapt to new situations if one has a ________ attitude. A) changeable B) flexible C) moveable D) malleable E) pliable
38. He was smoking; I could see the tip of his cigarette _____ in the darkness. A) shining B) sparkling C) gleaming D) glinting E) glowing
39. Although he was under no ________, the shopkeeper replaced the defective battery free of charge. A) urgency B) guarantee C) obligation D) insistence E) authority
40. I haven’t the ________ idea what you mean. A) lightest B) dimmest C) faintest D) furthest E) smallest


1. She heard a _______ at the door and went to see who was outside. A) hit B) knock C) lean D) strike E) touch
2. A young art student acted as our ________ when we visited the National Gallery. A) coach B) conductor C) guide D) lead E) trainer
3. Please ________ your bill before you leave the shop and make sure that it is correct. A) check B) control C) esteem D) figure E) prove
4. If you hear the baby ________, please tell me. A) cry B) say C) shout D) weep E) whisper
5. The bus conductor told him to get off because he couldn’t pay the ________. A) bill B) fare C) fee D) journey E) travel
6. I felt a sharp ________ when I put my hand in the boiling water. A) ache B) harm C) hurt D) pain E) suffer
7. I am very fond of Graham Greene’s novels. He is my ________ modern author. A) favored B) favorite C) likely D) popular E) preferred
8. She chose some attractive ________ paper for the Christmas present. A) covering B) envelope C) involving D) packing E) wrapping
9. It’s rude to interrupt when someone else is ________. A) discussing B) remarking C) saying D) talking E) telling
10. Look, Mother! Jack has ________ you some flowers. A) brought B) carried C) lifted D) present E) taken
11. He _____ out of the window for a moment and then went on working. A) glanced B) glimpsed C) regarded D) saw E) viewed
12. The company made a record ________ last year. A) benefit B) earn C) profit D) wage E) winning
13. These cars originally had two doors but the latest ________ has four. A) brand B) mark C) model D) pattern E) trade
14. He was killed in a car ________. A) blow B) crash C) flash D) hit E) shock
15. He’s a nice man but he’s ________ to drink too much at parties. A) adequate B) apt C) common D) probable E) suitable
16. He has a bad cold and won’t be ______ to play in the match tomorrow. A) adequate B) appropriate C) fit D) proper E) suitable
17. He ____ his wife and children and left them to take care of themselves. A) abandoned B) let C) missed D) spoilt E) wasted
18. We want to make our products cheaper than our ________. A) colleagues’ B) competitors’ C) enemies’ D) experts’ E) partners’
19. It’s the ________ in this country for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding. A) common B) custom C) habit D) normal E) use
20. He is a very ______ player. He practices for two hours every morning. A) amateur B) anxious C) excited D) impatient E) keen
21. The bank will ________ you the money if you are prepared to pay them eight per cent interest on it. A) borrow B) lend C) make D) possess E) put
22. I ________ to him for my bad behavior. A) apologized B) coped C) excused D) forgave E) pardoned
23. The sky is ________ I don’t think it will rain. A) clean B) clear C) cloudy D) open E) tidy
24. I want to see all of you here tomorrow morning at nine o’clock without ________. A) fail B) fault C) late D) miss E) neglect
25. He ________ the letter carefully and put it in the envelope. A) bent B) curved C) folded D) turned E) twisted
26. The price of the meal ________ a service charge. A) encloses B) enters C) envelopes D) includes E) inspects
27. He shouldn’t be allowed to play tennis in the club. He’s not a _______. A) belong B) member C) partner D) representative E) social
28. He has always wanted to see his name in ________. A) news B) paper C) press D) print E) publication
29. He ________ his head, wondering how he could solve the problem. A) scratched B) scraped C) screwed D) shaved E) wound
30. Everyone who applies for a job with the company is given a/an intelligence________ A) experience B) fitting C) proof D) test E) trial
31. Do you ________ to go to the party? A) attempt B) attend C) intend D) pretend E) think
32. We locked the animals in the cage to _____ them from getting away. A) avoid B) hinder C) object D) prevent E) resist
33. They’re old customers of ours. We’ve been ________ with them for many years. A) competing B) dealing C) shopping D) supplying E) treating
34. I don’t think I’ll beat him. I’m out of ________. A) fitness B) game C) play D) practice E) sport
35. If you are ________ to customers, they’ll walk out of the shop. A) brush B) rough C) rude D) rusty E) tough
36. We must get there ________ or other. If there are no buses, we’ll have to take a taxi. A) anyhow B) anyway C) anywhere D) somehow E) somewhere
37. I’ll ________ the children for you while you are out. A) look after B) look for C) look on D) look out E) look over
38. I wish I could ________ smoking. A) give away B) give from C) give off D) give out E) give up
39. We’ll have to ________ the meeting until next week because no one can come tomorrow. A) put down B) put off C) put on D) put round E) put up
40. We went to the railway station to ________ our friends ________. A) see \ off B) see \ out C) set \ out D) tell \ goodbye E) wave \ out


1. He was sent to prison for ________ a bank. A) borrowing B) lending C) robbing D) stealing E) taking
2. She bought a new ________ for the party. A) clothes B) clothing C) dress D) vest E) wear
3. My favorite ________ is roast beef. A) dish B) eat C) menu D) plate E) receipt
4. Several of the explorers did not survive the terrible ________ across the desert. A) excursion B) journey C) step D) travel E) voyage
5. What a beautiful dress! It ________ you perfectly. A) goes B) likes C) matches D) mixes E) suits
6. As the two teams were ________ at the end of the game, they had to play again to decide the winners of the competition. A) correct B) equal C) exact D) fair E) just
7. The books I borrowed are overdue. I’ll have to take them back to the ________. A) bible B) bookshop C) library D) magazine E) review
8. Naturally I’m ________ that I didn’t pass the examination but I’ll do better next time. A) deceived B) despaired C) disappointed D) disillusioned E) tricked
9. He was the only person to _____ the crash. Everyone else was killed. A) alive B) cure C) recover D) relieve E) survive
10. I ________ him to go to the Lost Property office to see if his umbrella had been found. A) advertised B) advised C) announced D) noticed E) remarked
11. I ________ in bed all night thinking about it. A) laid B) lay C) led D) lied E) stood
12. It was on the top shelf, out of ________. A) achievement B) arrival C) attempt D) reach E) touch
13. Before you take on the job, will you give me a rough ________ of how much it will cost? A) esteem B) estimate C) realization D) value E) worth
14. The competitors in the car rally had to follow the ________ laid down by the organizers. A) address B) direct C) progress D) route E) street
15. When, the clock ________ twelve, we raised our glasses and drank to celebrate the New Year. A) beat B) hit C) shot D) struck E) turned
16. He had no way of making a fire so he had to eat the fish ________. A) crude B) raw C) rough D) rude E) wild
17. It was so hot that I had to go indoors. I couldn’t ______ it any longer. A) carry B) hold C) pass D) stand E) support
18. The concert was so ________ that the audience went to sleep. A) bored B) boring C) exhausted D) tired E) tiring 19. What a beautiful ________! It’s a pity we have no flowers to put in it. A) crystal B) cup C) glass D) mug E) vase 20. Stick this ________ on the parcel that says “Fragile”. Then people will see that they must handle it carefully. A) advertisementB) adviceC) label D) sign E) signal
21. I’ve ________ for a job in Mexico. I hope I get it. A) applied B) appointed C) implied D) presented E) succeeded
22. Look, Mother; James has brought you a ________ of flowers. A) branch B) bucket C) bunch D) bush E) growth
23. Although the town had changed in the ten years since he had last visited it, much of it was still ________ to him. A) accustomed B) common C) familiar D) relative E) used
24. When his aunt died, he ________ a lot of money from her. A) earned B) inherited C) paid D) spent E) won
25. This year the company made a ________ but next year we hope to make a profit. A) loose B) lose C) loss D) lost E) lot
26. I’m afraid the lift is out of ______ so well have to walk up the stairs. A) function B) movement C) order D) practice E) running
27. l ________ to inform you that we cannot exchange articles once they have left the shop. A) regret B) resent C) respect D) sense E) sorry
28. I ________ hands with him when I was introduced to him. A) gave B) greeted C) nodded D) shook E) waved
29. His shoes were so old that his ________ were sticking out of them. A) ankles B) fingers C) thumbs D) tips E) toes
30. Would you ________ looking after the baby for me while I’m out? A) agree B) like C) matter D) mind E) object
31. I ________ you to drive carefully today. The roads are icy. A) propose B) recommend C) refer D) regard E) suggest
32. Good ________! I hope you win. A) chance B) luck C) run D) sort E) wish
33. The trade ________ of the company is a flying horse. A) brandy B) class C) mark D) model E) stain
34. The hotel room was so dirty that I was ________ and complained to the manager. A) ashamed B) disgusted C) disgusting D) embarrassed E) shameful
35. It’s no use waiting for him any longer. We _______ as well go without him. A) can B) just C) may D) must E) should
36. Her husband treated her badly. I’m surprised she ________ it for so long. A) put by B) put off C) put through D) put up E) put up with
37. They were such good friends. I was surprised when they ________. A) fell down B) fell off C) fell out D) fell over E) fell through
38. He could hardly ________ such a generous offer. A) turn down B) turn for C) turn off D) turn round E) turn up
39. He ________ for his office every morning at eight o’clock. A) began out B) set about C) set out D) set to E) started up
40.  Vitamin C is ________ in lemons; therefore, lemons can help us fight colds. A) simple B) abundant C) single D) unmixed E) temporary


1. They ________ our team by three goals to one. A) beat B) conquered C) earned D) gained E) won
2. He works at a big steel ________ outside the town. A) fabric B) factory C) industry D) product E) society
3. I congratulated him on winning the ________. A) match B) play C) practice D) recital E) sport
4. A ________ of mine, my cousin John, is coming to stay with us. A) familiar B) known C) neighbor D) parent E) relative
5. He has been very ________ since his wife died. A) lonely B) only C) single D) sole E) unique
6. As all the hotels in the town were full up, we tried to find accommodation in a ________ village. A) close B) native C) near D) nearby E) neighbor
7. The fish sauce was lovely, Janet. Would you mind letting me have the ________ or is it a family secret? A) card B) course C) prescription D) receipt E) recipe
8. His parents died when he was a baby and he was _____ by his aunt. A) brought out B) brought up C) grown D) grown up E) taken out
9. I ________ on seeing the manager. The service here is terrible. A) ask B) demand C) insist D) repeat E) underline
10. He ________ me of someone I knew at school. A) memories B) refers C) regards D) remembers E) reminds
11. I ________ £5 from my father because I was short of money. A) asked B) borrowed C) lent D) spent E) wasted
12. His office is on the sixth ________ of the building. A) flat B) floor C) ground D) level E) stage
13. The main interest of the Trade Union is to raise its members’ ________ of living. A) ability B) capacity C) condition D) degree E) standard
14. The ________ for the race to begin was the starter firing a pistol. A) advice B) attention C) dispatch D) notice E) signal
15. If you leave your bicycle out in the rain, it will get ________. A) crude B) rough C) rude D) rusty E) tough
16. It must have rained ________ the night. The ground’s still wet. A) ago B) during C) for D) since E) while
17. He’s so _____ by nature that he never knows what to say to strangers. A) disgusted B) embarrassing C) shameful D) shy E) upset
18. I want to ________ the car to see how it goes before I buy It. A) experiment B) prove C) taste D) try on E) try out
19. A ________ is a person who comes from another country. A) foreigner B) host C) stranger D) tramp E) wanderer
20. When they reached the ________ they had to show their passports before crossing into Germany. A) border B) cliff C) edge D) front E) shore
21. They _______ a hundred workers because they had no work for them. A) disposed B) resigned C) sacked D) shot E) threw
22. At ________ we didn’t get on very well but later we became friends. A) beginning B) first C) least D) once E) principle
23. Policemen have to wear ________ because so many people ask them the time. A) bells B) clocks C) hours D) watches E) whistles
24. She’s happiest when she has a house ________ of people to entertain. A) enough B) filled C) full D) lot E) plenty
25. Don’t take what he said so seriously. He was only ________. A) amusing B) enjoying C) funny D) joking E) tricking
26. Don’t be afraid of the dog. He won’t do you any ________. A) bite B) harm C) hurt D) pain E) wound
27. I’ll pay you back the money I ________ you at the end of the month. A) debt B) doubt C) lend D) owe E) own
28. His landlady threw him out because he hadn’t paid the ________. A) due B) fee C) hire D) let E) rent
29. She ________ and fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom. A) slipped B) sloped C) smashed D) spilt E) split
30. The elephant fell into a ________ the villagers had set for him in the long grass. A) track B) damp C) trap D) trick E) trip
31. I ____ of his course of action and told him to go ahead. A) accepted B) agreed C) approved D) consented E) passed
32. Emotional speeches often ________ strong feelings. A) arise B) arouse C) get up D) give up E) rise
33. I took ________ of the opportunity to tell him what I thought. A) advantage B) benefit C) gain D) occasion E) profit
34. He suffers from a speech ________ and so he cannot pronounce the letter ‘r’ properly. A) break B) defect C) error D) fault E) mistake
35. He’s the greatest ________ expert on French art. A) alive B) live C) lively D) living E) nowadays
36. He never attends ________ at the university so he may not know enough to get his degree. A) lectures B) performances C) rehearsals D) reunions E) subjects
37. The weather forecast said it would rain but it looks as if it’s going to ________ fine. A) turn down B) turn into C) turn out D) turn over E) turn up
38. He’s fond of ________ his colleagues but he goes on working for the same firm. A) running down B) running into C) running out D) running over E) running up against
39. The plane ________ at 7 o’ clock. A) took away B) took down C) look off D) look out E) took up
40. My car ________ so I had to walk. A) broke down B) broke off C) broke up D) fell down E) fell through


1. We ________ goodbye to them as the train left. A) greeted B) saluted C) saw off D) shook E) waved
2. He will he given a pension when he ________ at the age of 65. A) disappears B) dismisses C) resigns D) retires E) sacks
3. He took a ________ of cigarettes out of his pocket. A) block B) dozen C) packet D) parcel E) piece
4. I’m sure you’ll ________ the film. It’s very good. A) amuse B) delight C) divert D) enjoy E) entertain
5. He fell in love with her at first ________. A) scene B) sight C) spectacle D) view E) vision
6. I’m ________ if I hurt your feelings. Please forgive me. A) afraid B) pardon C) pitiful D) shameful E) sorry
7. The doctor has told him that he must not go back to work so soon after such a long ________. A) disease B) failing C) illness D) pain E) weakness
8. No one imagined that the apparently ________ business man was really a criminal. A) honor B) respectable C) respectful D) respective E) responsive
9. Where do you ________ the writing paper? In this desk? A) drawer B) guard C) hold D) keep E) maintain
10. Please ________ your hand if you want to ask a question. A) arouse B) get up C) put out D) raise E) rise
11. As you are only 16, you must have your parents’ ________ before you can get married. A) allowance B) consent C) let D) permit E) subscription
12. The bank are offering £500 ____ to anyone who can give them useful information about the robbery. A) cost B) price C) prize D) reward E) salary
13. How long do you intend to ________ in this country? A) permanent B) remind C) rest D) stay E) vacate
14. She put a ________ of chocolate on the cake. A) color B) cover C) layer D) level E) plain
15. I’ll have to take the toy back to the shop to exchange it because the mechanism is ________. A) blame B) defect C) false D) faulty E) few
16. Dinner will be served ________ but we have time for a drink before then. A) actually B) currently C) lately D) presently E) suddenly
17. He ________ at me to show he appreciated the joke. A) glimpsed B) grinned C) sneered D) stared E) watched
18. They’re ________ to build a new factory here. A) planning B) pretending C) projecting D) suggesting E) thinking
19. There’s a great ________ of pollution on the beaches this summer. A) deal B) lot C) many D) number E) quality
20. It was not an accident. He did it on ________. A) decision B) determination C) intention D) purpose E) security
21. I’ve bought some attractive ________ and I’m going to make a dress out of it. A) clothing B) costume C) material D) matter E) pattern
22. Don’t touch things that don’t ________ to you! A) belong B) involve C) own D) possess E) retain
23. There are so many ________ in the road that you have to drive very carefully. A) bends B) crosses C) curls D) currents E) folds
24. I like the hat but it doesn’t ________ me. Have you got the same thing in a larger size? A) dress B) fit C) go well D) match E) suit
25. I’m very ________ to you for all your help. A) agreed B) graceful C) grateful D) reliable E) thanks
26. The school claim to ________ students all the English they need in three months. A) explain B) instruct C) learn D) teach E) understand
27. One of the water ________ burst during the  recent cold weather and the kitchen was flooded. A) channels B) conductors C) pipes D) tubes E) ways
28. I only ____ a straw hat to protect my head when the sun is very hot. A) bear B) carry C) dress D) put E) wear
29. I’m afraid we haven’t got what you want in ________ at the moment. We can order it for you. A) reserve B) sale C) shop D) stock E) work
30. I wasn’t able to ________ the meeting because I was too busy. A) assist B) attempt C) attend D) present E) take place
31. He ________ to hit me if I didn’t do as he said. A) pretended B) said C) thought D) threatened E) warned
32. He said he was not guilty but the police proved he had ________. A) denied B) laid C) lay D) lied E) meant
33. I don’t feel like swimming. I’d rather sun-bathe on the ________. A) beach B) coast C) dust D) harbor E) shore
34. He bought his house on the ________ plan, paying a certain amount of money back to the bank every month. A) hire B) installment C) part D) piece E) share
35. He was the ________ child in the family so he had no brothers or sisters to play with. A) alone B) individual C) lonely D) only E) unique
36. I haven’t seen him ________ he came to dinner with us last week. A) for B) meanwhile C) since D) when E) while
37. He’ll ________ his shyness when he’s older. A) get away B) get down C) get off D) get over E) get up
38. Throw some water on her face and then perhaps she’ll ________. A) come back B) come down C) come on D) come out E) come round
39. We’ve _____ bread. I’ll have to go to the baker’s to buy some more. A) run away with B) run down C) run off D) run out of E) run over
40. The good service at the restaurant _____ the poor meal to some extent. A) made for B) made out C) made over D) made up E) made up for


1. The ________ outside the house said: ‘Private’. A) advice B) label C) notice D) signal E) threat
2. Are you going to ________ your house in London while you are abroad? A) dispose B) hire C) let D) remove E) sale
3. How unkind of him to ________ to help you! A) agree B) admit C) deny D) ignore E) refuse
4. Close the door, please: I don’t like sitting in a ________. A) blow B) current C) draught D) vent E) wind
5. I had to stand in a ________ for hours to get the tickets for the performance. A) file B) procession C) queue D) tail E) turn
6. When he was a boy his hobby was stamp ________. A) assembly B) collecting C) finding D) gathering E) picking
7. He lost his ________ and threw a book at me. A) feeling B) mood C) sense D) spirit E) temper
8. I learnt to ________ a bicycle when I was six years old. A) conduct B) drive C) guide D) ride E) run
9. Do as you think best. It doesn’t ________ whether he agrees or not. A) care B) decide C) import D) matter E) mind
10. I don’t think you’ve ________ Mrs. Walker  before I’ll introduce you to her. A) discovered B) found C) known D) met E) presented
11. If the boss sees you doing that, you’ll get into ________. A) mess B) nuisance C) problem D) struggle E) trouble
12. My husband’s at ________. He’ll speak to you when he comes home. A) busy B) employ C) job D) work E) works
13. It’s no good asking me to calculate the cost. I’m hopeless at ________. A) characters B) counters C) figures D) prizes E) shapes
14. The road was so ________ that the car bounced up and down. A) rare B) sharp C) steep D) sudden E) uneven
15. You should be ________ of yourself for behaving so badly. A) ashamed B) confused C) disgusted D) embarrassed E) shameful
16. I ________ an answer to my letter in the next few days. A) expect B) hope C) promise D) suppose E) wait
17. The car broke down but the ________ in the garage soon fixed it. A) driver B) machinist C) manufacturer D) mechanic E) motorist
18. Why are you arresting me? I haven’t done anything ________. A) crime B) error C) faulty D) mistaken E) wrong
19. Roses are quite ________ flowers in English gardens. A) accustomed B) annual C) common D) used E) vulgar
20. Benjamin Franklin ________ the lightning conductor. A) discovered B) found C) invented D) resulted E) solved
21. I didn’t know his ________ so I couldn’t write to him. A) address B) direction C) letter D) route E) way
22. The only problem about sitting outside here in the evening is that you are likely to be ________ by mosquitoes. A) bitten B) grasped C) ground D) murdered E) picked
23. You must ________ facts and not try to run away from the unpleasant truth. A) eye B) face C) front D) look E) sight
24. There was a sudden ________ of lightning, which lit up the whole street. A) bum B) fire C) flash D) splash E) split
25. When he ________ he wants to be an engine driver. A) ages B) becomes C) grows D) grows up E) increases
26. I just ________ to stop the child from running into the road. A) achieved B) controlled C) could D) managed E) succeeded
27. As soon as his party came into ________ he raised the salaries of Member of Parliament. A) force B) position C) power D) right E) strength
28. There was an interesting ________ of the film in The Sunday Times last weekend. A) comment B) remark C) resume D) review E) revision
29. I didn’t realize you wanted to keep the letter. I’ve ________ it up. A) broken B) pulled C) smashed D) torn E) wrapped
30. We’re sorry you’re ill and send you our best wishes for a speedy ________. A) recovery B) relief C) repair D) repose E) survival
31. When he was young, all he ________ at the factory was £1 a week. A) earned B) gained C) inherited D) sacked E) won
32. She ________ at me for a long time without saying anything. A) glimpsed B) saw C) stared D) viewed E) watched
33. He threw the box out of the window and saw it fall to the ________ outside. A) flat B) floor C) ground D) plain E) soil
34. You’ve made a very ________ decision. Any reasonable person would have done the same thing. A) sensational B) sensed C) sensible D) sensitive E) sentimental
35. The water here is very ________. You can get across the stream on foot. A) broad B) flat C) narrow D) pure E) shallow
36. I am staying in a youth ________ in the center of the town. A) home B) hostel C) inn D) lodge E) pub
37. The little boy had blue eyes and fair hair so he ________ his mother. A) took after B) took down C) took from D) took off E) took over
38. There’s no food left and the shops are shut so you’ll have to ________. A) go for B) go off C) go on D) go through E) go without
39. You sometimes ________ quite valuable things in antique shop. A) come across B) come back C) come into D) come off E) come round
40. I’ll ________ you at 8:30 and give you a lift to the office. A) call at B) call for C) call in D) call round E) call to

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